The researcher had to resign his post in Texas University, the same as his director. If you want to learn more about fracking, there's a factfile on our website and of course, you can also tell us what you think of the process at PROTESTER: Are we going to let them poison our water? But this University invalidated the study after finding out that the chief researcher had financial interests in gas industry, which wasn’t mentioned in the report. CRAIG SAUTNER: This is actually our water that came out of our well. TELEPHONIST AT HALIBURTON: Haliburton Corporate affairs. The big problem is that it seldom happens. ABout the FiLM Josh Fox, wRiteR/diRectoR Josh Fox is the founder and artistic director of the International WOW Company. TOM CORBETT: The fracking is something new, but it's not new to areas like Texas - they've been doing it, I think, for 25-30 years. It was from a natural gas company. Tweets by @gaslandmovie. Fox, who lives in a house built by his parents and who is ecologically aware, rejected the offer: he didn’t want high iron towers pumping hydrocarbons in his land. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Josh Fox also lives in Damascus. In the subcommittee of Congress shown in the film, some of these honest politicians interrogate a bunch of CEOS, who appear as amoral beings, lacking in any argument when somebody holds them accountable. In Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, and other States (up to 24) where fracking is widespread, he found people affected by serious health problems (neurological, digestive, circulation disorders) caused by fracking pollution in groundwater and surface water, air and soil. ( Log Out /  Fracking has allowed gas and oil American companies to reach big reserves of natural gas in the undersoil, and through this finding the United States were able for a while to become an energetic power and get over one of its many capitalist crisis. Here's Nick Lazaredes. And then I started to look at the things Barbara was reporting and I thought, how am I going to make anything - is this true? After what may have been months of drinking what turned out to be contaminated well water, Bradford County resident Crystal Stroud noticed something strange. I'm not going to do anything - I just need to speak to my Governor. Note: Although the USA are the world’s largest producer of oil, the non-conventional extraction means employed in this country are much more expensive than the techniques employed in countries such Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, which don’t need to spend so much money in obtaining their conventional oil, so they can sell it much cheaper. I'm personally not aware that I've received any kind of communication from them to go. What can be done against the destructive greed of the companies? And we feel that many of the things he's doing now are essentially payoffs for - for previous payments. What's happening? JOSH FOX: And I didn't sleep for, you know, the next week. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The movie making is good, both in images and editing. TOM CORBETT, GOVERNOR OF PENNSYLVANIA: You see, you keep wanting to talk about - There have been reports; REPORTER: Yeah. JOSH FOX: When you have a major corporation bearing down on you and it's you against their 400 lawyers, and their 25 political contacts and millions of dollars they spent lobbying your representative's, whose voice do you think is louder in Washington, whose voice do think is louder in Harrisburg? CRYSTAL STROUD: That's hard to live with, you know, from trying to be a really healthy person and then to have it taken away from you because of nothing you did wrong. This is serious stuff! Fracking involves pumping millions of litres of water and toxic chemicals into the ground, to fracture rocks and tap natural gas. If they expect that they are going to get favoured nation status or I'm not going to enforce the law against them, then they made a bad investment. The destruction of landscapes and ecosystems, maybe definitive. Human diseases, fatal and perhaps lethal. JOSH FOX: When the film came out, they attacked it. Stand up for clean water and...Read More. PROTESTER: Governor Cuomo, save our water. And then for them to deny us water - Why don't we have the right to clean water? And this is what happened, and this is a warning to Australia, because what's happening is that you let these guys in, they end up becoming more powerful than the government that seeks to regulate them. REPORTER: I think you mentioned agriculture, there have also been a few reports that cattle can't drink certain water because of contaminated aquifers up in Bradford County. In Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, and other States (up to 24) where fracking is widespread, he found people affected by serious health problems (neurological, digestive, circulation disorders) caused by fracking pollution in groundwater and surface water, air and soil. Maximum power output 38,000btu/hour, low water pressure start up, just need 2.5 PSI of water pressure. This illegitimate collaboration of academic world and private interests, with economic incentives which doubtlessly constitute conflicts of interests, is very frequent in the United States. He also talks to scientists, politicians, and some executive director of