Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I mean, you’re human,” Raiola told the Detroit News. Lions center Dominic Raiola watched the team take center Travis Swanson in the third round of the NFL draft, and he didn’t feel great about it. He didn’t ask for any of this.

She’s already banking $3600 a week and then she also works a full-time job??? Copyright © 2009-2018, All Rights Reserved.

“Less than a month after Yee gave birth to the child, the two agreed Raiola would pay $14,526.36 a month in child support through age 18 and $1,907.08 a month for child care until age 12, according to paperwork filed in court. Tom Ford October 16, 2019. Why the extra $1900 child care money until age 12? 49ers' playoff hopes bleak after injuries, Belichick uses cap space as excuse for Pats issues, Buccaneers survive scare from Giants on MNF, 49ers clear cap space with Alexander trade, Enter your zip code to find NBCSN near you. Their recent trips include sojourns to New Zealand, a trip to Sydney Australia, and a stop off in Thailand. It’s not because Raiola is a bad center but moreso because he’s old. If you lower your salary, your wife will ignore it. Pay up.

Shame on him for cheating on his wife. “I don’t know how much more motivation I need. I GUARANTEE you that woman isnt working a job. Raiola did not respond to the newspaper’s request for a comment while Yee’s attorney and the Lions declined the opportunity to comment about the case.

Why is this any of our business? It’s hard, but in our business, it’s the reality of it.”. Nobody has labeled the rookie as the starter anyways. Not saying Raiola shouldn’t be punished, but let’s call it what it is…. Center Dominic Raiola hasn’t been having much fun on the field this season and he’s got some off-field difficulties to deal with as well. *like someone in the marching band hitting on my wife*, 12 years a lion?!?! Yee is guilty too. Why a percentage? If he is not going to share any of the responsibilities of parenting, then why shouldn’t he pay what is about 2-3% of his salary to support the kid? Their trips included a nice scenic shot of the Sydney…. What a sham!

Are we supposed to believe that the mom is already banking 14k a month in child support but is yet going to work everyday so she needs a babysitter? Back in 2004 when Dominic was rated the top center prospect for the NFL, Dominic and Yvonne already had a three-year old daughter. The motion claims Raiola did not pay the mother of his five-year-old son the $14,526 he owes every month in either November or December. A motion filed in Macomb County Circuit Court alleges Raiola is two months behind on paying child support.

Dominic played in the NFL for 14 seasons, spending his … Give him some credit for that…. Don’t know that it’s fair to paint someone as a deadbeat dad when we don’t really know much about that situation, other than someone filed a motion.

Stay classy Dominic & good call by the Detroit Free News & PFT for calling him out. $14,520 a month is legal extortion. Will he adopt me? Raiola …

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! She’s also…, Steve Gleason’s wife Michel Gleason has traveled to many an exotic locale with Steve.

That’s unreal. 14.5k a month to “support” a child???????? When income percentage is used to determine child-support, it’s just smoke and mirrors for the real motive: a punitive action. OL last year was the best it has been in a decade here. Steve of course brought a book about the making of The Lord of The Rings movie so that he could look for spots they used in the film while they were hiking. Not a member? He’s a Native American and was created in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dominic Raiola Biography. The Detroit News reports that Raiola had a son out of wedlock with a woman named Andrea Yee in February 2007, a few months before Raiola’s wife had the couple’s third child. Raiola is listed as the child’s father on the birth certificate and, according to court records, he acknowledged he was the boy’s father in an “affadavit of parentage.” The monthly payments were part of a larger support agreement that Raiola and Yee reached shortly after the child was born. Despite more than 8 months of silence from Russell Wilson’s life off the field, Danger Russ backed his way back into the gossip pages with news of him dating an Instagram model, known affectionately as Snow…, Ian Rapoport’s wife Leah Rapoport now has a Mini-RapSheet to take care of.

Man so many raiola haters! I don’t care how much Raiola makes–that $14k should be in a trust somewhere for that kid. That’s pretty funny, although I doubt many guys would dare hit on his wife.

