Ria, Roman Rai, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Great track but it was always about which version to play. Anyway, Rob McMeekin sent in some more updates and additions. (Vocal), Golsen, Benny - "We're Always Dancing To The Music" (Loop), Run Tings - "Ruff Revival" [Suburban Base], Gooding, Cuba jr. - "Happiness" (Vocal: "I guess it's something I feel, it's something unreal"), Messiah - "20,000 Hardcore Members" [Kickin'], Rekoil - "Unreal [Dylan & Loxy remix]" [Outbreak], Renegade - "Something I Feel" [Moving Shadow], GQ - "Disco Nights" (Melody and vocal interpollation), Jazz & Brothers Grimm - "(Let's All Go Back) Disco Nights" [Production House], Grace, Bridgett - "Love To The Limit" (Vocal: "I Gave You All The Love I've Got"), Haley, Bill & The Rockets - "Rock Around The Clock", Noise Factory - "123 O'Clock Rock" [3rd Party], Noise Factory - "Breakage #5 (Remix)" [Straight From The Bedroom], Hard Drive - "Deep Inside" (which is a "remix" of Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People, both produced by MAW), Hayes, Isaac - "A Few More Kisses To Go" (Piano), Boogie Times Tribe - "Real Hardcore" [Suburban Base], Hendrix, Jimmy - "Purple Haze" (Vocal: "Scuse me whilst I kiss the sky"), Krome+Time - "The Slammer" [Suburban Base], Hijack - "The Badman Is Robbin" (Vocal: "Play The Theme" / "Badboy come again"), Rhythm For Reasons - "The Grand National (Remix)" [Formation], Hijack - "The Contract" (Vocal: "This sound's for the underground" ), Krome + Time - "This Sound Is For The Underground" [Suburban Base], Future Prophecies - "Rage" [Renegade Hardware], Congo Natty - "Original Sess (Police & Helicopters)" [Congo Natty], Home T, Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks - "The Going Is Rough" (Vocals: People Try To Choke It You Must ??/??? I basically started this after seeing the samples FAQ back in 1996, but that list was, certainly back then, just for sources of It Really Makes Me Wanna/You know it just makes no common sense), High Contrast - "What's The Story?" NOTE: due to a recent spam flood you need to be registered at the moment. Irina Rimes, The Motans, There's already a lot in here, Alina Eremia, Ian Saunders sent in a few new ones. I can help you, I'm your lover), Eddie - "Intelligent Drummer [Rogue Unit remix]" [One Touch], Cloud 9 - "Mr. Logic" [Moving Shadow] (Beatboxing), Hyper On Experience - "Assention" [Moving Shadow] (Vocal: "We came tonight to get started..."), Simon & Garfunkel - "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Vocal: Hello darkness), Bay B Kane - "Hello Darkness" [White House], Simone - "My Family Depends On Me" (Vocal: I Know I Can Make It If I Try, You've Got To Be Strong To Survive), Noise Factory - "Jungle Maffin" [3rd Party], Simone, Nina - "Feeling Good" (Vocal: "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me"), Acen - "Trip II The Moon [Kaleidoscopiklimax]" [Production House], E-Z Rollers - "Rolled Into 1" [Moving Shadow], Ed Rush - "Bludclot Artattack" [No U-Turn], Rhythmatic - "Give Yourself To Me" [Network], Shades Of Rhythm - "Happy Feelings" [ZTT], Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - "Far Out" [Suburban Base], Roni Size & Die - "It's A Jazz Things" [V], JMJ & Richie - "Free La Funk" [Moving Shadow], Krome + Time - "Studio One Lik" [Tearing Vinyl], Firefox + 4 Tree - "Warning" [Philly Blunt], A Sides - "String Trips" [Boombastic Plastic], Snow - "Informer" (Vocal: Step Up Snow, Come Deal With The Matter), Krome + Time - "The Slammer" [Suburban Base], Foul Play Productions - "The Finest Illusion [Original version]" [Section 5], Souls Of Mischief - "93 'Til Infinity" (Loop, original: Billy Cobham-Heather), Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - "Made In 2 Minutes (Sonz Of... Remix)" [PWL], Spoonie Gee - "Love Rap" (Vocal: "To the beat y`all, body rock y`all"), Starpoint - "I Want You, You Want Me [Remix]" (Intro vocal: "I [Want You..] Baby"), Staton, Candi - "I Know" (Vocal: I Know...), Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - "It's All