So you’ve got to get smart! For example, “glitter shoes for girls” or “light up sneakers for little boys” would find significantly lower competition than the much more generic “children’s shoes.”. Ostensibly, those who pony up premiums for beauty products will do the same for high-quality clothing. In this guide, you’ll learn how to sell clothes online through advanced marketing techniques, maximizing your success. Now let's look at a trickier example—one where the root keyword arguably does a good job describing what we are selling. Volusion Ecommerce Blog | SMB Marketing, Design, & Strategy, Conversion optimization for the apparel industry, Access to more accurate customer insights, Allows brands to promote products to more people. Create custom graphics that highlight your brand’s personality and showcase your clothing in real life. ” to read more on making ads for paid campaigns. allows you to target keywords on titles and tags, while other descriptions just don’t rank at all. Tailor your message to your specific audience. Also, read about how. Tumblr and Instagram are best for building brand recognition. Take the lessons you learned about keyword research and apply them to the title tags, meta descriptions and product descriptions, and ensure you are labeling your items in the same way that shoppers are searching for them. Consumer behavior is not, however, monolithic; although some are forced to settle for the cheapest products, others have room to splurge. clothing). Have questions about how to sell apparel online that we didn’t answer? For, in this research study of ours, we bring you the most searched keyword terms on Google. Whether it’s liking a Facebook page, or going to the website, Facebook ads always prompt the user to act, which potentially leads to higher conversions. SEO strategies may vary according to the website you are using to sell your t-shirts. These descriptions are for your customer, not the search engines, so you’ll want to display your content in a way that is easy for your shopper to scan and digest, with H1 and H2 headings and lists, if applicable. Do you feel like maybe you could do better? Fashion brands must make social media a priority in 2015. That is what a simple “s” can change in your keywords. With such a huge industry, you’re sure to face some competition. Globally, the apparel industry has topped $2,560 trillion, and American households spend an average of $1,700 a year on clothes. It’s also a great place to interact with fashion bloggers. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially for those in the apparel industry. Try reaching out with a message offering a free product in return for a review or a mention in a related post. As far as worldwide obsessions go, fashion is probably the top. You might also send them a complete post pitch, with an idea of how to tie in your store’s clothing for an upcoming holiday or event. 14:31 . Social media allows apparel brands to not only showcase their products in a visually appealing way, but interact with their customers as well — a crucial skill in an industry where customer feedback and loyalty determines business longevity. It’s a way to share who we are without saying a word. It’s crucial to monitor engagement rates and interact with fans or followers on a regular basis. To get the six more tips, visit: Where to Get Clothes to Sell to get more ideas to grow your business. Don’t forget to use these two networks together, as well: Polyvore Sets are pinnable, and pinning these Sets can help you cross-promote your social profiles. 5 Tips for Selling Clothes on eBay 11-28-16 - Duration: 14:31. Sometimes SEO takes a little to kick in so our advice is: if you are in a rush to get results then try paid advertising. Social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore and Instagram help to fuel fashion-related buzz with the click of a button. Say I own an online jewelry store that sells all types of jewelry. For example, let’s say your keyword for a specific keyword is autumn t-shirt and you download “smiling girl in a t-shirt with flowers on the back” you can rename your image to say: “smiling girl in an autumn t-shirt with flowers on the back” or simplify it even more. For example look at this research for the last 12 months: Notice the difference in volume? There are tons of plugins, and websites you can use to search for your keywords and check their real-time ranking according to an area or time period. Take a close look at your SEO as a t-shirt business and jump a few steps ahead from the competition. This is what the SEO community calls “duplicate content” and may result in your website being punished. These ads allow brands to place ads right in front of their target audience, while encouraging a call-to-action. When a shopper heads to the internet to research a desired item, many look to their favorite bloggers for daily style inspiration, and a BlogHer social media survey showed that 70% of online shoppers learn about new companies or brands through blog posts more than ads. Top keywords are a consequence of popular trends and searches, so every strategy that worked for you once, may not work anymore after a while. So the first thing you want to consider is that this is a post for sellers that already have a t-shirt shop and brand. According to eBay, if you “take the time to get your keywords right, the bidders will come.” When buyers search, eBay automatically looks for words in the listing’s title only, so it’s crucial to write your listing in your customers’ language, and use the keywords they search for. We make it simple to grow your business while providing excellent online shopping experiences. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is how we built our shops, or websites in order to rank higher on search engines like Google or any platform we are selling t-shirts on. Though both platforms offer social advertising plans, they are relatively new and have not been adequately tested for effectiveness, especially with smaller brands. High quality images linking directly to product pages or trend alert blog posts are some of the best performers on Pinterest, while collages featuring products from multiple stores usually fare best on Polyvore. In order to sell more, we have to use. Leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to help! I’ve sold clothes, shoes and bags on eBay, Etsy, through Instagram, and on another site of mine. This is for t-shirt sellers that have done everything right but want to know how to sell more or how to promote their products more effectively. The list almost needs to be the top 50 words that sell because we have found that their are more that make people buy than just the immediate keywords for that item. Great? Target Seasonal and Long-Tail Keywords with SEO If you have a store online, you probably realize that SEO is absolutely vital to finding long-term success. The ” HOW TO” might actually be the selling word because they feel the product will deliver what they need. The “buy local” movement continues to build momentum in the United States. The key, then, for fashion marketing in a context of uncertainty … Variations are different ways to write the same word including its plural. Major cities including Portland, Austin, and even SkuVault’s home…, With more brides taking their wedding planning online, the wedding industry is a great space for ecommerce success.

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