The friends I make within this gang of thieves and villains will make it hard for me to decide if I should destroy it after all. A horde of terrible monsters attacked your home, either destroying it (village/town) or doing massive damage before being repulsed (city/fortress). If I changed the order around, I could release it in three parts as: Yes, This Is Your Life is definitely more setting neutral. This article includes the second part of the Backstory section, delving into nitty-gritty setting details that help give your character depth and specificity that simply choosing your race, class, and background can’t. If you gained allies or rivals based on your background and your homeland, this section allows you to establish your relationship with those allies and rivals, as well as the broad strokes of their identities. I was given a card from a mysterious street performer. Loved it bud. You now occasionally hear her voice in your dreams, telling you strange secrets about the Weave. Roll twice on the appropriate Family Size table—once to determine how many living parents you have, and once to determine your living siblings. If your home settlement doesn’t make sense for your social status, you can either roll for a different settlement or think about ways to make a contradiction work for your backstory. My parents let him stay. I’ve seen wanted posters seeking the thief my entire life. Salted pork—rarely are common folk able to eat meat at all, let alone fresh meat. One of the greatest strengths of this subsystem is that it gives players a quick glimpse into the setting; just enough to get started, without giving you the overwhelming feeling of having to do a book report just to play some D&D. You have the Alert feat from the Player’s Handbook. While sleeping in an inn in Waterdeep, I overheard a conversation through my window about a gold dragon living somewhere beneath the city. Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, their respective logos, and all Wizards titles and characters are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. Frumenty—a thick porridge of cracked wheat boiled with milk. When you got out of prison, you picked up a number of habits from your inmates. Most non-adventuring folk look strangely at it, and feel that adventurers eat this fish as some form of vengeance for a bad run-in with this nipping menace in a dungeon crawl gone awry. This table can be found in the Heroic Chronicle section in chapter 4 of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. You gain the Magic Initiate feat from the Player’s Handbook, learning two bard, cleric, or druid cantrips and the cure wounds spell.

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