What is the spotted paint gene and how does it work? Each Silkie will need about 10 square feet of run area and four square feet inside the coop. Get your answers by asking now. There have been paint silkies in Europe for some time. A popular trade item on the Silk Road, the geography of the Silkie chicken lends itself naturally to the name of this breed. So, in the simplest terms, let's call + the wildtype color, and Bl the Andalusian Blue gene. Here is Peepers, my partridge hen. Split is simply “bird talk” for a chick that is carrying a hidden trait. Splash X Black = 100% Blue. Most people who have paints for the first time will breed a paint to a true dark black silkie. You can therefore breed black, blue and splash birds in the same coop and still keep strong color lines for show and in fact if showing is your interest, you will create better color by using all three colors in your breeding program. Beginner’s Guide to American Paint Silkies, breeding paint silkies to the Standard of Perfection, how do I get started breeding paint silkies, paint silkies what colors should I breed together, what is the difference between paint silkies and splash silkies, what is the difference between silkies and other chickens, what is the difference between silkies and paint silkies, what should be breed together to make paint silkies. Paints have problems with skin pigment holes in their feet and eyes. Go back to what you remember about Mendel’s first law. The Weekly Crow, Chickens Differentiate Between Colors & Shapes, Einstinia the Hen Can Tell the Difference Between Animal Shapes, Smart Chicken Of The Week: Chicken Heaven On Earth, The Flockstars-All Chicken Band Play the Keyboard-Smart Chickens Award: CHOE, Chicken Plays Tic Tac Toe-Smart Chicken Of The Week: Chicken Heaven On Earth, Combie The Rooster Has a Unique Way of Asking For Grapes-Smart Chickens: Chicken Heaven On Earth, Dancing Chickens-Smart Chickens: Chicken Heaven On Earth, See How this Chicken Learned How to Stop: Smart Chickens: Chicken Heaven On Earth, Amazing Chicken Tricks-Smart Chicken of the Week-9: Chicken Heaven On Earth, Meet Frog The Rooster-Smart Chicken Of The Week-10: Chicken Heaven On Earth, Little girl reads to her potty trained chicken, Chicken Tricks and Silliness-Cute Kids with Smart Chickens: CHOE, Potty trained Hen-Chicks Can Do Tricks: Chicken Heaven On Earth, Pablo the Chicken Does Amazing Card Trick-Smart Chicken Intelligence: Chicken Heaven On Earth, 36 Lb Australorp Rooster Blown Away by The Wind at CHOE, Chicken Taught to Do Different Patterns on Cue:-Smart Chickens, Chicken Trained On An Obstacle Course: CHOE, Do Chickens Have Cognitive Abilities:Test Results:Chicken Intelligence, Expert Studies Prove that Chickens Have Cognitive Abilities & Intelligence, Hen's Do Form Friendships with Other Hens Study Results, Why Chickens Make Great Companion Pets: CHOE, Chicken Photography Portfolio by Cindi Perry, Chicken Photography by Bonnie Stenzel: CHOE, Chicken Photography Portfolio by Mimi Calkin Santos: CHOE, Merle. Black splits will interfere with the genetics of your true black pen. – but believe us, raising one of these quirky birds is absolutely worth it.

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