Two teams of three compete to answer practical, everyday questions that everyone should know; Joey Fatone hosts. (2008-2011), "When we come back, (insert the other two contestants) will get another chance to go to our Head-to-Head Round to determine who will go on to play for $25,000.

If this happens, the other two players participate in a "High Card Playoff": both players are asked another question. It is a Power Chip. Now, (insert two remaining players), you've made it this far, but only one of you gets to move on to our final round, and a chance to play for $25,000/$50,000.

Thanks for watching; (See ya!)" "Let's meet the players, 'cause one of them could leave here with $25,000/$50,000." Players answer trivia questions to build a hand closest to 21. You'll get a Power Chip for each round you've won, plus one more for winning the game." ALFONSO: Thank you. (Season 1 only), "The winner wins $1,000, plus those all-important Power Chips. Do you want to take the money you have and stop, or do you want to continue playing and possibly walk out of here with $25,000/$50,000?" (2008-2011), "But you have to be careful, because if you go over on any hand, you will walk away with the $1,000 you won earlier." Thank you. Catch 21 twice, and you'll go home with $5,000, and if you Catch 21 in all three hands/three times, you'll leave with/win a [grand] total of $25,000!" Thanks for watching; See ya!" - Mikki Padilla/Witney Carson (dealing the cards for each hand), "Now, the object is to Catch 21 exactly, do that in one hand, and you'll win $1,000. Each Power Chip allows you to get rid of a card you don't like and draw a new one, so use them wisely."

Winning the Head-To-Head Round still awards $1,000 and an additional two Power Chips, meaning players can max out at winning four Power Chips (although in some presumably-earlier-recorded episodes, only one additional Power Chip was awarded for winning the Head-To-Head). (2019 Revival), "Until now, you had to play with/work with only one hand, but now, you're gonna play with three. A black-jack style game show in which contestants answer trivia questions in order to build playing card amounts as close as possible to 21. If that is true, why in the world did they change the show? Mikki/Witney, deal the cards. Host: All right, let's play Catch 21." Each Power Chip/one allows you to change the card if you don't like it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Las Vegas, NV (2019 Version). This FAQ is empty. ", "More specific."

Catch 21 twice, and the money jumps/climbs to $5,000. ", "Welcome back to Catch 21. Let's say hello to our dealer, Mikki Padilla." I'm here with (insert player who won the game) who just won $1,000 and now has a chance to play for $25,000." (whenever the first contestant gets a 21 exactly), "You just won $1,000." Do you wanna freeze?" This is your last chance."

When a player exceeded 12, liked his/her hand total, and was in control, he/she could "freeze" (the player also had that option after getting the question right). (when a contestant wins the game and gets a 21 exactly), "When we come back, (insert winning contestant) is gonna try to win $25,000/$50,000. ", "Now, being quick and correct is more important than ever. Thank you.

The player with the best hand won the game, $1,000, one more Power Chip, and the right to play for $25,000.

We shuffled and cut the cards before the show, and now it's time to deal."

All three players still play the first two rounds, so the same player can win both rounds and both Power Chips. Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. (Season 1-2 only), "Here are your (Burger King) Power Chips. A streetwise, poor young man from Philadelphia is sent by his mother to live with his aunt, uncle and cousins in their Bel-Air mansion. Anytime you get a card, you can keep it (to make your hand better), or force it on one of your opponents to/and make their hand worse (or to bust them out). $500-$600). For this version, Ribeiro returned as host, but with new co-host/dealer Witney Carson, who was his partner on his winning season of Dancing with the Stars. ", "It's a/an (insert card)." See ya!" (2019 Revival), "The prize for catching/getting a 21 exactly is still in play.

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Maura Isles team up to solve crimes in Boston. Catch 21 twice, and the money jumps/climbs to $5,000. Like The Price is Right, Merv Griffin's Crosswords, and a few others, Catch 21 continues to use the old production company name after the founder's death. Now, (insert other two contestants), the pressure is on, to earn a spot against (insert Round 1 winner). GSN Facebook page announcing Fall premiere and return of Alfonso Ribero with new co-host/dealer Witney Carson.

"You get 500 points for winning this round, for a total of (insert score)." (used in Season 2 only), "We'll be back next time with new players trying to play their cards right. You're out of this round, but not out of the game." (2008-2011), "And if you're the first player of the day to get/catch a 21 exactly, you will win this..." (Seasons 2-4). (when a contestant has busted in Round 2 with the lowest score), "No more questions, we're just gonna deal the cards." Padilla then dealt more cards one by one. Catch 21 is on Game Show Network! All right, Mikki, deal the cards." Mikki/Witney, deal the card. Along the way, if the contestant saw a card that he/she didn't like, he/she could turn in a Power Chip to throw that card out. $25,000/$50,000!" Stick around, we'll deal more Catch 21 right after this." "We'll start you off with one card each. (2008-2011), You have $2,500/$5,000 on the board. We've got a new deck that's been shuffled and cut [backstage], so, we'll start you/things off by dealing you one card for each hand. You've guaranteed yourself in the Head-to-Head Round, and you get a Power Chip, which will help if you get to play in our Bonus Round." Witney, what's going on? Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It's all about knowledge, and the luck of the cards." We'll be right back after this. (when a contestant has won both rounds in the main game, the other two contestants will play a High Card Playoff; 2019 Revival), "When we come back, (insert two high scored contestants) will go head-to-head/face-to-face for a chance/shot at/to win $25,000/$50,000. Catching a 21 in all three hands awarded the top prize of $25,000, for a grand total of $26,000. (Season 4 only), "You've won 1/2/3 power chip(s) from the one/two round(s)/all three rounds you won (, plus/and [I'm gonna give you] one more for being our champion. View production, box office, & company info. On each card, the winning contestant had to place that card on a hand. The object of the game is to Catch 21 or get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Use the HTML below. This round was played the same as before, except that points were no longer awarded for correct answers or winning the round. The object of the game is to make as close to 21 as you can without going over. And if you're the first player of the day to get a 21 exactly, you will win this.

I'm Alfonso Ribeiro. One of you is gonna have a chance to play for $25,000.

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