View The Entire Gallery, 7 Please reload CAPTCHA. #coreluv #haiti #orphanage #love More photos coming soon! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I feel like I’ve known him forever. They need to just put me on the directory so people can call me and figure out how to go places there. -Ashley Kelly. Your email address will not be published. Ashley: Yes, I knew Chase, and I definitely had known James for a while. I like the photography and this post. God has given me the gift of capturing beautiful moments in this life using videography and photography. Ashley Kelly (37 left) 4.8 (1-hour episode) [edit | edit source] Summary. Set Design: Ashley Kelly Photography Wardrobe:... High Definition Photographer Ashley Kelly and her creative team specialize in wedding, engagement, family, and senior portrait photography. There’s a little spot called Beads which is on Harry Hines which is kind of like the Chinatown. So it’s been a positive experience all around. Ashley: I think it’s fantastic that’s she’s on the show. That’s my car. organization, is to make disciples of all nations. Ashley: Mm, girl! google_ad_client: "ca-pub-9225107008730380", ); Some of my clients that you may recognize include: Cicciabella, Eden Wood, Red Socks' Third Basemen Will Middlebrooks, Evoke Magazine, Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleader Sunni Cranfill, Dallas Mavericks Dancer Jody Williams, NFL player James Dockery, & Eclipse Entertainment, Hope for the Hungry. Ifelicious: So he’s willing to be supportive and open. if ( notice ) ( = "block"; setTimeout( What stories were behind that? I’m doing this, and I need to call my husband.’. Thank U, […] Note: Ashley Kelly and Chase Hutchinson from “The A-List: Dallas” attended but did not walk the red […], Your email address will not be published. Atom Please reload CAPTCHA. Straight men are animals- except my husband and my dad." Ifelicious: I know you enjoy shopping so where are some of your Dallas-Ft. Worth area places to shop? This whole time I’m thinking ‘this is probably on his behalf,’ so I was talking about him, talking him up and saying all these good things about him, and then they called me back…for a second interview and they started asking me questions about me, and in a very New York fashion, they were like, ‘No, we’re done with your friend. Based in Texas, available worldwide. My creative and candid style was refined at The University of North Texas where I earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts & Design Studies with a minor in Social Sciences. Ifelicious: What did your husband say about doing the show? Atom I had very serious conversations about it at the dinner table with my family and they were just not into it because here in the south gay is very foreign to them, and my dad basically did not approve and told me ‘no,’ and so I went back and told David Stefanou, ‘I’m thankful but I just can’t do it,’ and then he encouraged me to reconsider. It was three straight men around and they were like, ‘No, no! Read all of my blog posts about “The A-List: Dallas” including all of the cast interviews – CLICK HERE. It’s week 8 and time for the final studio rehearsal at Valley Ranch, which starts with everyone getting to try on their boots. Ifelicious: So Phillip and Levi were new. Ashley: Girl, every [season] they have out, I have seen. Internationally acclaimed artistic director & photographer Ashley Kelly joins forces joins forces with fashion designer Adria Laxson ... To schedule your family photo shoot, please send us an email! Like I spend 20 hours rhinestoning a pair of shoes. On “The A-List: Dallas” episode 1 she lets us know, “I can’t have straight friends. Glynis + Daniel's Vintage Bicycle Engagement Shoot Location: Texas antique plantation house built in 1881 Wedding:  Tenroc Ranch i... Ann + Will Engagement Photography Location:  The Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas Dallas Cowboys Chee... Cassie + Collin Rehearsal Dinner Dallas Arboretum Dallas Wedding Outdoor Wedding Dallas ... Go to the galleries Contact us for more information, "If it's not on camera, it never happened." ( View the profiles of people named Ashley Kelly. I'm married to the sweetest, most loyal, laid back, Sheriff's Deputy in all of Bell County, Justin Kelly. We’re here to see you right now,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ They kept calling me back and [finally] offered me the spot. comments, 5 Join Facebook to connect with Ashley Kelly and others you may know. Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { As a director, producer and tv personality, Finglass has had a very successful career so far. Ifelicious: So let’s talk about your interaction with some of the other folks in the cast. Cathedral Oaks, Belton, Tx. })(120000); It’s sad how well I know the entrances to the Northpark Mall. She’s very bold and fierce. They may use the wedding apps to overcome the wedding tension and will ease your wedding tension. 