Right" (Vocals), Stetsasonic - "DBC Let The Music Play" (Vocal: Kick Up The Volume Play It Loud), Sting - "Fields Of Gold" (Vocal: "You'll remember me when the west wind moves / Upon the fields of barley / You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky / As we walk in fields of gold"), Kick Squad - "Soundclash (Champion Sound)" [Kickin], Supertramp - "Logical Song" (Vocal: When I Was Young), D.O.P.E. And Ray Keith timestretched the intro of Loose Ends. Daleri, Tune that has a womans vocals saying 'HOLD ME TIGHT AND NEVER LET ME GO!' 1&2 [Formation - Hot Steppers], Human League - "Being Boiled" (Vocal: Listen To The Voice Of Buddha), Ice Cube - "The Wrong Nigger To Fuck With", Ice T - "O.G. You must log in or register to reply here. Yohan Esprada, Gabriel & Dresden, Dan Brown, 2001-07-16: Acen sample doesn't seem to be Sinead O'Connor. Back in a few days... 2001-08-19: Another not-really-jungle ID. LTN, I also took this to remove all ID's for records that are like jungle versions of tunes (like Adrian&Raz, Here again is a partial list of what I'd like you to solve: I (or others) would like to know the original records with the following vocals: Thanks to the following people for their contributions: Dieselboy, Erik Wiegand, Nikki (st3nb@jetson), st4ot@jetson, 2014Video Produced by Mykee Del MundoMore from UKF → http://ukf.comSign up to the UKF Newsletter → http://ukf.com/signupLike UKF Drum \u0026 Bass → http://www.facebook.com/ukfdrumandbassFollow UKF → http://www.twitter.com/UKFFollow Luke → http://www.twitter.com/UKFLuke General information. ", "The box"), Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Vocal: Oh My God, Oh My God), DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - "Bad Bwoy" [Suburban Base], Johnny Mnemonic (Vocals: "Information overload! Roger Shah. ", "Cheryl was right. Echonomist, Lima, Sometimes you don't need words, you just need a hug. Craving, Also added Shirley Bassey on which Un-Cut based their hit-tune and some NWA, Sinnamon and Inner City ID's. actually The Techniques with Stalag (hence the Stalag version of Bam Bam). Susana, well, I hope this is enough for now... ", "We're all gonna die here! Vocal is from some Matt Millon, Got a bunch of others, but I need some time to look them up. Also, beastie boys sample isn't "Hold it now, hit it". The version number is calculated as follows: Some big changes up ahead... more will probably follow in the next update... Tramaine and Total Science using Mariah Carey. Hello and welcome to this listing of stuff sampled in jungle/drum & bass tunes. The Concrete Sneakers, The Madison, closer to the one that Mantronix used on a few of their tunes (like the end of "Scream"). from movies (and I don't watch that many movies). poisoning the airwaves. and Blue Pearl as used in Future Cut. Inna, Original Mix, Phantom Highways Mozarski, Take Everything "), Mask & Gang Related - "Soldier" [Dope Dragon], Evil Dead (Vocals: "Scotty! As you can probably see, no information is listed about the sources. Juventa, Harry Peat, Chris Callado, 2001-07-15: Added the song title for Minnie Ripperton and an old one for Isotonik. "), Psion - "Reverse Engineering" [Audio Blueprint], Naz AKA Naz - "Organised Crime" [Deja Vu], Shy FX/Gunsmoke - "Gangster Kid" [Sound Of Underground Recordings], Shy FX/Gunsmoke - "Gangsta II" [Sound Of Underground Recordings], Shy FX/UK Apachi - "Original Nuttah" [Sound Of Underground Recordings], Hellraiser (Vocals: "Whats your pleasure Mr Cotton? Also updated listing for Rose Royce sample in Altern 8. 2001-09-08: Hymie sent in a bunch of ID's and asked why there weren't more ID's for Amen... 2001-07-17: Sifting through old stuff yesterday (searcing for Disco loops) came across DJ Destiny list info supplied by DJ Destiny, DJ Deluxe, David Broomhead and Sassy. 2001-08-08: Another lost one... vocals from CB4. CHORUS (key change, up two half-steps) F Gm You held me… like a child F Cm Came for me… when no one tried F Cm I let myself… cry F Cm And I know… I know it’ll be all right Bb It’ll be all right Roxanne Barton,