In the Fall of 2012, teacher and permaculture designer, Dustin Bajer, will be brought back to JP to continue his work, in addition to co-running JP's new InSight Education program. The building's cornerstone was laid in 1904 by the Governor General of Canada, Lord Minto. Through an exploration of hand-on, project based discovery, students will draw from Science and the richness of the world's Indigenous Cultures to create designs that care for people and Earth. Programming focuses on helping students manage with their social, emotional and academic challenges. Kindergarten is offered half-day in the mornings or afternoons at most elementary schools, and full-day at some elementary schools for children living in the designated attendance area.[23]. Known now as the 1881 Schoolhouse, it was the first free public school in Alberta. This program assists students with moderate cognitive disabilities. In February 2010, Jasper Place High School introduced a permaculture initiative. One ever-popular aspect of the Computer Technology courses is the instruction in Robotics design and creation. [5], In 1976, the district initiated a pilot project in seven of its schools and in 1980 had expanded the concept to all of its schools. The school offers a variety of courses such as Business Technology, Computer Science, Design Studies, and Hypermedia Technology. Site-based decision making gives principals, who are ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in their schools, the authority, the financial resources and the flexibility to make decisions based on the individual needs of their schools. However, 2008 was the school's first year performing a collective, Shadowed, a play written and performed by the entire cast and crew in addition to one main stage production. Approximately 102,000 students attend Edmonton Public Schools and there are over 9,200 full-time staff equivalencies. Art and Honours Art courses are also offered at Jasper Place High School. The REB tournament began in 1982 with only sixteen teams competing.,,,, Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. Jasper Place High School is located in west end Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is part of the Edmonton Public School System. (1992). This program assists students with both moderate cognitive and severe behaviour disabilities. The format of the days has varied depending on the year, as well as the semester. 2016, CCFCC High School Culinary Challenge, Gold Medal, Hizaarah Rossenally, 2016, City Skills, Baking, Silver Medal, Daniel Weig, 2016, City Skills, Baking, Gold Medal, Hizaarah Rossenally. This includes: Aboriginal education, Cogito, American Sign Language, Hockey Training, Waldorf and International Baccalaureate.[22]. As a public system, Edmonton Public Schools accepts all students who meet age and residency requirements. Parents and staff work together to support each child. The students also participate in the One Act Play Festival, direct one act plays, and participate in Improv. Beginning in the 2013–2014 school year, the school began offering Alternative Learning Opportunity (ALO) Days. This program is designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge of cooking and baking methods, establish leadership skills and ultimately prepare students for a range of career options including hotels, restaurants, institutions, trains and ships. Kostek, M.A. Edmonton Public Schools Archives and Museum is located in historic McKay Avenue School. Children may attend their designated school or apply to a school or program of choice. Victoria School Of Performing And Visual Arts, "AASA | American Association of School Administrators", "The Development of School-Based Management in the Edmonton Public School District",, "Edmonton Society for Christian Education", "Renowned Indigenous artist Alex Janvier among those honoured with namesake schools", Edmonton Public Schools' official website, Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. All students from grades 4-9 must learn a second language. Two Edmonton high schools have tied with two in Calgary for the top spot in this year’s Fraser Institute annual report on Alberta high schools. But some of the most common choices include: Jasper Place High School places a great deal of focus on computer technology. This program is for children for academic delays. Courses offered include extra AP or IB science classes needed to get the full number of hours needed for the AP/IB Science courses, as well as extra physical education. This program assists students with severe to profound cognitive delays, including physical, sensory or behaviour disabilities. This program assists students with both severe behaviour and mild cognitive disabilities. [6], Public high school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, "Best high schools: top overall | – Education – Universities", "Jasper Place High School – 2005 Top Overall High School in Canada!". This includes private schools in downtown Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Ridgewood, Strathcona, Westmount, Garneau, … The Fraser Institute also ranked 253 public, independent, Catholic and charter secondary schools using similar criteria. Programming focuses on assisting students to gain the independent life skills necessary for supervised living and employment. As of February 2011, Jasper Place will be offering the first ever 'Indigenous Permaculture class. This program is for children with advanced intellectual abilities. Edmonton's first schoolhouse was built in 1881. This initiative has led to Edmonton Public offering an innovative school of choice model in which students have more options as to what school they want to attend to suit their interests, and has led to the creation of many very successful alternative programs such as Vimy Ridge Academy, Old Scona Academic and Victoria School of the Arts. This program assists students with severe behaviour disabilities. Jasper Place High School – 2005 Top Overall High School in Canada! [10][11], Today, school-based management is functioning successfully in other educational jurisdictions across Canada.[12]. The last election was held in October 16, 2017. Programming focuses on developing communication and co-operative learning skills, and is available to children attending their designated school. Edmonton Public Schools' continuum of grades are commonly found in two grade level groupings: kindergarten through grade six being Elementary and grades 7 through 12 being Secondary. The music program at Jasper Place High School is particularly well known for its wide variety of options. However, on an international level, JP fared better than Scona and ranked as the #1 school in North America due to the I.B program. [6][7][8] The Edmonton Society for Christian Education[9] and Millwoods Christian School (not part of the former) used to be private schools; however, have both also become part of Edmonton Public Schools as alternative programs. For children who have high academic standards. Programming focuses on helping students make academic gains, learn socially acceptable behaviour and develop appropriate social skills in the classroom and community. You will find some of Canada's best private schools in Edmonton, Alberta. The program is designed to enhance quality of life for students and emphasizes functional life skills development. Edmonton Public Schools (formally Edmonton School District No. Jasper Place athletic teams are called the "Rebels". [4], Edmonton Public Schools pioneered the concept of site-based decision making (decentralization) in Canada. Over tens of thousands of years, many indigenous cultures from around the world have developed belief systems, world-views, and a cosmology that has allowed them to provide for their own needs in ways that honour the living world that sustains them. Jasper Place is also the only Edmonton school to offer Film Studies IB in addition to its many other IB courses. They are elected every four years, in the regular municipal election. [21], There are more than 30 Alternative programs available with a focus on a specific type of arts, athletics, language, faith, culture or teaching philosophy. In the election, Edmonton voters can only vote for a trustee to one (not both) of the two main school boards. It focuses on assisting students who need extra help. Programming focuses on assisting students to gain socially appropriate communication and behaviour patterns in the classroom and community. This program assists students with mild cognitive disabilities who experience significant academic and social challenges. [14], Secondary Schools (combined Junior/Senior High) offer instruction from grade seven through twelve, and offer 10, 20 and 30 level courses, unless otherwise noted. The TV show runs during the first block Friday (though has of late been running only sporadically), and the radio station runs at various times throughout the day. [14], The Learning Stores are flexible-schedule store front operations for students who are returning to school or upgrading, and the Tevie Miller Heritage School is for students with diagnosed speech and language delays, disorders or disabilities. 16304 114 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5M 3R8 [15], Combined Elementary/Junior High Schools offer instruction from kindergarten through grade nine, unless otherwise noted. Each trustee represents one ward in the city. This is a list of senior high schools in Alberta accredited by Alberta Education. The school aims to provide a wide selection of courses and programs to accommodate its large student body. Further, Secondary grade groupings can be broken into Junior High (7-9) and Senior High (10-12) schools. These students enjoy being challenged, grasp new ideas easily, and perform far beyond their current grade level.

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