I'm pretty sure it's not personal. yeah no it's just you. Below are some Similarities compared to other dating apps. I hope this helps explain! Don't sweat it. The person has not blocked me (I don't think). If our team does not determine that the profile/messages are legitimate, we do ban the account. Sara C. - It's also like how when you apply for a job and they never reply to tell you you've been rejected. When someone deletes or disables, it also wacks all your messages with them. The on boarding process for mobile dating apps like OkCupid & Plenty Of Fish may seem monotonous at first, but in the end it’s worth it. If another person deletes their conversation, does your disappear too? I was going to respond to a message after work today and it disappeared! Nothing really gets accomplished until you meet in person. There’s no secrets as you may get with other apps, as far as the other persons intentions. I just noticed that about 4 of my LIKES have disappeared in the past 2-3 days. I met my wife online. And here I was thinking they were unliking me immediately after I messaged them. I have a couple of people bookmarked that I liked as well. So focus hard on being quicker(not too quick) about setting up a date. But still. Users who want to continuously swipe with no pitch count, will have to find another app to use, because it’s not going to happen on OkCupid. It's not the best habit, but it's a common habit, and it's an understandable one. If the user is least compatible, it will fade to a blue color so a user is able to see right off the bat. In real life, social conventions force you to acknowledge and talk to people around you as a formality. I just reactivated my account and am beginning to regret doing so. They left 2, and those don't live anywhere near me, aren't recent––it's absurd. Does anyone know if they (OKC) have the ability to reinstate a convo if lost through a bug? I'd much prefer a curt "We decided to go with someone else" form letter than to be kept waiting indefinitely for word. privacy settings page of the full website, The other person may have deleted their account, The other person may be in a moderation hold. Overnight, my likes went down from over 500 to under 300 ... so, yes, likes are disappearing. Only people who have logged in during the past three weeks will be on the ‘You Like’ page. It's because there are no consequences for the person who does the cutting off. You not noticing it does not mean it didn't happen. Whatever happened to manners and replying to calls/emails/messages/etc that are sent? you know what you did. When that happens, we release the messages as soon as our team determines they're legitimate; at that point. When a user matches with a user, they will immediately be able to connect with them and start the dating experience. Fortunately, as I just reported a bug on the "Who I Like" tab, I had reason to download my Likes, so I have them all preserved, prior to the May 30th cutoff. The user will be deleted as if you had never matched with them in the first place. If the conversation has been inactive for 90 days, it will move to the Older Conversations page. This is a great feature as it best positions you with other users who have the same interests and share the same goals as you. When someone deletes or disables their account, or blocks or hides your profile, or is removed from the site, then your conversation with them will disappear from your inbox and their profile will no longer show up on the site. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. I live in a sparsely populated area and there's nothing left –– maybe ten new users in the area since they removed everyone in my local search. Are they different? If the girls in question are above average in attractiveness, they will have messages from multiple dudes at any given time (see their blog; men as a whole message the top 30% of the most attractive women at something like 3-5 times the rate of the other 70%). I feel like we'd get a lot of these questions answered preemptively. Sometimes we put messages on hold while our admins review profiles/messages to make sure that they're being sent from a legitimate human account. By the 3rd or 4th email it's definitely time to set up a meet up. But this sort of thing bothers me too. As with most dating apps, OkCupid is no different in hiding features to the users. Oh no! Let us know if you have any other questions.". Until then, users aren’t able to communicate with each other. Get your guide today, for free! OkCupid messages may disappear because they user has unmatched you, they blocked you, or they simply deleted their profile. Do you think that's rude? Online dating encourages abruptness and the general anonymity leads to terse replies/no replies and this bit of rudeness. When I checked mutual likes, she showed up, but then after she wrote me, she disappeared from that list. When the user first signs up, they’re prompted with a screen to pick what they’re looking for. We take the safety of our members very seriously and do a lot of moderation to weed out fake/scammer accounts, but unfortunately that means that real messages get caught in our filter nets as well occasionally. Perhaps they found someone (either there, on another app, or in real life). For some people, it's easier to just cut communication than to write a definite, explicit letter stating, "you seem alright, but I don't really feel like talking to you anymore." Thank you for posting this! A Fair Comparison. And the ones that did rarely led to 3rd dates. OkCupid has a messaging feature, like most mobile dating apps. From there, tap Privacy, then Blocked and Unmatched). If the person is not there, and you're not seeing the conversation, it does mean one of the other options has happened. However, there’s certain situations where the messages on OkCupid may disappear. I would rather not break the whole thing. What... We've created a complete guide to optimize your Tinder profile. it's too early for you to be here, go home. Just keep emailing people. For instance, if you’re a male just looking for a hookup, this will be displayed on the platform. It used to be great. So the mutual likes tab has been consolidated into this page. Der. Now you don't exist (to them). But you're not doing anything wrong; this is just how online dating works. This is significantly lower than other apps and can put a big hindrance on the user. How are two strangers exchanging informal messages or emails meant to wind down the conversation? She's not showing up in my mutual likes, either, but the "it's a match" message is there, which never was there for the 1st person. There are certain situations however, when a user may seem like they disappeared, or that a user disappears. So if you have a mutual like who has not logged in during the past three weeks, they won’t show. Sometimes you'll click, sometimes you won't. All of these options result in OkCupid message disappearing. Interesting o well. In the change to the Likes page, all my likes don't show under Who I Like, but when I go to the bookmarks, they're still liked. For argument's sake, if he DID block me does his conversation disappear from my inbox though because OKC say that if you block someone they never know you did....but if a message vanished that would be a sign.....weird huh? It's a money-making industry and if they pad their users with attractive fakes, you're more likely to spend money for the upgraded membership. There was a problem submitting your feedback. Better to just go to the bar or social events and practice socializing in person. 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