Here I am. ( Log Out /  This printable has comprehension questions about Charlotte's plan to save Wilbur's life, and the first messages she spins in her webs. The first time he woke, he heard Templeton gnawing a hole in the grain bin. When Wilbur sees Templeton eat his breakfast, he... Fern comes to visit Wilbur to cheer him up. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. "Stop your nonsense, Wilbur!" The last few chapters of Charlotte's Web has 10 vocabulary words for review, including: trembled, pompous, phenomenon, meekly, desolation, forlorn, and sentiments. He noticed that something was wrong with the pig. Sadly, Wilbur lay down and listened to the rain. Biological and Biomedical "Play?" Find the hidden words in the puzzle. "Go play by yourself! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Soon he saw the rat climbing down a slanting board that he used as a stairway. [pg. Wilbur's stomach was empty and his mind was full. But he saw nothing new. D) WIlbur is bored and lonely. Wilbur rushed out, ate everything in a hurry, and licked the trough. "Attention, please!" Oh, honestly!" The question leader writes open-ended questions to discuss with the reading group. [pg. Soon Lurvy appeared with slops for breakfast. He mentioned this to the goose, who was sitting quietly in a corner of the sheepfold. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I do not play when there are eggs to hatch. Suddenly Wilbur felt lonely and friendless. [pg. Join a game Log in Sign up. The day after Wilbur's fence-escaping adventure, it's raining cats and dogs. This was almost more than Wilbur could stand: on this dreary, rainy day to see his breakfast being eaten by somebody else. Teachers and parents! Skim milk, provender, leftover sandwich from Lurvy's lunchbox, prune skins, a morsel of this, a bit of that, fried potatoes, marmalade drippings, a little more of this, a little more of that, a piece of baked apple, a scrap of upside down cake. Just when all seems lost, a pleasant voice from out of the darkness tells Wilbur that he now has a friend. And Wilbur was crying again, for the second time in two days. Usually he slept during the daytime and was abroad only after dark. Late that afternoon, Lurvy went to Mr. Zuckerman. A dozen times during the night Wilbur woke and stared into the blackness, listening to the sounds and trying to figure out what time it was. Students write a few sentences to describe what's happening in the picture. Vocabulary words are used in a sentence. His yard was cold and wet. Previous Chapter 3 Next Chapter 5. Charlotte(1)The night seemed long. This page can be used as a cover sheet to your students' literature circle packets. Today I shall find my friend. Words for this section of the book include fiercely, rejoiced, aloft, vanish, purebred, listless, scramble, and gorged. 1. This worksheet has questions about the ceremony at the fair, Wilbur's return home, and Charlotte's children. Once you've completed the lesson, you should be able to: List what's on the menu for Wilbur's lunch

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