Zon cannons are ideal for bird control in vineyards, orchards, row crops - practically any large, open area with pest birds or nuisance wildlife. Investigation of Starling Populations in British Columbia and Assessment of the Feasibility of a Trapping Program in the Lower Mainland (PDF), Fraser Valley Regional District - Jan 2010 The more subjective elements of the Wildlife Damage Control guidelines are more difficult for local government bylaw enforcement to interpret and may be more suited to be submitted to resolution through a formal complaint. Protect your investment with the Zon Electra Bird Scare Cannon. For more details about our Zon Bird Scare Gun range click belowhttps://www.clarkfarmequipment.com.au/category/38/Zon-Bird-Scare-GunsLike and comment below. In addition; land use planning at the community level is key to promoting land use compatibility especially along the urban residential/ALR edges. Learn more about addressing farm practice concerns, British Columbia Farm Industry Review Board – Dec 2011 Audible bird scare devices are not the only control method available to farmers. It is a longstanding issue that is well studied most recently in regard to farming activities in the lower mainland. Our online store is open for business. If you have any further questions contact sale@clarkfarmequipment.com.au or call 1800 648 384. Zon Automatic Scarecrows have been used worldwide to scare pest birds and wildlife away from agricultural crops, airports, disposal sites and other critical areas since 1942. More information. Powered by economical propane, Zon guns are one of the most efficient means of bird control available. The BCFIRB process can investigate and determine whether these practices are considered ‘normal farm practice’ under the FPPA. Each AGRI-TEAM is made up of at least one Ministry of Agriculture Regional Agrologist and one ALC Regional Planner. The Zon Mark 4 Cannon comes standard with legs that stand it about one foot off the ground.

The factsheet below is designed for blueberry growers using audible bird scare devices. Zon Mark 4 is now available in single-megaphone model. Gas regulator is included with purchase; the optional Zon Automatic Timer can be purchased to turn the gas on and off once per day. *Don't provide personal information . In a few cases, farm practices lead to complaints. Get the best deals on bird scare cannon when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Please allow more time during the busy season (summer months). Efficacy of bird deterrent devices in the agricultural areas of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia: a pilot study, Ministry report to the Minister – February 2002 Zon Propane Cannons scare birds – protect your investment! In 2009, the BCFIRB issued the report Review of the Use and Regulation of Propane Cannons in the South Coastal Region, on the topic. The guidelines are set out in a number of farm practice factsheets describe practices which are considered proper and accepted in farming areas. The Use of Audible Bird Scare Devices in British Columbia in 2001 (PDF). Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc. 1044 Harkins Road Salinas, CA 93901 USA Phone: 866/280-6229 or 831/422-9693 Fax: 831/422-4201 info@suttonag.com. If you have such a complaint there are several options available to you. The TV ad helps highlight that the Zon Bird Scare Gun is ideal for protecting your fruit, nut or cereal crops from birds and other predators. The use of these devices has resulted in noise complaints from neighbours. A roadmap of possibilities in order of increasing regulation: Local government bylaw enforcement can readily enforce elements of the ministry’s South Coast and Interior Wildlife Damage Control guidelines where there are objective measurements such as: By having the Wildlife Damage Control guidelines written into the noise bylaw, it makes it clearer to the farmer that non-compliance is subject to bylaw enforcement.

Yes. Learn about, Employment, business and economic development, Birth, adoption, death, marriage and divorce, Birth, adoption, death and marriage reports, Provincial Health Gateway for British Columbians, Environmental protection and sustainability, Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery, Local Government Bylaw Standards and Farm Bylaws, Combined Heat and Power Generation at Greenhouses, Review of the Use and Regulation of Propane Cannons in the South Coastal Region, BCFIRB Farm Practices and Conflict Management Report, Guide for Bylaw Development in Farming Areas, Bird Predation Management Plan - Blueberries, South Coastal BC Wildlife Damage Control Guidelines, Interior BC Wildlife Damage Control Guidelines, Read the Farm Practice factsheet on Noise, Farm Practices and Conflict Management: Options for Provincial Government, Local Governments, Farm Industry, and the BC Farm Industry Review Board, Investigation of Starling Populations in British Columbia and Assessment of the Feasibility of a Trapping Program in the Lower Mainland, The Socio-Economic Impacts of Propane Cannons on Residents in the Fraser Valley, Efficacy of bird deterrent devices in the agricultural areas of the Fraser Valley of British Columbia: a pilot study, The Use of Audible Bird Scare Devices in British Columbia in 2001.

Yes, with addition of the 4MT08 Conversion Kit and Push Button Zon Cannon Activator. Netting is another option for bird control. Local governments have a number of options available to manage this issue.

These devices emit a loud noise that frightens birds away from the crop. B.C. $ 745.25 USD. Existing issues can be effectively addressed locally by an Agricultural Advisory Committee with broad representation from the local agricultural industry and refer this issue to them for their study and recommendations. The Zon Electra Scare Cannon is used wherever you need to keep out birds, such as airports, vineyards, agricultural crops and reservoirs.

Zon Mark IV Rotating Tripod SKU: 1002 . Zinc-plated main body and aluminum legs on the Zon Mark 4 Cannon resist corrosion. The mechanical Zon Mk 4 is the most user-friendly bird scare cannon in the world.

Clark Farm Equipment is pleased to present our TV ad on the Zon Bird Scare Gun and accessories. These guidelines provide practical steps and practices which, if implemented consistently by all farmers, have shown to minimize disturbances at the farm level. Enter your email address if you would like a reply: The information on this form is collected under the authority of Sections 26(c) and 27(1)(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to help us assess and respond to your enquiry. The use of audible bird scare devices in various areas of the province is set out on page 3 of the following two farm practice factsheets.


Zon Mark 4 is now available in single-megaphone model. These are discussed later in the Ministry Guidelines section. The use of propane cannons is one of a number of actions available to protect crops in the lower mainland. The use of audible bird scare devices to protect crops …


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