Temptation is something many bank tellers will face on a regular basis. If they’re passionate about a particular banking product, they may be able to sell your patrons on it, too. If you share this, print it out, or reproduce it in any way, please retain this copyright statement. Are they confident in their current financial picture? Are they making enough money? Bank Survey Reveals only 16% of Canadians Polled Achieved their 2017 Financial Goal... and It's Partly Our Fault. This question gives the applicant an opportunity to ‘sell’ you the products they use. What other opportunities might go along with this discussion you are about to have? - Smile. They could be just brewing below the surface waiting to come out when asked. In a time sensitive environment like the teller line the first impression is created fast and if it starts off bad you don’t have a lot of time to regroup and win them back. - Stand tall – it will make you look more professional and confident. Those problems occur as people mover through various life events (get married, retire, have kids etc). Investments? Start a business? Find your next bank teller with Betterteam. Your personal reputation as well as corporate reputation can suffer and ultimately you lose more opportunities than you gain. Need to get better and filtering candidates before in-person interviews? I interviewed at PNC Financial Services Group (Akron, OH). It might be a social stance the bank has, specific products it offers, a personal anecdote, or years of banking with the institution. What about the account they are in – are the service charges too high? Get permission to sell. ?�0W�FC���X�Vgb�1��~J*R�b$�UJ�"�����c�,�?��B,���Z,�� B:�����:LL]c��0v�x��Ć�pd^G3#��8�RN��Y�)��Ҩ�g��% �T��d. Focus your questions on potential problems that your products solve. Look for an answer that shows commitment to providing a great customer experience and a strong interest in advancing within the bank. Sure, I should do 'Discovery' but what am I really hoping to learn. xڝXMo�6��W�9��琼:H Teller: "What … Pitching products without getting some acknowledgement from the client that they have a need is like taking a shot in the dark. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Post a job ad for free to top job boards and social media with a few clicks, giving the right applicants plenty of opportunity to find you. Especially when you consider the client usually wants to get in and out of the branch quickly. Make them money. Give them a sense of peace of mind or security. Someone who won’t be tempted by opportunity or give in to bribes. Confirmation Question:“Do you have a local bank yet?” Don’t sell by informing. You also need an employee who is willing to inform a manager about poor ethical conduct of co-workers or even superiors. It's much easier for your tellers to engage in maintainable small talk with customers when they start with "what" questions and then follow through. Anything that takes them off that path will be considered inconvenient by most unless they agree they want to go there. If an applicant has experience working in a bank, why did they leave their previous job? Have a plan what to do next. They are told to spot opportunities, cross sell products and services all while keeping their line ups to a minimum. It’s fairly intuitive to see how slice-of-life biographical profiles of your employees would trigger lively, engaging customer conversations. They verify any relationship-building clues identified through active listening and seeing. Completely free trial, no credit card required. Understand that people do not buy products; they buy solutions to their problems. Any bank or credit union struggling with on-boarding or cross-selling should give this a try. �4�����t�8,z��vBP��l���������o��Z�L�h��ךS� �U�_���b� �7g5]���U�v|�� ����A>(?? People buy from people they like and trust. Your products do one or more of the following: © Copyright 2019 Fusion Performance Group Inc. All Rights Reserved. Expect clear, well-prepared answers that give you information about the applicants’ work history and suitability for the industry. Frame the Discussion: There are foundational elements of conversation that everyone, from tellers to platform associates, should exhibit every time they talk with a customer. Go looking for problems. Are there areas where they could be saving money? Despite diminishing numbers, they still play a vital role in bank customer service. 4��^zq�M�6�:^o���>j-��Pۤ0ൡ�O����/��"M��)ce�$cp*y�����A�~s4��(��s�Z+���~( |9&R��탼��D��4&di�����;��ğ���+y�G�jR�����Hcm�����)���s@����00�� - Make, and maintain, eye contact as they approach your wicket. How much time will it take? Give an example of great customer service you delivered in your current job. Help them get stuff. Renovate? Watch out for false compliments. Privacy Policy. Vacation? Here are the top tips and strategies for bank tellers to be more effective at selling: Don’t underestimate the power of the 1st impression. What products can you sell, what type of client do you need to refer? It takes a … Do they have access to money when they need it – wherever they are in the world? Here is one example: Conversation Clue: Customer tells you that he has just moved into the area. Listen carefully to how the applicant answers this question. Copyright © 2012 by Fusion Performance Group Inc. You are also looking for a conflict-avoidant personality or someone who can diffuse conflict quickly and easily. It takes a special type of personality to remain excited about this type of work and to carry their positive emotion into the workplace and to the customer. Is it any wonder why they find it difficult to sell? How do they feel about those things? Loan products allow them to get things sooner than they would if they had to save up for them. Don’t be silent. Most of us put up a wall. Hi everyone, I've just started working at Citibank as a new teller for the last few weeks but up till now I have mostly been observing tellers and occasionally practicing on customers when the branch isn't busy. Tellers have the toughest job in the world when it comes to selling. Quickly being replaced by applications and automated systems, bank teller jobs are expected to decline by 8% between 2014 and 2024. Selling Skills for Service People - TELLER EDITION, Selling Skills for Service People – TELLER EDITION, DVD - Starting Sales Conversations for Tellers, DVD - Capitalizing on Investment Opportunities for Lenders, Spotting Referral Opportunities from Lending to Deposits or Wealth Management. Pay close attention to the fundamentals every time you greet someone and you will increase your odds of being able to sell. There is collateral damage done to those clients where you guessed wrong and presented an inappropriate product. the sales referral opportunity are called Confirmation Questions. You want to hire someone who is honest to a fault and able to confide in superiors even when it may endanger their personal relationships with coworkers. The motivator? Why do you want to be a bank teller? Check out our guide to phone interviews. The process took 2 weeks. A big, sincere smile, not the weak, forced smile you put on when someone tells you to smile. What characteristics do you think good tellers possess. 134 PNC Financial Services Group Bank Teller interview questions and 119 interview reviews. �y��ótX�����8�2h1:lg�ߍt`�h� d��{���������(�&[vI?3�._�q��g���5ϱuJ� �͢Q�f�3И� Щ�dřa�.5�!d -WI�Z�P��MX�D����3`�S^�Ib�ʅ8c�k��њ�̀�`��&�m��5f�W�m�n9���K�H���)�ϥ7c�#��@����0��*R�O�ĺ�H� Tellers are, first and foremost, customer service employees. Is it any wonder why they find it difficult to sell? Could they be making more on account balances they have with you? Get them talking about the problem, they’ll be more inclined to listen to ideas and potential solutions. What about the rest of the people you tried to sell? Are they able to do what they want to do? Gen Z and Millennials voice a strong preference for visiting bank branches when making significant banking decisions.

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