Also featuring a torque converter, the transmissions come with a complete master overhaul kit with new gaskets, seals, rings, and pistons. GM too cheap to take care of my truck. Whatever your General Motors KNOWN FAULTY PARTS issues are, In the eyes of General motors, you are complaining. See, GM Confirms $150 Million Investment In Flint Plant For HD Trucks, Report: GM To Invest $150M In Flint Assembly Plant, Nikola Postpones Glitzy Pickup Truck Debut Event Amid Controversy, General Motors To Continue Discussions With Nikola Amid Controversy, General Motors Plans Buyouts To Reduce Workforce In Brazil Amid Pandemic. To do so, please send an email to [email protected] ATTN: Scott66s/GmTrucks with your contact information, VIN, and  dealership. This process is automatic. So all I can do is type, its FREE and might help ONE person not to go through the GM LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE experience !!! When a manufacturer discovers that a given part is failing as a regular course of events, like 2 power door lock motors within 30,000 miles, and one more at 38,000 miles, it is NOT a “wear out” issue… It is a faulty part that just waited a little longer to break down. It’ll go 200K miles with nary a problem. WTH? But also why are only some having the issue while others are just fine? Once these settlements are reached the owners of these trucks can expect some kind of token from GM like free oil changes or $500 off the next vehicle. 1st dealer reset the computer which made no difference. So far I would not recommend GMC to anyone. With millions of vehicles on America's roads today, General Motors' Chevrolet division is one of the oldest and most prolific American auto brands. Hardcore Taco owners hate ‘em, the market for pre ‘16 Taco is hot. #3 a large number of people also have done the buy out with GM as they have done many with no issues. #1 I scott3 know first hand what is going on do to the FACT that I own one of these transmissions. Also cold effects it. It has the 6 speed automatic transmission. We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Do you know whether that transmission has been reporting many problems? Example: illegal immigration is a small percentage but people seem to really worry about that. Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs have undergone major changes over the years. No Comments; 0; Starting in the 2006 model year, General Motors released the 6L80E and 6L90E transmissions that developed several issues that tend to frustrate transmission as well as body shop technicians servicing them globally. And yes anyone can read what I post and yes it is a different FAULTY PART on a different vehicle every time. I called to file complaint about my 2016 Silverado tranny and all I got is that they are aware of the problem, Is it an 8 speed or a 10?This is exactly what my 2020 RST 6.2L 10speed went through.Im now waiting on GM to redesign/engineer an entirely new valve body for the transmission(with no eta of repair).Been without my vehicle for 3 weeks and of course the dealer refused a buyback/straight trade.Get ready for some frustration and a Chevy Traxx loaner…. You know you had a choice, you didn’t have to buy a GM vehicle, now live with it !!! Have not taken it back yet, but it needs to be resolved ASAP. Why should anyone put up with this, especially in a $60k car? GM has too many dealers as it is and too often idiots just keep going back expecting better results. Your email address will not be published. Any magic phrase they need to hear? × WALA, it worked. And so, so many more the CUSTOMER is just left paying for but you get a GM letter saying they might fail because GM knows there is a problem !! All my GM vehicles are fine, I have owned great ones and terrible ones, again the last three among the terrible ones, but its the change in GM customer service that has made the experience even worse, just horrible at times. I’m still planning on taking it to the dealership in the next town however. GM told the news station that owners should visit a dealership to walk through the protocols with a technician to solve the problem. What will happen is GM will come up with some settlement just to save money and the lawyers will take most of the settlement as legal fees for representing the owners who never asked for help. In fact todays automobiles are much more complex than many of the first space craft that took man to space. How long will it work only time will tell and we are watching. Cannot seem to rebuild successfully, as the 2 rebuilds have failed within months. Took to another dealer today and they said that the transmission bolts have to be replaced because they are allowing something to slip when stopping making the clunking noise. Specifically talking about Chevy's 6 and 8 speed transmissions, the 8 speed seems to constantly be shifting, even when the truck is unloaded. 2020 Chevy Colorado 6 Speed Transmission Problems - Take a look at colorized images for all of the available color options for the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado - interior , exterior colors by style and trim. It’s either the assembly or the material make-up of the components size choices is the fault inside of each “transmission of any brand-maker’s”!! Yes there is a problem a small number of owners have been experiencing the issue but more than normal. Even at low speeds and in stop & go traffic it’s really bad. LifelongGMowner has a short list, or subset, if you will, of the myriad distressing GM failures. I don't want my brakes to fail like I have read the horror stories from some people on these group chats. In this blog, we will try to shed some light on these issues and how you can fix them. If it is under load it is smooth. That would be fine if the product was represented as FAULTY at purchase. If it is made by man it can fail. But percentages of