Genres: Romance, Drama. Creates a wonderful new world for you to escape to. | Seeing her mother suffer injuries from the actions of her father’s family and how the culprits are living happy and comfortable, she decides to return to Thailand to seek justice by disguising herself as Risa, an employee at Buraphakiet. Starring: Mark Prin & Kimberly Voltemas The two eventually managed to reveal their true feelings for each other and admitted their relationship to their respective families, but it becomes a lighter take on Romeo and Juliet as Akkanee must convince his father-in-law-to-be to let go of past grudges. My Rating: 9/10, a wonderfully told war story that will really have you feeling for the characters. She must deals with various problems including falling for Sawat and his jealous mother trying to permanently possess her body. Tain , if u knew the drama name please tell me , cause im searching for this also.

Plot: Jao Noi Sukkawaong, a nobleman, falls in love with Man Muang at first sight.

While everybody might hate the female lead, I felt really sorry for her. Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy. My Rating: 9/10, Very Strong Female Lead that wants revenge but has the title of a princess too.

The two fly to America to treat her injuries and continue their education abroad.

One of the characters is a hyper active “school reporter” that knows all the important things going in school as well as all the sordid details in his schoolmates’ personal lives. Mom Ratchawong Rasika Prakardkiat (Khun Ying Ai) is a royalty descendant. Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. The relationship between Nam and Puwanes is quirky because the latter has to endure being looked at as a commoner even though he’s royalty, but the assassination attempt added a whole new level of cuteness; he has to protect his identity and safety so he pretends to have lost his memory. Songklot is unable to tolerate this, so he runs away to Songkrit’s, his older brother.He meets Kratai, the mischievous girl 15 years younger than him who lives around there. The young girl who plays the childhood version of the female lead like the korean original made me cry so much.

Songklot has no choice but to propose to Penlak. Chemistry is obviously really good between their main ship Mark & Kim.
Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Also Known as : Confusing Teens i think "A Love Recipe" and "Oum Ruk" are hilarious too. She reveals to her daughter that Rasa’s biological father is Supa’s old wealthy boss, Chalerm, who had raped Supa. Rasa decided to confront Chalerm andmake him apologize, in order to honor her mother’s now departed soul.Chalerm, owner of a big jewelry company, refused to meet or acknowledge Rasa immediately.

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