The cuddles and the experience in nature are necessary to "stay healthy, mentally and physically," Vullers believes. There’s also a farm in Australia called Braidwood that allows you to “adopt” their “cuddle cows” and then come to the farm to visit with them. "A lot of people are familiar with therapy dogs or cats ... people don't associate this with larger animals, like cows," she says. Thankfully, the Mountain Horse Farm isn’t the only farm where you can pay to spend time with friendly animals. © 2010-2020 Wow Media Products, Inc doing business as PureWow. Feel like you need a break from the everyday stresses of life and just want to “hug it out”? "And it's not surprising, because cows and horses are social animals," she said. But usually, she said, the cows love the interactions. “[A]nimal-assisted therapy can be helpful for those battling illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, or addiction.”. 188 likes. That will cost you about $75 for an hour. Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, New York, is offering guests a Cow Cuddling experience that lets them pet, brush, and snuggle up to cows as well as miniature horses. Have you always wanted to spend time with a lovable cow, cuddling & brushing it?

If you can't help but move during each attempt at meditation, Vullers says this could be your alternative. "And just feeling that from them makes you react to that and makes you slow down too. Cuddling up with a cow, feeling that lower heart rate and higher body temperature, is very relaxing.” Um, where do we sign up?!

Do you have stress to relieve?

Sign up for PureWow to get more ideas like these (It’s free!). "I think animals can teach you something that along the way we have forgotten," Vullers says.

There's a lot of preparation that goes into these sessions. According to researchers, there is merit to these claims: “[A]nimal-assisted therapy [can have] positive outcomes and overall improved emotional well-being in those with autism, medical conditions, or behavioral issues,” Psychology Today says on its website, citing several studies on the topic. These ‘Coffee Shots' Contain as Much Caffeine as an Entire Cup in Just 2 Ounces but Taste Like Lattes. It's about us and them," she says. Please support this wonderful camp! #campkorey #jnkllamas #flightthellama #llamatherapywithrespect #therapyllama #therapyllamas #givingback #llamaswhomakeadifference #llamasofinstagram #petpartners, A post shared by Registered Therapy Llamas (@therapyllamas) on May 10, 2018 at 10:23pm PDT. Registered Therapy Llamas in Washington state specializes in bringing this tall, but adorable creatures to area nursing homes, schools and camps. This could be the therapy session you need: You can pay to spend the afternoon petting, playing with and cuddling cows — and horses, too! Definitely consider a pit stop at SFO! Many people do not get the amount of human touch they want or need on a daily basis, and a professional snuggling service is the solution.

According to the website, the experience is custom-tailored to whatever you’d like, and cows are genuinely good cuddle buddies because of their sensitive, intuitive nature. During the 90-minute session (which costs $300 for two people), you can pet the cows, brush them, play with them and, of course, cuddle with them, and sessions are facilitated by an equine specialist and a licensed counselor. This isn’t the only campus that has turned to animal therapy to reduce pressure on students who are often away from home and studying hard, either. If I were a cow, I wouldn’t be thrilled by the idea of some random stranger lying down with me and trying to absorb my calm cow …

“They may nuzzle your hair, lick your hand, nicker at you, just hang out with you or initiate play,” according to the farm’s website. It's not all about you. The bigger the animal, the better the cuddles, perhaps? If the cows feel like lying down, you can cuddle right up to them for a spooning session. Cow Cuddling.

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✈️ Great day yesterday volunteering at the airport and making people extra happy, more educated about pigs and therapy work we do and less stressed from travel! Mountain Horse Farm guests can cuddle the animals alone, with a partner or a parent, or in small groups of four.

Personally, I think this sounds a little invasive.

Sign up for PureWow to get more daily discoveries sent straight to your inbox. The Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York is offering a unique “Horse & Cow Experience,” which can involve petting or brushing the animals, going through an obstacle course together, or just watching them. "They become really quiet, and it's a beautiful opportunity to connect with them.". They don't talk to you, they just let you be," Vullers says. ", "(Cows) have a slightly slower heart rate," Vullers said.

Lots of us feel calm after petting or walking our dogs and cats and experiences like goat yoga are becoming increasingly popular. Get a cuddle today. That’s not all, though: You may even get to visit another farm animal on your way to Australia! @flysfo @sfowagbrigade #animalassistedtherapy – – – – – – – #sfpig #lilouthepig #lilou #therapypig #petpig #citypig #may2018 #travelguide #pigsofinstagram @sanfranciscospca @thedodo @buzzfeedanimals @abc7newsbayarea @ktvu2 @theellenshow #buzzfeedanimals #sundayfunday #thedodo #smileambassador #pigambassador #therapyanimal #bayareabuzz #onlyinSF @onlyinsf @cutepetclub @peopletv @9gag #WagBrigade #airportfashion #airportlife #travelblogger #travelbug #abc7now #flightattendantlife #pilotlife #spreadlove #spreadjoy #volunteer, A post shared by LiLou the Pig San Francisco (@lilou_sfpig) on May 8, 2018 at 12:38pm PDT.

Bella #cowcuddles #cow #wellness #wellbeing #mindfulness #mindful #healing #mountainhorsefarm, A post shared by Mountain Horse Farm (@mountainhorsefarm) on May 3, 2018 at 6:36pm PDT. ". All rights reserved.

In other words, these cows and horses are very friendly. It's all about respecting what the cows want too, she said. And because you're doing that in nature, it's really quiet.". Yep, offered at one Mountain Horse Farm in upstate New York, the “Horse & Cow Experience” gives farm-animal lovers a unique opportunity that “can bring relaxation, healing, awareness about your body language, comfort, mindfulness, build assertiveness, help with overcoming fear, build confidence, lets you be playful and teaches you to set boundaries.”. They do exist!

A 90-minute session of the Horse & Cow … It costs $75 per 60 minutes for two people and is available from May 31 through October 31.

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