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Hypoallergenic Breeds

When the cats from Siam were bred, the pointed cats were eventually registered as Siamese, while the others were referred to as "non-blue eyed Siamese" or "foreign shorthair". Causes and Remedies","","",-1,-1,0,"hairballs-cats.htm"]); - - - - - [16] Two decades later, the breed was finally recognized by the UK-based Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in 1997, but with some differences from CFA on coat conformation. [14], According to the CFA breed profile, "Orientals represent a diverse group of cats that have their foundation in the Siamese breed. Their personalities are also very similar. Colours: All colours

Registered breeder with

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Shimmeree ... read more.

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Turkish Angora:

Cattery Balinese:

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Toyger Oriental Shorthair cats have high locomotion levels. Seelah Maew Julie Keyer - - - - Tips on pet health, training & nutrition straight to your inbox, 02 8046 6536 Knowledge Centre, About Us In the Press Jobs Partners Mad Paws Reviews Privacy Policy Terms Of Service, Away From Home At Pet’s Home Dog Sitting Cat Sitting Cat Boarding Puppy Sitting Rabbit Sitting Guinea Pig Sitting  Dog Kennels, Dog Walking Pet Day Care House Visiting Bird Sitting Dog Grooming Dog Training Pet Services  Dog Boarding, Pet Sitters Sydney Pet Sitters Melbourne Pet Sitters Brisbane Pet Sitters Perth Pet Sitters Adelaide Pet Sitters Canberra Pet Sitters Gold Coast Pet Sitters Newcastle Pet Sitters Central Coast, Pet Sitters Wollongong Pet Sitters Geelong Pet Sitters Ballarat Pet Sitters Townsville Pet Sitters Bendigo Pet Sitters Toowoomba Pet Sitters Hobart. How do I know if my cat is in heat? Feline Association and Brisbane City Council. Colours: Most colors, solid & tabby, incl blotched

Remove pet hair

Port Douglas Litter Box: Choosing

[Oriental Shorthair]

[1] The Oriental Longhair differs only with respect to coat length. Colours: Seal, sealtortie, red,... But, you can always spot this breed by their distinctive long face, wide-set bat-like ears, and sleek, long body. Grooming an Oriental Shorthair is easy. DE e.V.

Unfortunately, any cat Vanesa KrechovBuenos Aires, - - - [Scottish Fold]

[Japanese Bobtail] Cats. Colours: All colours Colours: Black, blue & chocolate

[Turkish Angora] Mundikat related advice cannot be provided by us. Solid : The coat color is uniform across the entire cat. Tonkinese Tundra

Adelaide, SA Startrill Siamese - Siamese and Oriental Shorthair Breeder - Perth. Neocat Show champion lines. Mikado [Ragdoll] Conjunctivitis

Coilis Buira

Ama-Tsu-Kami There are also fun ways to train your Oriental Shorthair to use vocalisations to get rewards (after all, they’re going to talk anyway, you might as well reign it in.) Urine Removal Mattress Urine Removal Reviews Colours: All [9], The Oriental Shorthair is a medium size cat. The gene that causes the color to be restricted to the points is a recessive gene; therefore, the general population of the cats of Siam were largely self-colored (solid). Click on a Oriental Shorthair kittens also available. [Home]

Colours: All colours Tonkinese:

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Somali Claude PelendoBruxelles, 0032/2 242.60.12

We recommend using breeders registered with your state based Feline Control Council, To add your CAT breeder listing to this page please purchase a membership online here, © Copyright Oz Kitty

A blue-eyed white Oriental Shorthair kitten.

(N)Fantella / WCF They love to climb, they love affection, and they love to chat with you.

NKFV breeder specialising in Trudy SuijkerbuijkOostburg, 0031-(0)645870261 Ragdoll

[7] GCCF publishes separate breed registration policies for a number of specific-coat Oriental Shorthair variants today. Colours: Solid, White, Silver, Cinnamon & tabbies


Maine Colours: Cinnamon, Fawn & Chocolate Colours: Red, Tortie, Foreign White, Cinnamon and Bicolour Exotic Shorthair Balinese, Long and Short Hair Orientals (Javanese).

Oriental Shorthair cats are sinewy yet muscular, but much stronger than their slender build suggests.

Desiree KnoopFijnaart, 0031168465054 Burmilla Colours: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac

PURE JOY, Visit our Website                        Email Us, Different Cat


Daniel RuzsanyiBudapest, 00 36 70 403 23 74 00 36 70 275 1762

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Registered breeder of Siamese and Oriental kittens, in Adelaide SA. Bengal


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