Skill: Flame Impact (A) CD: 7.5 Description: Deals a linear AoE damage to the enemies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. La faucheuse signe des contrats avec les diables pour les invoquer au cours du combat. To reset, simply go to the skill interface (hotkey K) and press the "Reset" button to change subclass. Skill: Sonic Bomb (A) CD: 10 Description: Deals a straight line AoE DMG. Note that they could only choose one subclass and have one main class that they already have at the beginning. Channels icy gusts of air to blast freezing ice spikes through the enemy, inflict ice damage with an additional freezing effect. Increase Mastery to level 30 to change an additional effect:"Devil Incarnate" Improvements: Can generate a Dark area around the target, dealing damage to all targets in range and reducing their DMG by 6% for 6 sec. You could visit the Skills page for all types of skills. Support. Skill: Aimed Shot (A) CD: 5 Description: Nice single target DMG, will slow target by 30% for 4 seconds. Alia is a seductive and deadly female demon. Guardian will probably make you invincible or overlap a lot and be useless. However, in reality, Aura Kingdom dungeon running in general doesn’t have a high demand of needing a class like sorcerer, very much like guardian and bard. It’s huge CD is kinda of a downer. Skill: Nightmare Totem (A) CD: 30 Description: Places a totem that will make enemies go to sleep for 6 seconds and deal damage. Although I would say Ravager is the most fun option. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Area of Effect Huge CD. Those who stands its path will receive extra damage. Skill: Lightning Strike (A for Melee, C for Ranged) CD: 25 Description: Deals a good amount of DMG in AoE at the target and stuns everything for 3 seconds, but will force you towards that enemy. Sorry if this has been asked a lot, if anyone has a good point of reference and would provide me a link I will remove this post. Skill: Deadly Wink (C) CD: 20 Description: Deals a good amount of damage to an enemy, requires low CD and Purple Lightning for it to be good. Skill: Aftershock (A) CD: 20 Description: Nice AoE with decent damage, it will stun everything for 3 seconds. I would suggest either Bard or Guardian, but both don't do well with DMG over CRT. "Shadowflame Toss" Improvements: Inflict powerful additional damage over time for 10 seconds. Thoughts? Please continue to read our Aura Kingdom list of guides for more in game information. General information Skill: Ambient Drone (A for Melee, C for Ranged) CD: 30 Description: Will deal a small AoE DMG around you, stunning enemies for 3 seconds. It’s CD is huge and the damage reflected isn’t great, thus, this skill isn’t any good. You'd be better off having more options for kiting or dealing damage than healing. Skill: Frost Trap (A with no other gunslinger, B otherwise) CD: 20 Description: Will lay a trap that gives a DoT and immobilizes enemies that are in it’s range. Fantasy Frontier (TW) - Scythe skills trailer, Showcase Aura Kingdom Reaper Ronin (Scythe Tachi) - Skills & Combo Gameplay, Showcase Aura Kingdom Sorcerer Reaper(Grimoire Scythe) - Skills & Combo Gameplay, Showcase Aura Kingdom Shinobi Reaper (Shuriken Scythe) - Skills & Combo Gameplay, Showcase Aura Kingdom Reaper (Scythe) - Weapon Specialization Paths & Mastery Skills. i got a reaper thats level 99 and the sub window is still on my screen ;D. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Btw I'm pure damage offensive, pure defense defensive, many people have suggested Guardian, since as Katar I won't be using any other subclass skills. Aura Kingdom Private Server; Self Help; Guides and Information; Class Guides; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Welp I guess I'll just pick something random and never use it. The skills that you would have as a sub guardian would also suffer too much from the triple cool down cost. Thus, you should never pick Sub-Sorcerer as well because most of the Sorcerer’s damage output comes from its Damage over Time attacks. Aura Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This is one of the best skills in the game, but you will never keep it up if there is another sorcerer in the team. Inflicts massive Lightning Damage on targets in a linear path. Gives an extra 20% movement speed and 9% critical chance, will last 20 seconds. Players can always change their subclass whenever they like every 10 minutes. Thoughts: Wizards are a solid subclass, nothing that great, just lots of DMG skills. However, with high skill cool down, it is considerably harder for you to really get the DPS out of Katar sub classes. I also don't see why you would go for bard. Skill: Bombardment (B) CD: 10 Description: Much like Aimed Shot, just a higher CD. At this point you’ll be able to select a secondary weapon, normally wielded by one of the remaining classes. There is no escape, no unity, no identity. Duelist (B for melee with high SPD, C if not, D for range). The DoT will actually last 10 seconds, thus making it a nice damage dealing skill. Aura Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. he joined the Envoys of Gaia to find out once and for all the truth about the catastrophe that ruined his life. All rights reserved. In addition, the main power and damage output comes from the “combo” aspect of the class. To find a way to save his lover, he has joined the Envoys of Gaia and has come to Terra. Duelist is not a really good subclass. Quickly whirls the scythe to open the gates to hell, summoning blood-sucking bats that continually bite enemies within range. (Food for Thought): Because half of the bard that you party with will go with Sorcerer as their sub-class. Is there a way to unpick a subclass so that I will not have a subclass? Crit on Katar is completely fine. ” Skill: Dark Flare Trap (A) CD: 20 Description: Will lay a trap that does DMG to all nearby enemies. La faucheuse d'outre-tombe est apparue. Is there a way to unpick a subclass so that I will not have a subclass? The rank will go from A to D, A being the best. Like other dark dragons, Lapuree produces a highly corrosive poison. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hellish Furnace: Uses "The Flame of Pandemonium" to call forth a Hellish Furnace, inflicting Flame Damage on nearby enemies and decreasing their attack damage. They are nice to have, but not crucial to a party. Aura Kingdom Eidolons Guide. If pronounced in the correct way, these words can produce power beyond imagining. This spell will open the doors of pandemonium and summon devils to aid you in battle. Manipulates shadows to attack the enemy, inflicting heavy damage and exhausting the target's ATk power. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Souls will bite targets continuously. you can pick another one but can't unpick. Choosing a subclass cannot be the same class as your main one! Bard requires high SPD (especially as a subclass) and Katar doesn't really need speed at all. Skill: Meteor Cannon (B) CD: 37.5 Description: Huge AoE, Huge DMG, Huge CD, nuff said. Casts the Forbidden Spell to inflict "Bloodthrist" status on your allies and summoned pets. Your party should have either a main Guardian or Bard as the tanker and you do not want to draw fire from the enemies.

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