Bokuto has round, golden-colored eyes and spiky white-grey hair with black streaks; certain sections of it are done up as if to vaguely conform to that of an animal, strongly amplifying the uncanny resemblance he bears to a horned owl. Following graduation, Hitoka Yachi goes to college and eventually moves on to work for an ad agency. Date of Birth You lightly swatted his arms while chuckling with him. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Then he played as Opposite/Wing Spiker for Japanese V-League Division 1 team MSBY Black Jackals. Takeru Nakashima was a Wing Spiker of Wakutani South High School. Following the timeskip it's revealed that he and Kiyoko actually got married!

You stir up his emotions all too well. Read on for a breakdown of where each of Karasuno's team members end up by the final chapter of the series. Teams

Weight Asahi’s sad face greets you as soon as you opened the door. Sometime later, Bokuto's practicing with Tsukishima and Kuroo again when he spots Hinata by the door of the gym. The morning after the Japan-Argentina match. Number 3 - Asahi Azumane. After the time skip, she currently works as a Sports Store Employee and married Tanaka. He cups your face and give a small kiss on your forehead.

After time skip, he is currently a Construction worker and also plays as an Middle Blocker for VC Date (Company team). Ushijima may always have this aura around him where he looks like he don’t give a flying fuck about anything. After the time skip, he is studying in a college. With Kuroo being out and Lev at the net, Akaashi is able to trick Lev into blocking early and sets to Bokuto. Hayato Yamagata was a Libero of Shiratorizawa Academy High School. After time skip, he is currently an Arborist and a Gardener. “You said you’re going to leave me. Image gallery I forgot the jacket because I ran towards here.” He answered.

“A-are you…?” He asked.

Near the end of the set when Asahi puts too much power into his spike and it lands out from Yaku having manipulated things to his advantage, Bokuto warns Yachi that Yaku is a player who is capable of stopping a spiker without even touching the ball[9]. You tightly closed your eyes before wrapping your arms around him. Haikyuu: Where Each Character Ends Up By the Manga's Finale, My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Ends with Toga in Tears, Berserk Fan Art Takes Guts Into The Future World Of Cyberpunk 2077. You slightly shook your head.

Originally a basketball player, he played as the setter in Yukigaoka volleyball team.

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