in poker. Trips – Colloquial term for three of a kind when not made with a pocket pair in the hole. Variant – A particular brand of poker: there are many. Last Longer – A bet made between two players in a tournament setting. One-Gap – A term used to describe two cards which are not in direct consecutive order but instead contain a gap of one. Ring Game A standard poker game in which money is wagered during each hand. Steam – To be tilted.

For advice on improving mental game, see the glossary entry under “Mental Game”. Dry – Refers to a board texture where there are very few (if any) possible draws. Several derogatory names are used too such as bitches, Hilton Sisters, Calamity Jane, and Snowshoes. rolled up trips. Connector – Refers to a hand that contains cards of consecutive rank. Don’t need to hit a draw to have a good winning hand. An overlimp is sometimes also referred to as a ‘limp behind’. The following are some of the frequently used terms to describe other pocket pairs. Knowing the phrases listed below will help you fit in better at any poker game or tournament that you might play in and some of these may even be useful while sitting in at a table. Rather than deal from the top of the deck, the top card is discarded (or “burned”) and the second card is dealt. It’s a percentage which describes how often a player voluntarily invests chips into the pot preflop when given the opportunity. Also refers to a situation where a hand can either chop or win but can rarely (or never) lose. Wonder no more thanks to 888poker’s comprehensive poker glossary! A type of poker tournament that’s free to enter. However, they might be likely to call other players donkeys. In a modern casino, the player would be obligated to just call, since this was what he originally announced. For example in the World Series of Poker clip below, Daniel Negreanu complained about main event champion Joe Hachem’s continued use of it even after his 2005 win.

I.e. Learn some important aspects of bluffing theory in this glossary entry. Wrap Around Straight – A straight where the Ace falls somewhere in the middle of the five cards. See this glossary entry for advice on whether slowplaying is a good idea in poker. Several other terms are also used with varying degrees of frequency. Check out this glossary entry for a description on whether running it twice makes sense. A pocket pair is when a player has a pair in their hole cards. This is an especially strong hand in PLO8 since it has a shot at winning both the high and the low pot. The easiest way to conceptualize this is with the phrase “worst hand wins” although it’s slightly more complex than this in reality. Cutoff – A position at the poker table. Continuation Bet – Refers to betting on the current street after being the last aggressor on the previous street. Big Bet – Refers to the larger of the two designated bet-sizings in fixed limit games.
Through private clubs on PPPoker and PokerBros you can play poker online where ever you are. The following table lists slang terms commonly associated with individual cards .

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