while trying hold back her screams but letting out only a bit of her screams with Naruto keep having his cock going deeper into her pussy as blood leaking out of it and Samui has bit of tears on her eyes.

Now I've always wanted to do my own Naruto harem fic and I know there are plenty lemon fics out there. ''What the fuck? Fuck Naruto and his quest. Mostly for Naruto but partly for herself. That sister of your's is too damn sexy and hot! Naruto said with a sweatdrop, ''None of your fucking business you whisker marked bastard! He got out between pants, his face scrunching up in pure bliss as he felt his cum making it's way from his ball-sack and through his shaft. Her father is away and has been for a very long time. (This is actually unrelated to the other works in this series but she IS a bad mother, so...), tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (13), Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types (2), Kyuubi | Nine-tails | Kurama/Uzumaki Naruto (6), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Namikaze Minato/Uzumaki Kushina/Uzumaki Naruto, Namikaze Minato & Uzumaki Kushina & Uzumaki Naruto, Last seed of the Senju and Uzumaki blood lines, Naruto "Senju" Uzumaki: The Drunken Swordsman, Kyuubi | Nine-tails | Kurama/Uzumaki Naruto, Hyuuga Hinata/Yondaime Raikage | Fourth Raikage, Yondaime Raikage | Fourth Raikage/Killer Bee/Uzumaki Kushina, Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types, Mirajane Strauss/Elfman Strauss/Lisanna Strauss, Senri | Norman/Haruka | May/Masato | Max/Mitsuko | Caroline, Kurosaki Ichigo/Kurosaki Yuzu/Kurosaki Karin/Kurosaki Isshin, Kurosaki Ichigo & Kurosaki Yuzu &Kurosaki Karin & Kurosaki Isshin.
She gasps in surprise when she notices that Naruto's ramrod was still rock hard. And so Samui starts sucking Naruto's cock and was able to take less than half of it inside of her mouth and Naruto says "damn you're very good Samui-chan!" I know that I said in the last chapter that I was going to make another Naruto and Hinata lemon and I would bet money that you reader's are tired of that. So I've decide to change the chapter and I did promise that this chapter would be a threesome so here is the newest chapter. You're the only one who helped me in my hour of need and you've put up with my bitchy attitude without losing you're cool...''. Features nicer Sakura. She is done with Konoha. Anyway, let's get going!'' He asked nervously, Shaking her head, she licks her lips before looking at her lover, ''Sorry Naruto-kun, I was just surprised is all, I mean holy shit you have a dick that looks like it belongs on a fucking elephant for piss sake!''. Naruto whispered in her ear. Tayuya decided she liked the new position and reached backwards with her hands and proceeded to spread her ass cheeks giving Naruto a pleasurable view of both her puckered anus and her wet vaginal opening. While I stop thinking, I walk into the kitchen, I see mom still preparing breakfast and I take a good look at her, I have to say that Kaa-san is a gorgeous woman, With her H size breasts and hips to match and long legs, She's what most of my friends called Milf, And sometimes I wonder why Mom haven't dating anyone yet, I think will never found out her reason why. THIS IS RATED M FOR LEMON SO BE WARNED READERS!! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Naruto looked up and a saw Hana Inuzuka a friend of his sister and him and kiba's big sister, "Unfortunately he did and you are looking lovely today Hana how is everything going at the vet?"
Just then she hears what sounds like someone landing a few feet in front of her, looking at the source of the noise she is greeted by a face she hoped she'd never have to see again after their first encounter a few years ago.

They then spent over an hour conversating with the Sannin and one topic made Naruto cringe. Whaaa aaa youu dooin?'' Tayuya you're throat feels fucking great! Tayuya moaned as she swallows every drop of it before Naruto pulls out and rubs his penis prompting himself to ejaculate more and soon enough two more gallons of cum covers up her succulent c-cup sized boobies and her face.

Leading to the birth of Naruto Uzumaki Senju. Sexy Uchiha. Tayuya got out between moans, Before she could speak more Naruto shoves with all his might and spears his entire length into her penetrating her cervix and entering her womb, ''Shit! I'm hitting the bed! Her words however did not get through the Naruto as he and his clones continue removing the trees from her. ''You're probably thirsty, here have some water.'' Share via Email Report Story Hello nice people who have kindly decided to read this fanfic! "Naruto!" Basically, this is just shit I still wanted to do in that universe. ''Oh fuck...that's going to be addicting.'' With Tsunade and Minato drunk, all she would have to do is knock Minato out.

''Gah! yelled Samui with her screaming her lungs out and sweat fall off of her body and landing on her bed. No!

Making their way through the village they then head into the Hokage tower to report their success and get the proper pay of A-rank mission. Please consider turning it on! In an alternate universe, a world where many fandoms have mixed into one, Uzumaki Naruto, a 17 year old boy learns that not only is there more than just two genders but that these people are closer to him than he thought. said the red haired woman who enters the house and starts removing her shoes while the purple hair or rather Anko come up to her and says "somewhat Kushina, But now all the brat is doing is crying and I have tried everything!" As soon as they entered she shoved him hard onto the back where he was laying on his back, taking off her bra she tosses it aside before getting on the bed, she then gets on all fours. And your tits are so soft!" After that, Naruto gets off the bed and put on a clear shirt and walks out of his room and walks down as he began thinking about his life for past 17 years.

She growled, ''I'm not a pervert.'' said Kushina as a girl who's about 12 years old with short blonde hair and ice blue walks in and she has started to mature in the chest area with low b cup. Now the Uchiha has to watch her mother get fucked and not break when big ducks come around like everyone else. said Naruto who has no idea of what they going to ask of him.

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