Now you’ll know whether the player you just signed is a Winger, Attacker or Playmaker etc. ... 18 posts Ball Boy. ️ BUY A PLAYER (2) | Buy any player for at least 1000 coins (using buy it now) Either way, after a season or two the Youth Academy will have paid back its initial investment considerably. Guess what....Still 0/2 in the youth objectives board! It says "0/2 Complete". After a month you’ll receive a scout report which will list potential players to sign. As I’ve mentioned already, player type determines a player’s stats. The only issue is finding the right balance because it’s very east to be too open (i.e. Given the summary on the previous page, it seems confusing to group the stats in different ways. Nottingham Forest – There aren’t many clubs outside their current top flight which can boast one major European trophy let alone two, but under the management of Brian Clough that’s exactly what Nottingham Forest did in 1979 and again in 1980. The other issue to contend with on the topic of age is players deciding that they’re ready to be promoted to your senior squad. But over the long haul (which is why we all play Career Mode after all) the time spent pays itself back many times over. So I’d recommend signing a bunch of GKs from the YA, training them, then putting them on the transfer list next season and getting them sold. ✔️ Bronze Players Pack ⚽ SCORE FOR GERMANY | Score a goal with a German player You can even get 125k pack (Ultimate pack). Ignore anyone with a predicted overall less than 80, and if you see anyone with 92+ grab them immediately, regardless of position. I have levelled them both up by 10 OVR and played them (always as subs, never in starting 11) in more than 10 games now, but my objective is still not completed. ⚽ SCORE FOR PORTUGAL | Score a goal with a Portuguese player Those are all great things to have in their own right but for me, I want to have a bit of narrative running though my Career Mode experience. ⚽ CROSS IT (2) | Assist a goal using any cross with a midfielder That’s just not good enough for a club of this size and it needs correcting. I wasn’t able to find the answer so if someone could help, it would be much appreciated. Youth Academy. ⚽ INTO SPACE | Assist a goal using any through ball with any Player There was a problem submitting your report, please try again. It's super easy to setup and super quick to swap between them once done. ⚽ CROSS IT | Assist a goal using any cross with any player Recruiting the scout removes funds from your Transfer budget, so make sure you do it first otherwise you’ll know no doubt spend it. Once they’re signed try to leave them in the academy if you can. I can’t say this enough but don’t get too caught up on what position in their bio. searching for a promising striker) and then getting flooded by search results containing every young striker in existence. "Sign 2 players in your youth academy assigned to defender position." ✔️ Bronze Contracts Pack If you get like 3 or 4 up to 70 or so I think that’ll be enough to make at least 3 mil but you wanna get them as high as possible and negotiate the transfer offers to get as much as possible. ️ BUY A GOALKEEPER | Buy a goalkeeper off the Transfer Market (using buy it now)

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