people are REAL PEOPLE. Information about GM's 6-speed 6L80 MYC Hydra-Matic transmission, including details, specifications, vehicle applications, and more. Squeeking, moaning and just making my truck sound like a POS when driving around. In March 2009 GM recalled more than 250,000 vehicles, including many Chevy Cobalts, to address a problem with transmission shift cables that could cause the wrong gear to display on the dashboard. Seems like this is a on going transmission issue. The issue is the shudder and it will shake a vehicle hard at 40-45 mph. And what do you mean, lawyers representing owners who did not ask for help ?? I am of the belief I have purchased a lemon! This is an issue with unmet expectations. That isn’t the transmission. It often is worse if you lift on the gas before it shifts. I own a Colorado and a Silverado, both with the mentioned transmission. We'll send you one email per day with the latest GM updates. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. O we don’t have the parts to fix it, WHAT, FIX IT !!!!! I bought a 2019 1500 RST (my first brand new truck!) So from what I’ve been reading, it’s all the 8 speed, is that correct? The drive train sucks. I have a recall notice now on my 17 Duramax block heater, its summer so I wont need it, however I paid $70,000.00 for a GM vehicle WITH A BLOCK HEATER. I got rid of my 2016 GMC Sierra Denali because of how bad the transmission was. They reprogramed the shift points again, somewhat better, but not totally. GM doesn’t care. When I went to drive away the truck shuddered hard. Unfortunately, this is how we pay the bills and our authors. How would you know how many are suffering issues? I searched online and saw it could be the driveshaft, or the transmission/fluid, just to name a few. They generally as of one person to start it then they solicit more to join them saying they will represent you and help you out. Its a shame that it takes a lawsuit to get a main part of your new 50-100K GM product corrected that you spent your hard earned money on. I pressed the accelerator and the engine just twisted up to about 4000 rpms like it wasn't in gear so I took my foot off the pedal and with my foot off the pedal the engine revved up over 6000 rpms for about 5 seconds then went back down to idle. Took it back to the dealership, and they knew exactly the symptoms I was talking about, and said it needs the flush and fill with the new fluid (per the TSB). To win a lawsuit, the plaintiffs will need one of two things to happen. My 3 week new 2019 Silverado died on vacation – the day we arrived (1,200 odometer miles). Make $60k-$80k per year doing what you love. Numerous technical service bulletins (13 as of this past April) exist for issues like so many owners describe in their vehicles. I am not sure if you are a paid troll or just squirrel bait. If you have the shudder issue it is mostly 40-45 mph and often going up a grade. Any voodoo dance I can do to get these TSBs completed? Google shudder and you will find names like Audi, VW, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Chrysler etc all have had cases of similar issues. Same brake issues on my 2020 2500HD which started around 8k miles. General Motors, use the lemon law, so that will cost the CUSTOMER more money. As many gun owner know today many new transmission fluids have very different Hygroscopic qualities today and many can absorb moisture. Many Chevy transmission problems, including some of the more severe issues that drivers have reported, are covered under GM's new vehicle powertrain warranty. Ok take a problem like this transmission shudder. He now owns a 2015 Silverado that has zero issues. They changed the transmission fluid per a bulletin that GM had published. The issue is that my truck was not over mileage limits and they still wanted to charge me to perform the flush. Silikhan Publishing Group & By And if more GM CUSTOMERS commented we would not be stuck with a 2.0T in a 4000lb Cadillac and a HORRIBLE dash in a $70,000.00 + truck. Their 6 spd auto just doesn’t play well with the Atkinson cycle, and never will. 2019/2020 Silverado & Sierra Troubleshooting, Fullsize Truck & SUV - 2019 - 2020 - 2021 T1XX Platform. Also will it remain that way by next winter? I've fealt this in a lot of other transmissions and this is my first of this model, so I wasn't really alarmed. I have a 2016 CTS and experience inconsistent shifts and flares, no shudder as of yet. Last night while trick was idling at a drive thru the check engine light came on. Any one here can read you post and see it is the same thing different part or car every time. Paste as plain text instead, × I wager the latter. So now I have an appointment on the 26 to fix the problem. GM 6L80E/6L90E Transmission Problems And Performance Upgrades Offered By Gearstar. Before 125,000 miles we needed two transmissions replaced. #2 GM has been trying to solver this. I think he key was my service manager keeping my truck several day setting the shift point was a help. And AGAIN I say good for you and all the others out there who have had this and other FAULTY KNOWN PARTS, fixed, fast, and correctly !!! I have a 2015 GMC sierra with the 6.2l and 8spd. Transmission randomly pops out of “Park” with no one in the vehicle. Starting in the 2006 model year, General Motors released the 6L80E and 6L90E transmissions that developed several issues that tend to frustrate transmission as well as body shop technicians servicing them globally. I took it to the local Chevy dealer and they said they had a fix. I am thinking about purchasing a new Chevy Silverado 1500 truck that has the new 6 speed automatic transmission. Can Low Transmission Fluid Reduce Engine Power? You can also subscribe without commenting. And we are supposed to trust GM power-train for self driving and fully electric vehicles?

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