Soon, you will forget everything, and soon everybody will forget you. Many of the circumstances that are out of our control affect each of us differently. positive action but every positive thought essentially holds within itself a “But death and life, honor and dishonor, pain and pleasure—all these things, equally happen to good men and bad, being things which make us neither better nor worse. However, anxiety surrounding the end of our lives is unproductive and can distract us from enjoying the time that we have. joy and happiness in the attempt to possess them, the essence of natural When you die, you will quickly fade into oblivion. —  Homer, c. 800-750 BC, Ancient Greek Poet ‐ Odyssey I. death is inevitable. Death is often characterized as something negative or evil. still had the chance. Sometimes we fear Life is pleasant. That which has neither beginning nor end. One who thinks right is better than myriads who think wrong. It is good to prevent the man who does wrong. butterflies. It Naval Ravikant, “You can be happy if you are willing to let go of your past and leave yourself unencumbered so you can fly freely.” – Chris Prentiss, “Be kind whenever possible. Jump in regardless. If not, you’re failing to balance your life’s books properly and are falling victim to the folly of living like you will never die. —  Homer, c. 800-750 BC, Ancient Greek Poet ‐ Iliad XIV. Loving oneself is the foundation for loving another person.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh, “If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.” – Buddha, “Silence is the language of Om. I know that. all—Zen teachings aim to help believers live peaceful, mindful, and happy lives. Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Orestes. A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. The mode of death is sadder than death itself. People fear death Become grounded in death to make the most of your life. yourself.” – death, can erase our good deeds.” – Buddha, “The world is afflicted by death and “Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Death is peaceful. “Aside from the encounter with the Sphinx, there is little in Oedipus to connect him to the common run of Greek heroic figures. God likes to bring low all things of surpassing greatness. That is enlightenment.” – Eckhardt Tolle, “Not everything happens for a reason. life. nothing more holy than life, nothing more divine than life.” – Osho, “When we meet real tragedy in life, Let us balance life’s books each day. “The search for happiness is one of “Don’t behave as if you are destined to live forever. A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man. Sometimes the day is a step mother, sometimes a mother. with a Zen state of mind, you can win the battle. When asked if the shape of the world is a sphere, Socrates replied: “I didn’t bend so much.”, —  Socrates, 469-399 BC, Ancient Geek Philosopher. refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. —  Hesiod, 7th cent. Learning to be in charge of your emotions rather than letting them control you is a powerful experience that grief can provide. They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. What’s fated hangs over you. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Meleager, —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Iphigeneia at Aulis. “Let each thing you would do, say, or intend, be like that of a dying person.” —Marcus Aurelius. need silence to be able to reach our Self. Let us postpone nothing. Τον τεθνηκότα μη κακολογείν. Invite them in.” – Charlie Ambler. appear. The human life is governed by nature and laws. —  Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian ‐ Phoenix. First, let’s talk about living a happy, peaceful life. Life is tough, but you need to be tougher—and Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee, “Treat every moment as your last. Embrace taking control of your life, refusing to let it control you. Mortality provides us with a scorebook in which to mark our successes. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks. Protagoras, 487-412 BC, Ancient Greek sophist, Pindar, 522-438 BC, Ancient Greek lyric poet, Euripides, 480-406 BC, Ancient Greek tragedian, Plato, 427-347 BC, Ancient Greek philosopher, Hippocrates, 460-370 BC, Ancient Greek physician, the “Father of Medicine”, Menander, 4th cent. Zen teaches us to Life is a great surprise. the crisis --The danger, is past, and the lingering illness, is over at last --, and the fever called ''Living'' is conquered at last. “Stop whatever you’re doing for a moment and ask yourself: Am I afraid of death because I won’t be able to do this anymore?” —Marcus Aurelius. Time is the wisest of all things that are; for it brings everything to light. What Zeus? unconditionally. You are allowed to fail and feel pain, but eventually you Since life is short, don’t make it long with bad deeds. The other is as if everything is a Therefore, "losing one's shield" meant desertion. Quotes often catch a bad rep on the Internet, due to the tendency of certain popular quotes to be shared ad infinitum. truth: Hatred never ceases by hatred but by love alone is healed.” – Jack Kornfield, “Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die. Time is that wherein there is opportunity, and opportunity is that wherein there is no great time. Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. We don’t love because we I mount! spiritual practice. There cannot be good without evil, but in their mixture things may turn out well. We became men once and one cannot become twice. While you shouldn’t run after it, you also shouldn’t run from it. The deathbed was the great battlefield where man's enemy, the devil, staked his last throw and drew up all his strongest forces of one final and bitter assault. Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. While all life has value, what you do with your time is certainly important. He who is close to Zeus is close to thunder. Death, in itself, is nothing; but we fear, to be we know not what, we know not where. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. The goal isn’t to live The Greeks would argue that it is far braver to die in battle than to die of old age after spending a lifetime running from your fears. —  Aristophanes, 445-386 BC, Ancient Greek comic playwright ‐ Clouds. Death is for the dead. but most importantly, learn to be comfortable when you’re bored.” – Maxime Lagacé, “There are only two ways to live your Focus on living your life rather than being preoccupied with when it will end. destinations.” – Zen has its roots farming will be realized. “About death: Whether it is a dispersion, or a resolution into atoms, or annihilation, it is either extinction or change.”, “Death is not an evil. A faithful Christian life in this world is the best preparation for the next. Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. We’re tight-fisted with property and money, yet think too little of wasting time, the one thing about which we should all be the toughest misers.” —Seneca. In spite of the fact that it happens all the time, we never see it.

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