13 pop culture, celeb interviews, reality tv, indie. Together, they have a daughter named Samantha and a son named Ryan. I think she’s so fierce, and I like to watch her. Time limit is exhausted. I'm Ashley Kelly from good ol' Belton, Texas! 1 That’s kind of our dynamic. enable_page_level_ads: true This is a prime opportunity for me to learn how to jump my own vehicle so you need to back off. Where does that credit card spend a lot of money? She’s a hard core fag hag and devout southern Baptist. }, Most of the engaged people will feel difficulties in wedding planning. I went back again and talked to my family about it, and my mom was really like, ‘Ashley, you have to do this.’ So after a lot of prayer, I feel like the Lord put me right where I am with all these boys, all these cameras, and all this drama. I saw on your Facebook page that you learned to do an oil change and jump a car. That was my conversation with Ashley. To book HD photography with Ashley Kelly Photography, send an email to, Amber + Coley's Rustic Tenroc Ranch Wedding, Posts I'm Ashley Kelly from good ol' Belton, Texas! Ifelicious: Where do you fall when drama goes down? Did you know anyone else before? Ann + Will Engagement Photography Location:  The Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas Dallas Cowboys Chee... Cassie + Collin Rehearsal Dinner Dallas Arboretum Dallas Wedding Outdoor Wedding Dallas ... Go to the galleries Contact us for more information, Sarah + Drew's Wedding. My husband says I’m a raccoon because I like shiny stuff. ), Behind-The-Scenes with Cicciabella, Eden Wood, & Ashley Kelly Photography, Amber + Coley's Rustic Tenroc Ranch Wedding. This is not my first rodeo, like I worked for an entertainment company, and I’ve been in front of the camera before with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders ‘Making the Team’ season 4 and especially season 5, and I love to perform, and I love to be right in the mix of everything so he’s used to it…It’s a far away drive for me to go to Dallas and I’ve been doing that for several years…to film and for my business…so it’s just kept me away a little bit more while we were filming…but it’s really cool because he’s starting to see a whole other culture, and he’s starting to gain a respect for it that I never knew he was capable of having as a straight policeman.  =  Ashley Kelly (2) End of Journey. Next up in my Logo TV "The A-List: Dallas" interview series is Taylor Garrett's prayer buddy, Ashley Kelly. }. I use the very best HD photography and HD videography equipment made by Canon! timeout Honestly, I felt like my eyelashes were touching the pipes. She’s definitely got that southern belle charm or maybe that’s part of what they mean by “Dallatude.”, Ifelicious: I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a lot of reasons. I am a college educated woman, and there’s nothing in this whole world that I cannot do, and so I’m trying to learn everything I can, and I don’t need to rely on anybody to change my oil…so we went to my family’s mechanic shop and, girl, I got under that car and the pipes were so hot, and they’re so close to your face. He just wants to spend time with me. Ashley: No, I learned that the weekend before, and that’s what kind of inspired it. In contrast, we have you which is great, too. ), Behind-The-Scenes with Cicciabella, Eden Wood, & Ashley Kelly Photography. She's a hard core fag hag and devout southern Baptist. Levi and I have a very very big brother and sister kind of relationship. What do you think about her being on the show? I like shiny stuff. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ You know, it really is a small community. Posts }); Next up in my Logo TV “The A-List: Dallas” interview series is Taylor Garrett‘s prayer buddy, Ashley Kelly (Facebook, Twitter, website). function() { Cathedral Oaks, Belton, Tx. comments, To schedule your family photo shoot, please send us an email! That credit card is known well at Northpark Mall and Galleria. It was very intimidating, but it was a really cool experience. Ifelicious: Ya, I think she brought a very different chemistry to ‘The A-List’ this season. At the end of the day, I love with all of my heart every single one of these people…I think my problem is that I think I know everything, and I think my answer is always the best, duh! As a result, she enjoys a massive net worth of $1.5 million. -Ashley Kelly. More interviews with the cast from “The A-List: Dallas” to be posted soon! As fashion juxtaposition, Moto boots and cocktail dress say ‘Look, I’m on a reality show’, Logo's NewNowNext Awards 2012: photos, red carpet interviews, commentary | Ifelicious Thoughts,,

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