Its title paraphrases an English translation of a line from the Irish sean-nós song Aisling Gheal, or Bright Vision., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, An Aisling poem called ‘We Saw A Vision’ was read out in Irish, during the, This page was last edited on 7 September 2020, at 14:25. Máire has curated both the Bulmers Lounge and pop up performers programme at the Body&Soul Festival for the past three years. According to Tomás Ó Canainn's autobiography A Lifetime of Notes (1996), this slow air was originally collected in the west Cork Gaeltacht (a primarily Irish-speaking region) from the singing of a woman in the late 19th century. A lot of this is new to me. Its themes of the healing power of nature run throughout Iarla’s work. You can’t use phrase markings. After leaving school, Ó Lionáird went to study at University College Dublin where he studied literature and trained to be a teacher. The aisling (Irish for 'dream, vision', pronounced [ˈaʃlʲɪŋ]), or vision poem, is a poetic genre that developed during the late 17th and 18th centuries in Irish language poetry. Really looking forward to album they are making together. Founded in 2002 and led by four composers, Musiqa aims to enrich and inspire the community through programs that integrate contemporary music with other art forms. Tony McMahons matches conceptually It has a particularly beautiful melody to which Iarla’s version does full justice and here’s a later live performance: The next choice, I’m Weary Of Lying Alone, was originally an English song and comes from at least the late eighteenth century. Video of Breandán Ó Buachalla on YouTube explaining the Aisling poetic genre. Scottish), Flute Sheet Music: Seymour's Whim (Trad. Go raibh na camthaí Gall agus Gaelach Is claimhte géara ag uaisle an tsaol,

When thinking about Iarla’s voice before writing this piece, it struck me it has a spiritual or a ‘seeking’ quality to it which may owe something to his early training in the church choir. Here is a clip with the early recording: The word may have a number of variations in pronunciation, but the 'is' of the first syllable is always realised as a [ʃ] ("sh") sound. Iarla’s version captures its wistful character brilliantly: In my opinion, the definitive version of my next selection, Caoineadh Na dTrí Muire (‘The Lament Of The Three Marys’) is by Joe Heaney. Iarla himself later credited both of the Ó Riadas – father and son – with having helped to preserve the local musical tradition. The good news on this front is that they are now engaged in recording their first album together. Traditional Irish air. Aisling gheal do shlad trím néal mé The area in which he was raised, Cúil Aodha, is one that is noted for its richness in terms of its preservation both of traditional music and folklore. All said, here’s Tomás Ó Canainn’s version, from his slow airs book - he uses phrase markings, and explains that you hold the long notes at the end of the phrase. I used Finale and exported the file as an XML and then converted that with EasyABC to paste the song here (thanks goes to slaint for that knowledge). Walking the dew caused the grass green sean o riada resurrected aisling gheal, which was a song from cork. By the middle of my thought but I woke stunning You’ll find the lyrics with a translation on that page. This is a great introduction that glimpses at depths that are worth exploring. It included my first selection, a re-recording of Aisling Gheal (a rough translation would be ‘Bright Vision’) again with an arrangement by Peadar Ó Riada. This collaboration led to further joint appearances at gigs around Ireland. While Keane comes from the West of Ireland, Ó Lionáird was born in the southern county of Cork. Among the most famous examples of Aisling poetry are Gile na gile by Ó Rathaille and Ceo draíochta i gcoim oíche by Ó Súilleabháin. You’ll find the lyrics with a translation on that page. Iarla Ó Lionáird began his musical career with that choir and continued to sing in it for many years.

She is fantastic at researching both established and up and coming talent, managing budgets, delivering a comprehensive and exciting programme on time and managing her own team with grace and ease, whilst holding a very professional relationship with the festival director. Beautiful song air ; have heard it on Martin McCormack’s CD - Uilleann Pipes and Whistles. I have to admit that I had some reservations about this approach when I first heard the album but the strength and sheer beauty of Iarla’s singing gradually won me over. And to promote her hair grow grass, He recorded it with Ceoltóirí Chualann with the great Seán Ó Sé on lead vocal in 1963.

Mary bergin plays a superb version of this on Feadóg Stáin 2. I love this Mary Bergin version of this air. And you be in denouncing the act, Two went in humor to make us children Deciding to seize the moment, he sent a six-page handwritten letter to Real World asking for the opportunity to record with them. Liam O’Flynn has recorded this on ‘The Poet and the Piper’ album with Seamus Heaney. This was a song form in which, in O’Lionáird’s words, a story unfolded where a “woman of great beauty, sometimes symbolising Ireland” encountered the narrator in a dream. Go raibh na camthaí Gall agus Gaelach The song itself is based on a poem in Irish which dates back to at least the seventeenth century. Submit yours! I hid them all because they were confusing and unnecessary.

Copyright © 2009–2020. In 1964, with his friend, the local priest, Donnacha Ó Concubhair, he founded a choir, Cór Chúil Aodha, in the latter village. I only know two of the pieces of music – the Raglan Road theme and Mo Ghile Mear. According to Tomás Ó Canainn's autobiography A Lifetime of Notes (1996), this slow air was originally collected in the west Cork Gaeltacht (a primarily Irish-speaking region) from the singing of a woman in the late 19th century. This year IMRAM will celebrate Maude with Aisling Gheal, a bilingual multi-media show with her original poems and English translations; and song versions of her work. 'A flour men, my kills or deinse Located in Houston’s Museum District As these selections show, over the course of his career Ó Lionáird has produced music of the very highest quality. A translation of the song and a more detailed discussion of it can be found here. Dream bright The song itself comes out of the tradition of the ‘Aisling’. English Translation: Aisling gheal do shlad trím néal mé: A vision bright beguiled in sleep me: Is go rabhas-sa tréithlag seal im luí: As I lay feebly bereft of cheer: Is go rabhas i ngleann cois abhann im aonar: In a river valley I wandered gaily: Is go rabhas ag aeraíocht le … Ó Lionáird’s rendition is equally good and also has a haunting quality which is very much its own. After a short period where he moved away from performing, he was persuaded by the well-known accordion player, Tony McMahon, to do a concert with him in Armagh.

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