Most bar associations run referral programs. Include also a termination provision. Example:“This employment agreement (‘Agreement’) is made and entered into effective as of the 25th day of April, 2012, by and between the Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Squadron, and Terrence Michael Eric “Terry”Jones (‘Coach’).”. Pages: 2 Page(s) Related Categories. You can then schedule an appointment and show the lawyer your contract. She can make suggestions for revision in your contract. Indie Legal Lessons Guide Contract Template. Contracts differ depending on your school or if the coach is getting paid or not. Example, a contract might be a two year contract with a rollover provision for renewal of … 194+ Sports Agency Templates in PDF | Word | Excel | PSD | Google Docs | PowerPoint | InDesign | Apple Pages | HTML5 | Google Sheets | Publisher | Apple Numbers | Illustrator | Apple Keynote -, the truth behind service contract checklists, essential contract templates for the freelance designer, differences between agreements and contracts, examples of writing a wedding planner contract, 58+ Management Agreement Examples and Samples, A specific number of years. File Type: pdf . Explain how long the contract lasts for. A specific number of years but with a rollover provision. ��ҹ�C�et7�~U�)�?˿-Y��c��t�cョ\��A����b��\'�%4p���;y�K�[! endobj Set the font to a readable size and style. March 2016 Assuming your team is just starting up, you need someone with lots of experience with credible qualifications for him to be an efficient coach for a sports team. Your contract is totally up to you on how you will draft it. x��xT��7~f�ֽws7�@Bv��PB ",B�-AJ�RQ!HUTD�tP�PEAi�RADDD����{7�X��+��y�7�|�rf��3�L� 4� �>�g����� Fec���{������ZI ���=�:R]@�0�gА^=��f� L�� �7x���/_������#�r�Q位(��ޗ�/� ݻ՞4�m�|R����C�|h�i`���9³n�٧&-�:��chB����5�� If you have letterhead (having a letterhead is recommended), then you can print the first page of the contract on letterhead. Sport Contract Template. December 2014 endobj September 2016 January 2016 You may also see commercial agreement examples & samples. What you need is a simple contract for you and the coach you will hire to avoid misunderstandings and arguments. Your contract might use terms which could have more than one or two meaning and makes its definition vague. <> /W [0 [750 0 0 277.832] 11 12 333.0078 15 [277.832 333.0078 277.832 277.832] 19 28 556.1523 29 [277.832] 35 [1015.1367 666.9922 0 722.168 722.168 666.9922] 48 [833.0078 0 777.832 666.9922 0 722.168 666.9922 610.8398 722.168] 68 69 556.1523 70 [500 556.1523 556.1523 277.832 556.1523 556.1523 222.168 0 500 222.168 833.0078] 81 84 556.1523 85 [333.0078 500 277.832 556.1523 500 722.168] 91 178 500 179 180 333.0078 182 [222.168]] You also need a coach who will be worth the pay; you don’t want to get scammed by a fraud. Legal 5.1 The player will remain contracted with the club named on the reverse side of this form until the expiration of the contract. You should have given the coach a copy of the contract ahead of time, so that he or she could review it and make suggestions for revision. Regulatory, October 2016 You could also ask other high schools in your area if you can see a copy of their contract to use as a guide. At the bottom of the contract should create signature blocks for both the coach and the representative who will sign for the school. You may also see essential contract templates for the freelance designer. Lastly, invite the coach to sign the contract. January 2015 Store the copy of the contract in a safe place. This is an organization formed by lawyers. Example: From April 2017- February 2018. Example, the contract may last up to four years. endobj 56 Document(s) Color Chart Templates. If you are a college or university, then the compensation package could be quite extensive. IP You may also see key differences between agreements and contracts.

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