Please read our Disclaimer. Unless Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself assured her, she would not believe it. Hence, he ordained parents to give noble names to their children.

", We narrate to you the best of narratives, by Our revealing to you this Qur'an, though before this you were certainly one of those who did not know. Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad who in later centuries became the object of deep veneration by many Muslims, especially the Shi’ah. In praise of this selfless action Allah (SWT) revealed the 76th Chapter Ad Dahr (Surah al-Insan) of the Noble Qur'an. ", Bibi Fatimah (sa) replied: Because the Noble Qur'an says: "You will not achieve piety until you give out what you love the most." She has conversed in nothing but Noble Qur'an for the last 20 years.". Bibi Fatimah (sa) was Prophet Muhammad's (saw) most loving daughter. That means the woodcutter's wife will be the first woman to enter the heaven. Does Bibi mean something, and who gets that title? Noble Qur'an, 43:13], When we reached the caravan, I asked her, "Do you know anyone among them? Verily I am Allah, the All-Mighty. Bibi Fizza (ra) was only 11 years of age when she came to serve Bibi Fatimah (sa). Bibi is a name of girl, the origin of Bibi name is Arabic. Finding an Islamic name that fulfills all these qualities will not be easy.

In Islam, one cannot just randomly select a baby name. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. He continued and said to his wife, Umm Salamah: (1) "When we got in the Van, you let the car across from us go first while watching that no car was coming from behind and you signaled him to go.
the one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome, in some cases it also means 'living', Respected, Having high place in the society, Filled with honesty and trustworthy nature, A blessing who is a holy stone; mercy of Allah, Arabic - Kind One; Generous; Sympathetic; Compassionate, Sacrifice; Redemption; Offering to protect others, Arabic for "happiness," and Japanese for "flower," Korean for "One, First, Consistency," and Hawaiian for "work, Good, Handsome, Beautiful, One who Beautifies. He also instructed the parents to change the names if they later find the meanings to be insignificant or unpleasant. (3) Bibi Fatimah (sa) was so kind to her servant Bibi Fizza (ra), that Bibi Fizza (ra) worked one day and the other day Bibi Fatimah (sa) would work so that Bibi Fizza (ra) could rest. See a medical professional for personalized consultation.

It's something added in front of females names to show respect. (4) "When we arrived in the store parking lot as you went to take a spot, someone else just swiped in front of you and we had to go all the way to the back. Then she told them: [And verily God increases manifold to whosoever He wills. Noble Qur'an, 27:9]. Noble Qur'an, 50:38], Bibi Fizza (ra) replied: [We (Allah) did not make them such bodies that ate no food. Immediately the woodcutter's wife replied, I am sorry I cannot admit you since I have not taken permission from my husband.

However, on each of the three days, when they sat to break their fast, a hungry person called at their door. Term of respect used by South Asian Muslims. Father dear! Much praised. She had this feeling that she should be the first woman to enter the paradise. ", One Sunday Umm Salamah's husband said, "May I ride with you today when you go to do the grocery shopping? Noble Qur'an, 3:97]. All rights reserved.

its meaning Lady of rank. Bibi Fatima Zahra (sa) used to help out Prophet Muhammad (saw) in most of her daily affairs. Bibi Fatimah (sa) divided her house work equally between herself and Bibi Fizza (ra) and they would take turns to do the chores. Noble Qur'an, 2:286]. She remained faithful to the household of Ahlul Bayt (as) and even accompanied them to Karbala and the prison of Sham. So Umm Salamah and her husband left and spent the whole day together. ", Bibi Fizza (ra) called out in reply: [O Dawood, Verily, We have appointed you a vicegerent in the earth. She also had the honour of taking part in the "Three Days Fast". These muslim names will not just bring blessings to the child, but will also inspire him to lead a righteous life.
Noble Qur'an, 41:44], I asked her, "Where are you intending to go? Name: Bibi: Meaning: Lady of rank Lady of rank, and honorific title used at the end of a woman's name in the Indian sub-continent: ... Sumaiyah - Name of a lady companion Name of a lady companion of the Prophet ? ", Bibi Fizza (ra) said: [And (purely) for Allah, is incumbent upon mankind, the Pilgrimage of the House. 1 comment. share. (5) "As we arrived at the entrance door, you opened the door and let an elderly couple in saying, "Beauty before age.

