If this is not possible, for example due to dropping out of business, etc., please see point 3. Tattoo artists around the world choose Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment for their leadership in product quality, innovation, and safety. If you try to repair your machine by yourself, the warranty will be void. It is very important for us to receive a written confirmation of the cost estimate we sent out. Other power supply brands can be used with the Hawk Pen, but will need an adapter cable depending on your particular power supply (red/black plugs). Please note that this information is based on preferences of a variety of Tattoo Artists, and you might be more comfortable with different settings. Portland OR 97202 The smaller size of the SOL Nova offers better balance and its low-frequency allows for precise dot work. Add to Cart. There we have summarized the most important information about cleaning the surfaces, ultrasonic baths and sterilization in an autoclave. Every product is manually checked, from tattoo machine parts to every single needle, up until the finished product. HAWK Thunder/Spirit, SOL Luna/Terra: The serial numbers for the HAWK Thunder, HAWK Spirit, SOL Terra and SOL Luna are located on the jack protecting ring where the power cable plugs in. We kindly ask for your understanding. Compatible for example with Cheyenne Pen and some other Pen style machines. 360.00. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The more data and information we receive, the faster we can perform high quality and satisfactory repair. The SOL Nova Unlimited is powered by a Panasonic NCR18500A cell. View On Amazon.com. CAPACITORS / ELECTRONIC PARTS; SCREWS / BINDING POST; ... Cheyenne Hawk Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine - Black.

With absolute control and accuracy in mind, Cheyenne has introduced the biggest innovation in the tattoo industry – the Cheyenne Hawk Pen. You can also find our Cheyenne Artists on this website and check out their styles and the machines they use. USA and Canada Shipping Instructions Form. 12307 Berlin / Germany

  • PU I and PU II power supply compatibility
  • In order to maintain your machine the right way, please read your operating instructions carefully. Return spring for Pen style rotary machines. E-Mail: us.repair@cheyennetattoo.com Included with your Cheyenne Hawk Pen purchase are a 25mm grip, connection cable, pen tray, phono plug cord and instruction manual.

    We do not accept returns, issue exchanges, or make repairs on Cheyenne Hawk machines; more details can be found here. or email sales@nordictattoosupplies.com. We are sending you the estimated cost form in order for you to decide whether you would like us to proceed with the repair, Additionally, we are obliged to send this information out by the German law (We are a Germany company based in Berlin). You will lose the warranty as well if liquids enter the engine because you used non-Cheyenne cartridges and accessories.
  • Sensitive reaction; quiet operation
  • We design our machines with a well-rounded consideration of all styles. To ensure a smooth and fast repair, please note the following important points: For further questions, please contact our support team: support@cheyennetattoo.com. This listing is for the Cheyenne Hawk Pen in Orange. FREE Mainland UK delivery on all orders over £50. • EU: 5-12 days With the Sol Nova, Cheyenne has taken their innovation a step further, offering a perfectly balanced, compact, and powerful tattoo pen that allows the artist to work for longer sessions with minimal fatigue. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This part is meant for customers who want to fix their machine back to working condition theirselves and know what they are doing. Please note that the warranty may expire in the case of defects caused by yourself, such as falls or self-opening. Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Motor only - Black.
  • Relative Humidity: 30 % to 75 %
  • Cheyenne 7 Power Liner Needle Cartridges 10/Box. Cheyenne Hawk Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine - Silver. Of course, we will only call you in cases of an extreme emergency. Included with your Cheyenne Hawk Pen purchase are a 25mm grip, connection cable, pen tray, phono plug cord and instruction manual. It is even possible, that your parcel will get returned to you with a waiting period of up to 6 weeks, without being repaired. These will also be used as the return address. Your Cheyenne repair service for Europe as well as USA and Canada. An ergonomic, pen-like shape combined with an extremely quiet and low-vibration Precision DC Motor, continuously adjustable needle protrusion, and quick covering for absolute hygiene – our innovative Cheyenne HAWK PEN … Instagram: @hawk_cheyenne. The Hawk was at the forefront of the Pen resurgence and has stayed firmly on top of the "must-have" lists of many artists, even in its 6th year. If you need more than the two batteries supplied, you can obtain them from your local battery shop. You might have noticed the color-coding rings on our cartridges. According to German law we are not allowed to start the repair process until we have a written confirmation from you. HAWK Spirit: 24 months For further information and our handling of sensitive data, please refer to our, You can speed up the repair process by filling out the entire repair form, adding a detailed description of the problem and selecting a fast and reliable carrier for your shipping. Sure, your dealer will assist you with returning your defective device. You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation soon. For frequencies, you can set the machines at 80-110 Hz for lining, 90-110 Hz for shading and 60-90 Hz for filling. We aim to bring Germany’s excellence in engineering to the tattoo industry and deliver the sophistication to the tools that elevate the art of tattooing. With the Sol Nova, Cheyenne has taken their innovation a step further, offering a perfectly balanced, compact, and powerful tattoo pen … Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Cheyenne has introduced products like the Hawk Pen, which has revolutionized the way tattoo machines are built. We cannot have the products registered, but the serial number plays an important role for repairing your Cheyenne product; Under some circumstances of your product being repaired, we will grant an extra 6-month warranty.
  • Compatible with Cheyenne cartridge system and Cheyenne Thunder and Spirit power cables

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