At 0602 hours a large projectile wrecked the bridge, killing or wounding most of the personnel and about the same time the ship was holed underwater aft. Martin, RN), departed Newcastle for Scapa Flow. At 0353 hours HMS Hood increased speed to 28 knots and at 0400/24 the enemy was estimated to be 20 nautical miles to the north-west. P.A.B. J.H. Only energetic action from HMS Hereward saved her from being scuttled in position 06°02’N, 17°25’W. The Prince of Wales fired two salvoes at 20000 yards by radar. B.C.S. 11th        Detached from WS22 on arrival at separation point for Aden and Bombay sections. For the daily positions of HMS Dorsetshire from 16 to 29 July 1940 see the map below. Captain JT Borrett OBE RN relinquished his command at Chatham on 23 December 1942, and five days later Commander David H Harries RAN assumed command to supervise refit and transfer to the Royal Australian Navy. Taken in hand for refit at commercial shipyard. C.H.L. H.M. Burrell, RAN), The first half of November was relatively quiet on both sides of the South Atlantic At the start of the month ‘Force H’ and ‘Force K’ were still on the shipping lane between Sierra Leone and the Cape. Lt.Cdr. As HMNZS Achilles was due in the Plate area on this day also, she and HMS Cumberland could then operate as ‘Force G’ during the Exeter’s absence. This later decision coincided with Their Lordships views as later in the day he received Their Lordships instructions that Force A was not to be sent to Colombo for the time being. fitted Albacores from HMS Formidable. HMS Cumberland was patrolling of the Plate area and HMNZS Achilles was off Rio de Janeiro. They were escorted until 1800/30 by the destoyers HMS Brilliant (Lt.Cdr. About half an hour after sunset, the destroyers were ordered at 2324/26 to take up stations prepartory to carrying out a synchronised torpedo attack. 24th        Took passage from Malta for Alexandria. passage for landings at Duala, French Cameroons by Free French troops. C.H.L. Martin, RN) split off from the other two ships, HMS Formidable (Capt. J.H. Early on the 24th, therefore, the Admiralty ordered the Commander-in-Chief to proceed there as soon as possible. Broken up by Arnott Young at Dalmuir and Troon arriving on 20 January 1955. J.N.K. As there was now little chance of engaging the enemy before daylight the crews were allowed to rest. The Prince of Wales' Walrus aircraft was ready for catapulting and it was intended to fly it off, but visibility deteriorated and in the end it was defuelled and stowed away at 0140 hours. Tyrwhitt, RN) and HMS Hostile (Cdr. This ship was en-route from Rotterdam to Buenos Aires. The South America Division at that moment consisted of the heavy cruiser HMS Exeter (Capt. For the daily positions of HMS Dorsetshire during the period of 29 June 1940 to 12 July 1940 see the map below. Jocelyn, RN), After HMS Cumberland and HMS Exeter (‘Force G’) had sailed from San Borombon Bay for Simonstown on 13 November 1939, HMS Ajax patrolled the Plate area and escorted the French Massilia ( GRT, built ) that was bound for Europe from Buenos Aeres with French reservists. Georges Leygues (Capt. The convoy departed Capetown for Suez on 14 September 1941. A.W.S. James, RN). Martin, RN) arrived at Aden to refuel. [citation needed] She remained in the South Atlantic, undergoing a refit at Simon's Town between March and June 1941, then came home in October 1941 for a further major refit at Chatham between October 1941[citation needed] and March 1942 before returning to the South Atlantic until the end of the year, when she was recalled to Chatham prior to transfer to the RAN. She was taken in hand for conversion to suit this role by HM Dockyard, Devonport in September 1946. At the Admiralty, when the Norfolk's signal came in, one of the first considerations was to safeguard the convoys at sea. Force G; area: S.E. Early on 5 December the British Naval Attaché at Buenos Aires reported that the German merchant Ussukuma had left Bahia Blanca at 1900 hours the previous evening. Hameury) sailed on 7 November to sweep west of the Cape Verde Islands. (28), 10 Dec 1940HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. For the daily positions of HMS Dorsetshire during the period of 15 April 1941 to 21 April 1941 see the map below. 