", Umm Salamah was obviously surprised, but she didn't question his request and said, "Sure why not, then we can spend some time together as you are always busy.". After you, fell on me such miseries that had they fallen on bright days, the bright days would have turned into darkest nights. ", "Well when I counted up 25 acts of kindness I stopped counting because your one act of kindness just rolls into many more. Persian/Farsi for a good or honorable woman. (3) Bibi Fatimah (sa) was so kind to her servant Bibi Fizza (ra), that Bibi Fizza (ra) worked one day and the other day Bibi Fatimah (sa) would work so that Bibi Fizza (ra) could rest. Abdullah Mubarak has related a very interesting dialogue between himself and Bibi Fizza (ra). She was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to know the reality from her father, Prophet Muhammad (saw). However, she had a grain of doubt. ", Bibi Fizza (ra) replied: [O Children of Adam! As she sat on the camel, she said: [Glory to Him Who has subjected these to our (use). Noble Qur'an, 39:37], On hearing her reply, I asked her, "Are you from mankind or from the Jinn? Look to your adornment at every place of worship. But I am so used to being kind that I don't even notice I am doing it. (Noble Qur'an 12:3). Noble Qur'an, 43:89]. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. Such example of kindness can only be found in the family of Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (saw), Ahlul Bayt of Naboowah. Finally he revealed the fact that one woman; wife of a woodcutter and living close by would be the one to enter the paradise first.

Noble Qur'an, 2:261], The sons understood their mother's hint and paid me well. Bibi Fatima Zahra (sa) was very much satisfied with all that she noticed and returned home to report the matter to her father, Prophet Muhammad (saw). r/islam is the place to discuss any topics related to Islam & Muslims. ", Umm Salamah asked with astonishment: "Why?" I’m indian btw so it could just be an indian thing. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Islam Bibi. (2) "When we reached the stop, you signaled for people to cross the street saying that this way you protect them at least when you are at the stop sign because most drivers don't care about people, they just want to be on their way. Can we get such example of kindness anywhere? 100% Upvoted. Oh i see, according to google that means a woman in a position of authority so that makes sense. I would suggest you to come tomorrow, by that time I would take permission from my husband. The next day when Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (saw) asked why she was wearing an old dress, she replied that she gave the new dress to a poor person. You never got angry.

(Noble Qur'an, 3:92). She was freed by Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and afterwards served Bibi Fatimah (sa) as her maidservant. I asked her how many days she had been traveling. About Bibi. Bibi Fizza (ra) answered: [And whomsoever Allah guides, there can be none to lead astray! About Islamic Name Bibi. Such example of kindness can only be found in the family of Prophet of Islam… Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (saw) asked: "Why didn't you give your old dress instead? When they got home and put away the groceries, Umm Salamah thanked her husband for being so kind as to come with her. I did as she reminded, and then enquired why she was in the desert. It is believed that she knew how to make Gold and she also knew Noble Qur'an by heart. After finishing her duties at home, Umm Salamah was busy as usual helping her neighbors, today washing their clothes. From now on I will also do one act of kindness a day, and I will never doubt anything you say you do ever again. The woman turned to the youth and said: [O my Father, employ him, verily the best of those who you can employ is the strong man and the trusted one. Noble Qur'an, 21:8].

Bibi Fizza (ra) told me: [We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in Six Days. I realized that, because we were not husband and wife, it was Haram (forbidden) for both of us to ride the camel. Each time, the big-hearted members of the house, including Bibi Fizza (ra), gave away their food and broke their fast with water. save hide report. Her friends were surprised at her selfless kindness but she always told her friends: "A kindness a day keeps the devil away. The next day Bibi Fatimah (sa) accompanied by two of her kids Imam Hassan (as) and Imam Hussain (as), visited the woodcutter's wife and knocked at the door and requested the women to open the door and that she is accompanied by two of her kids. Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah), Umm Salamah was indeed a true follower of Bibi Fatimah (sa) who was so kind that: (1) Bibi Fatima Zahra (sa) gave her new marriage dress to a poor person and wore her old dress instead, in the wedding. Note: Please note that cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings of names listed on this site. He states, I saw a woman passing through the desert who had fallen behind the caravan and asked her, "Who are you and where are you from? It was a normal week day and her husband was at work. Noble Qur'an, praising this kind act, says: "And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive." I finish the box! ", Bibi Fizza (ra) replied: [And say, "Salaam" for they shall soon know! perhaps it's not true of all uses of this term, but i use it as a shortened version of "habibi", which means "beloved". Does Bibi mean something, and who gets that title? Even the scholar and veterans opine that the name of a person has a direct influence on his character. Noble Qur'an, 19:12], [O Musa! Bibi Fatimah (sa) replied that she was so and so and the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

(Noble Qur'an, 76:8).

Noble Qur'an, 18:46]. And this is true, that is why I don't buy a whole box; it doesn't last the day. She knocked on the door. One day finally when they were chatting together and both were in high spirits; she could not resist her eagerness anymore and enquired from her father as to who would be the first lady to enter the heavens. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad. Jibraeel means the equavalent.

They sat together and chatted for sometime and during that process Bibi Fatimah (sa) was able to glean the various humane and Islamic qualities in the woman. Noble Qur'an, 28:26]. In Islam, one cannot just randomly select a baby name. This explains the popularity of the name Muhammad in the world.

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