"Taxonomical study on a sample of pulmonates from Santa Maria da Vitória, Bahia, Brazil, with description of a new genus and four new species (Mollusca: Orthalicidae and Megalobulimidae)".
It’s what makes life [1], In chronological order, the works of Cora Coralina:[8]. Todo o ranço do passado erapresente.A brutalidade, a incompreensão,a ignorância, o carrancismo. ( Log Out /  Sua obra se caracteriza pela espontaneidade e pelo retrato que traça do povo do seu Estado, seus costumes e seus sentimentos. Miriam. Cora Coralina is the pseudonym of the Brazilian writer and poet Anna Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto Bretas (August 20, 1889 – April 10, 1985). I love the name she took so thank you for explaining the meaning. Timeless Classics -- Poetry by Ana Daksina said: Reblogging to sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”, Thanks for the re-blog, Ana. For those learning Portuguese her works offer a selection of short texts to explore the language. Muitas vezes basta ser: [1] Her first book (Poemas dos Becos de Goiás e Estórias Mais) was published in June 1965.[2][3][4]. Cora comes from coração (heart) and Coralina from the red coralline algae: red heart. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Your email address will not be published. Nasci numa rebaixa de serraentre serras e morros.“Longe de todos os lugares”. At the time, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, a distinguished poet in Brazil and one of the most well known writers in Latin America, said: "I admire Cora Coralina and her mastery of living in a state of grace with her poetry. Cora’s poems started to be appreciated by other poets and writers. [7], On August 20, 2017, Google celebrated her 128th birthday with a Google Doodle. She spent her working life as a confectioner in a small bakery, and where she drew upon her experiences of rural Brazilian culture to create her rich poetic prose, often featuring the Brazilian countryside, and in particular, focusing upon the life of the citizens who lived in the small towns across the state of Goiás. Cyril, thanks for sharing Cora Coralina’s poem with your readers. She was an amazing woman. These top poems are the best examples of cora coralina poems.

Eu como brasileira não How inspiring. When she grew up, Cora fell in love with a man and they got married. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If anyone knows, let me know. The Town of Old Goiás was built on the small hills around the mining industry and sits about 3 hours from Brasília, the current capital of Brazil. Thank you, Charlotte. Her work and family consumed much of her time, but she continued to write; however it would not be until the mid-1960s, following the death of her husband when she was 75 years old,[5] that she came to publish these works, the first of which would be 'Poemas dos Becos de Goiás e Estórias Mais'. She replied: I'm not afraid of the years and I don't think about aging. Please send your submissions and queries to: International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Afghan girl who waited years for school refuses to let her enthusiasm wane, Inappropriate Rape Laws: Prosecute the Rapists, Not the Victims, “Why do men rape?” The writer who went undercover to investigate, An informative video by Think Bangla on rape culture in Bangladesh, The Tanishq ad controversy: Reflections from a child born out of the so-called “Love Jihad”, Empowering Short Poems From Feminist Poet Rupi Kaur, Combat COVID 19 and imminent economic recession for a country like Bangladesh. She married early, raised six children, and spent her life working as a confectioner in a small bakery. (Goiás is a state in Brazil.) So glad you also found her work inspiring. Portuguese Border Control Questions to Expect at the Airport, 10 Ways to Expand Your Portuguese Vocabulary, 10 Low-Effort Ways to Learn a Second Language, 5 Portuguese Idioms You Need in Your Life. Born in the small town of Goiás Velho, then the capital of the State of Goiás, Cora Coralina knew from an early age that she was a poet. I don’t know much about her aside from the fact she is great, but the person who translated this poem I’m using today has a good short life-story of Cora Coralina in her WordPress. Não seja nem curta, Não sei… Se a vida é curta ( Log Out /  She won prizes and medals and – when she was seventy-five years old – she published her very first book. Treasures like this are wonderful to find. nor too long. I don’t know… If life is short (Specifically here: http://rosalienebacchus.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/learn-to-live-poem-by-brazilian-poet-cora-coralina/). She’s also a great inspiration for those of us who think we’re too old to chase the unfulfilled dreams of our youth. Most times it’s enough to be: Quite a well of good. Photo Credit: Cemeb Coral Coralina.
Thanks for sharing Coralina’s poetry with your readers . Thanks, Mike. There is a small museum in the house to honour her. She worked at all sorts of jobs to make sure her children could go to school. Her family did not think so.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Town of Old Goiás was built on the small hills around the mining industry and sits about 3 hours from Brasília, the current capital of Brazil.

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