22 Sep 1939HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. All through the night they sent signals with updates on the position, course and speed of the enemy. B.C.S. Both British battleships was then steering 110° almost directly towards the enemy in line abreast formation, 8 cables apart. 25 Oct 1939HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. The only warship in a French port within the limits of the South Atlantic Station at the time was HMS Bulolo, which was at Manoka in the Cameroons. B.C.S. These ships all joined on 30 May 1941 and remained with the convoy until it was dissolved on 4 June 1941. The battleships HMS Resolution, HMS Revenge and the light cruisers HMS Emerald and HMS Enterprise were ordered to proceed to Halifax, Nova Scotia to escort homeward bound convoys. On that occasion Shropshire fired 161 rounds of 8-inch shells. The old ‘Force X’, the Strasbourg (Capt. On 21 November the Strasbourg, Algerie and the destroyers Le Terrible (Cdr. The most important convoy was troop convoy WS 8B of five ships which had left the Clyde the previous day for the Middle East. They seem to have crossed astern of the enemy's track about 0800/26. 15 Jan 1941Early in the evening HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. Around 0306/25 the Suffolk lost touch with the Bismarck. McGrigor, RN), aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (Capt. (59), 24 Mar 1942HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. Meanwhile four destroyers from the 4th Destroyer Division, Mediterranean Fleet, the HMS Hotspur (Cdr. By night the ships were to remain in company in open order. Martin, RN) and HMS Shropshire (Capt. 11 May 1941HMS Dorsetshire (Capt. All attacks should be from one side if possible. The last two ships then rejoined the fleet while the tanker and it’s escort were ordered to proceed towards Colombo at 1200/3. At the beginning of December 1939, HMS Ajax and HMS Exeter were at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Sir I.G. At 1853/5, the Commander-in-Chief ordered HMS Dorsetshire, HMAS Australia, HMS Hermes and HMS Milford not to attack French submarines outside the 20 mile zone unless they were obviously hostile. On 12 October 1939, Rio Grande do Sul reported that the German merchant Rio Grande (6062 GRT, built 1939) was about to sail. HMS Cossack then came under a heavy fire. Her Commanding Officer then decided to break off the action and course was set for Brest, France where she arrived at 2030/1 June. At noon on 31 October this Force was in 15°S, 02°51’E, the north-eastern limit of it’s patrol, when a Walrus aircraft failed to return to HMS Sussex from a reconnaissance flight. The South America Division during the first half of October 1939. At 1327 hours a mutilated ‘Shad’ signal was received from what was thought to be Colombo but was identified half an hour later as coming from HMS Dorsetshire whose position was estimated as being 037°, 90 miles from Force A at 1400 hours. All however missed the Bismarck. On the 7th she sank the British merchant Ashlea (4222 GRT, built 1929) in position 09°52’S, 03°28’W. Hill, OBE, RN), HMS Glengyle (A/Capt.(Retd.) Two Fulmars launched at 2300/24 for shadowing failed to find their ship in the darkness due to the failure of Victorious' homing beacon. Martin, RN) arrived at Durban where she was immediately docked. This indicated that the possibility of an enemy submarine patrol having been established to cover the eastern approaches to Addu Atoll. On the night of 12 September 1939 the Commodore was informed by the British Naval Attaché, Buenos Aires, that a concentration of German reservists was taking place in southern Argentina with the Falklands as a possible objective. 12th        Deployed with HMS SUFFOLK to provide cover during air strikes on Bodo by HMS. It consisted of the British merchant ships Sussex (11062 GRT, built 1937), Roxby (4252 GRT, built 1923), El Ciervo (5841 GRT, built 1923) in addition to the earlier mentioned Lafonia, and was escorted by HMS Hotspur. Sutcliff, RN), which were on passage to Freetown from the Western Approaches, to proceed to Dakar at full speed in order to strengthen the French morale. This intelligence went out at once to the Home Fleet. Four alternatives were to be offererd; Meanwhile HMS Cumberland had entered Montevideo at 0800/26. He also pointed out that His Majesty’s ships at Dakar would be placed in a most difficult position.

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