They dogs are named Vader and Sierra, and they’re difficult to tell them apart. His time in Detroit helped him establish some music connections that he's leveraging for his 2nd career. Be glad you’ve been getting paid to not be good for as long as you already have. RAIOLA, DOMENIC N. "ZIP""Educator and Beloved Coach", age 89 of Shore Road, Bristol, died peacefully, Wednesday, October 17, 2018 surrounded by … “That’s been my position for 12 years. She’s said of him that she knows she’s biased but he’s the cutest baby ever.

LMFAO….lets get real.

$14K/month for child support? Dominic Raiola is a 14-year NFL vet who spent all 14 years as a Center with the Detroit Lions.

I want to go out on my terms, and I think that’s really the only motivation I need.”. Not a member? Leah is certainly very proud to post pictures of Max, the mini-rapsheet, on Twitter. All you people complaining about the amount of child support, realize this child is obviously being raised with zero help from the father. If Dom only missed November and December, could she not get by on the $145,000 she received the other 10 months? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A lot of moral economists here. Luckily I work in the private sector where there’s never anyone who can replace you. He has def had average years throughout his lions career.

As it stands right now, Adam Gase is the current offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, and he and his family live in Denver, but that could…, Rolando McClain’s wife Capri Knox had to go through some volatile emotional adventures with Mr. McClain, as he has admitted to the media quite openly. They’ve had them since around 2010. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It could be worse…like if no one felt the urge to hit on your wife. I mean, a kid needs between ‘X’ and ‘Y’ amount to ensure its well being, right? Why not get someone else ready?

He is this year’s Larry Warford. Register now! The Detroit News reports that Raiola had a son out of wedlock with a woman named Andrea Yee in February 2007, a few months before Raiola’s wife had the couple’s third child.

What is in the mind of you people that is telling you that this little boy doesn’t deserve at least the lifestyle that Dominics other three children are enjoying, including a stay at home mom ? Dominic Raiola did. Raiola, who has played with the Detroit Lions since joining the NFL in 2001, never married the child’s mother but the couple was reportedly engaged in “an intimate relationship” for several years. She is making $174,312 a year from child support. As soon as he’s out of the league he’ll get it adjusted to his new job and she will be getting pennies compared to now. Not sure about the Child Support charges, but he’s definitely guilty of being a terrible Center. Lions center Dominic Raiola watched the team take center Travis Swanson in the third round of the NFL draft, and he didn’t feel great about it. You can’t be a man and co-sign the slanted child support laws. TO just called in and said it just ain’t true! Just nuts!! My kid is seven and I don’t think I spend more than $1,400 a month!

Back in 2004 when Dominic was rated the top center prospect for the NFL, Dominic and Yvonne already had a three-year old daughter.

Imagine someone trying to hit on your girlfriend or your wife after dating her for 12 years. Our laws are criminal in themselves.

Oh great, another one. She knew he was married.

Swanson will be a good nfl center when he takes over; however, Jackson will be the better pro. Register now! The kid and Mrs. raiola are the victims. Why is the amount of child support tied to the income level of the child supporter? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’m the custodial (only) parent of an awesome kid whose mother hasn’t paid a dime in support in 3 years. I would think it’s more like watching your wife hit on someone else.

14,000 per month is a large amount, but he agreed to it and no one forced him to cheat on his wife. AP File PhotoWhile he may not be physically dominant, Dominic Raiola, right, is no smaller than most of the other centers in the NFL. She also…, Russell Wilson’s girlfriend Snow Phat is proof positive that the Super Bowl QB knows how to get over things in a big way. “Right when you see it, it’s hard. As a matter of state law, shouldn’t there be a dollar amount cap , and a dollar amount floor? According to records from Michigan’s Macomb County Circuit Court, NFL center Dominic Raiola owes two months’ worth of child support to the mother of his 5-year-old son. Why is the assurance of the well-being of a child rated as a percentage of the father’s salary? Does that kid get extra cheese on his whopper or something? Seriously? Is he implying the Swanson is his girlfriend? Dominic Raiola Net Worth.

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