drôlement. If it helps, remember that whenever a color is derived from an object (fruit, stone, etc.) Orange in French is orange. Let’s talk now about the red color in French! Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. drôle ( plural drôles ) funny, amusing. It is a relaxing color. Red is a warm exciting color. There is no better time than now to start learning French online. Click below to watch the video about colors and their pronunciation in French. Below are examples of black/noir in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. This doesn’t apply to other colors since the majority takes an “e” at the end of the word, except the colors that already end with “e” like rouge (red). Blue is one of the cool calm colors. The illustration below depicts the most common colors in French along with the corresponding English/French translation. Last 100 years "Drôle" is singular, masculine or feminine. Multicolor in French is multicolore. One of the things I’m asked about most often is how to talk about colors in French and how to pronounce them. All Years Many other terms in French contain the word black, such as le trou noir (black hole), le chocolat noir (dark chocolate), etc. 3. Gray in French is gris. Rose is also a proper name. Tel est le propos du dernier roman de Van Cauwelaert, gracieux, drôle, attendrissant de bout en bout. White in French is blanc. Le rose is the pink color while la rose refers to the flower (la fleur). One of these nuances it the well-known dark red is “Bordeaux” as the wine of Bordeaux. Below are examples of grey/gris in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. In plural, a silent s is added as in bleus (masculine+plural) and as in bleues (feminine+plural). These are essential words and are part of our beginner’s guide to learn French vocabulary. The world around us is full of yellow things. Besides the red color in France’s flag, French children know very well the red color with the story of “chaperon rouge” which refers to the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. Let’s see some examples. Log in to reply to the answers. In English Bordeaux, the color, translates to “burgundy” (which is another region in France also famous for its red wine!). For example, je porte des chaussettes vert clair (I’m wearing light green socks). Most of the time when we talk about colors, French language learners are told to memorize color names as another list of vocabulary. Singular adjectives that end in a silent e do not change in the feminine. Below are examples of purple/violet in the context of masculine/feminine and singular/plural. Orange color can be seen in nature. 2. It is very easy to remember! La jeune fille détacha ses lèvres de celles de Ferrand, trouvant tout ça finalement assez drôle. it remains unchanged regardless of the word that it is describing. Did you notice that vert remain in its singular and masculine form?

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