fracking companies (although, as it is said in the credits, the vast majority of CEOS refused to appear in the documentary). I said, "I just want to speak to the Governor. Fox argues that the only effective way to take arms against companies and politicians is coordinated popular pressure: that people join in a common front and abandon the isolation that condemns they to failure. Basically, these drilling are made by injecting chemicals in the soil so as to widen fractures in the rock placed above gas and oil, and so making these fossil fuels surface through them. At the height of the Bush administration, new energy laws were introduced exempting gas companies involved in fracking from revealing either their techniques or the make-up of the potent chemical brews they pumped deep below the Earth's surface. Don't frack New York. It is clearly shown in the documentary Inside Job. They're going to collapse, but they don't care if they collapse. Josh Fox was there too, trying to make his voice heard all the way to Capitol Hill. Other reports denying connections between fracking and pollution of aquifers have turned out to be financed by industry. Gasland Part II Synopsis: A documentary that declares the gas industry's portrayal of natural gas as a clean and safe alternative to oil is a myth, and that fracked wells inevitably leak over time, contaminating water and air, hurting families, and endangering the earth's climate with the … I don't recall hearing about water being on fire. He shows that there are still some honest politicians who refused the bribes of industry and weren’t intimidated by pressures of energy lobby. Unlike many environmental documentaries which doesn’t reflect on the best way to present problems, Gasland doesn’t forget at any moment his nature of film, of a means of critical information and knowledge. Big American energy companies’ next-to-last device to enrich themselves at the expense of the planet’s and its inhabitants’ health is to drill the Earth and make “non-conventional” holes in order to extract natural gas and oil from the subsoil, an industrial process called hydraulic fracturing or horizontal drilling, best known as “fracking”. CRYSTAL STROUD: We asked to make an appointment with the Governor and they wouldn't allow us. Politicians collusion extends to media, who are controlled by big interest groups. Synopsis. With up to 10 micrograms being the acceptable limit for humans, Crystal had more than ten times that amount. ( Log Out /  We just hit reset, spend a lot of money, put it back in the system. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Every day, when I woke up, I just cried. And here, frightening evidence is emerging of its impact on human health. His documentary portrays gas drilling using fracking as a series of disasters - from tap water becoming flammable due to gas entering the system, to serious health effects. JOSH FOX: I'd like to find someone at Haliburton, so if you'd please ring me back. But doctors have warned that the family's exposure has increased their risk of developing chronic health ailments in the future. I'm a taxpayer, you know, they wouldn't allow us in and before you know it, they had 12 guards in the hallway, guarding us and I felt like, "Why am I being treated like a criminal? I mean is there a greater risk;. Despite intense international media exposure of the plight of those caught up in the Dimock water contamination, the Governor has yet to visit the area. REPORTER: Will you go there at some stage? Fox knew the controversy on fracking, and that this device had been practised in his country for some years, and wanted to investigate into the phenomenon. The film focusses on the consequences in the USA, where whole natural regions are becoming foul spillways for polluted water, and rivers and aquifers are dramatically damaged. But certainly, I will go up there. When you have reports, thousands of reports of water contamination across America, thousands, and growing every day - every county in Pennsylvania and there are, you know, 30 counties in Pennsylvania. I'm not going to roll over for the gas company. The guys at the top get rich anyway. Aquifers and surface water can’t be cleaned from toxic chemicals. Independent analysis have reached clear results about water composition: it is highly damaging to environment and to people. We truly appreciate your support. This is due to the great quantity of chemicals mixed with home water: they are inflammable as well as toxic. What we had to put up with, how much we had to suffer through all this, you know. With her symptoms subsiding, Crystal has recently returned to work. Over 3,500,000 gallons of water are used when fracking a single well. PROTESTER: Are we going to put a stop to this? But it's the method gas companies use to release and capture the gas - called Hydraulic Fracking - that's alarming residents in the big apple. Again, I need to know that there are health complaints and what those specific health complaints are. Their finances are not going to add up. TELEPHONIST AT HALIBURTON: It's Haliburton - how can I help you? REPORTER: What would you like to see done in that area? Visit the Ohio Environmental Council's web site ( and add your name to the proposed moratorium on fracking in Ohio.

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