If you try to enlighten your rabbit to use the litter box at a later time, your rabbit may act stubbornly.

Click on the links below for: Rabbit foodRabbit ToysRabbit cages and housesRabbit health and hygiene, Your email address will not be published. However, I also knew that these fluffy animals are unique pets.

But occasionally, I noticed she would spray urine, which will sprinkle out of the litter box. In that case, contact your vet immediately and get your pet checked up.

Most owners that maintain proper cleanliness of their rabbit’s cage and litter, state their house smells of hay. If you take proper care of your bunny and keep them their cage clean and hygienic, your house will be completely odorless. Neutering bucks will prevent them from spraying to mark territory. They have no scent of their own.

In a matter of a week, I started to notice my living room smells like ammonia. Not only does it draw air in to fill its lungs and breathe, in the same way as we do, but it also helps the rabbit detect danger, and identify friends and potential mates. So why do people deem rabbits smell bad?

It helps balance the pH level and reduces the urine smell. If you do, the rabbit is probably sick or has an infection. Be Her Village. Get the litter box out or the litter tray, and clean the cage spotless at least once every week. To keep the litter box odorless use natural ingredients, like baking soda with the litter that works as a rabbit odor neutralizer. As I said, rabbits make great house pets, and there’s no reason to worry about your house having a bad smell.

Also wood shavings, specifically pine and cedar, can be poisonous to rabbits and are not good litter choices.

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In case you wanted a rabbit but didn’t get one because you’ve been told they smell. They are so cute that it is impossible not to love them. You shouldn't notice any odor emanating from them. It is your failure to discipline your rabbit precisely and teach them where the go-to place for the toilet. Now that you know what causes the smell in your house, stop blaming the rabbit! The long answer to that question is that rabbits do not smell; it is the urine of rabbits that spreads odor.

I thought there must be some way to stop her from peeing anywhere she wished. Similar to all species of pet keepers, rabbit owners do not like their house or pet animal cage to be odorous. Do rabbits smell? You might even want to bleach it, but be sure to rinse away all the bleach before you let bunny near the area. Now, if I assume the terrible smell inside the enclosure of a rabbit is an error of the rabbit guardian, I will not be wrong either. Do you know why they touch their owners? Rabbits are self-grooming animals like a cat. Happy petting! The reason why your rabbit may smell bad is either your rabbit is sick, or you are not maintaining decent hygiene in your rabbit’s enclosure. You may find cages with a built-in pull-out litter tray that will hold all the wastes, uneaten food droppings, and hay. So how do you think rabbits stay clean and not smelly? Therefore my bunny grew up as the naughty one. It will also bring a positive change to their aggressive sexual behavior. It’s your responsibility to take good care of that little thing. Empower Her.

So, take the rabbit to the vet to have it checked immediately.

If you notice a smell coming from the feces, check with your vet. Male rabbits are most likely to smell like skunks when they are feeling affectionate or when it is mating season (spring). If you are an irresponsible rabbit owner, your rabbit’s habitat is bound to smell bad.

Let me guide you to determine.

Containing your rabbit's urination in a litter box is very effective at reducing odor.

And, you must clear out all and re-setup the litter box once every week. You can also find scented litters, but I recommend you avoid these.

Your rabbit’s feces may be smelly because of its diet.

I cannot mention it enough that if a house rabbit has an odor, it is the guardian’s misconduct.

Or perhaps I was cleverer. Fortunately, my rabbit was not one of them. The urine from a buck tends to have a stronger smell than that from a doe.

I realized it was evident because my bunny is peeing wherever she finds it comfortable. A litter box may cause a strong unwanted scent in your house. However, I also knew that these fluffy animals are unique pets.

It’s very easy to keep your house odorless while living with bunnies. Rabbit image by veseliysyslik from Fotolia.com. If you miss out on doing so in the early stages, highly likely, your rabbit will give you a hard time. If your rabbit is not litter trained they will urinate right about everywhere to mark their territory. It contains ammonia and leaves a strong ammonia-tinged odor.
Talcum powder is another common household item you can use to keep rabbits away.

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