Step 1 – anchors. For MCL sprains make sure you add additional support strips to both sides of your knee to prevent hyperextension. Range of motion exercises keep the joint flexible. Most athletes will get back to sports within one week after the injury. The grade 1 tear is the mildest out of all 3 grades. The MCL can be involved in complex injuries that also involve other ligaments such as the ACL or as an isolation injury. 100 % of the ligament fibers have been damaged. Make sure to measure correctly and maybe even order a size up when ordering. If you follow their advice and tips you can prevent further damage of the knee joint, as well as, any damage of the MCL in the future. How is a medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury treated? Tenderness on the inner side of the knee. Leave only half an inch of the bandage uncovered by the next layer. Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is for educational purposes only. The MCL run on the inside of the knee by connecting the femur (thigh bone) to the (tibia) shin bone. Can ACL Rehab Be Accelerated for Athletes to Return to Sports? How easy it is to use? Grade 1 MCL tear has fewer signs and symptoms present, which are only mild, while grade 2 MCL tear has moderate signs and symptoms. The Vive hinged knee brace provides some great features. MCL sprains come in 3 grades; Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Once the patient can begin bending their knee, early range-of-motion exercises should commence, including stationary bicycling. Normal walking and progression to jogging can begin as pain allows. One of the most common knee injuries is an injury to the Medial Collateral Ligament of the MCL. The medial collateral ligament (MCL) on the inner side of the knee is most often torn when there is a force that strikes the outside of the knee. The MCL attempts to resist the knee bending sideways and tears if the force is too great. Your doctor will probably tell you to relax the leg muscles as much as possible during the physical examination, which will make it a lot easier to test the knee ligament stability. This taping technique demonstated below is often used as part of a full MCL sprain rehabilitation program. Fortunately, most often surgery is not necessary for the treatment of an MCL tear. A Medial collateral knee ligament sprain or MCL sprain is…, Our MCL sprain rehabilitation program is designed by England Rugby…, MCL sprain exercises should form part of a rehabilitation program.…, First aid for knee injuries is about applying the PRICE…, The majority of knee injuries, especially the minor ones can…, Sports taping techniques are used to support weak or injured…, Here we explain the causes of pain on the inside…. A brace will help reinforce the area until the tissue heals. Wrap around the calf upward, and overlap the bandage. In these cases, the affected knee will bend too far in a direction that it should not bend, or the knee can get overextended. In mild injuries, a person will describe an MCL injury as tenderness or soreness of the injured knee, rather than real pain. This is perfect for returning to sport after filamentous injury. If your tear is minor the a full hinged brace may only get in the way. 4 Wrap the ice in a towel and apply for 10 to 15 minutes to the inner knee every two or three hours after the injury. Isolated medial collateral ligament tears: an update on management. Take a full length piece of tape and tear the backing off one end, anchoring it between the place where the other two pieces were anchored, using no stretch. It is easily adjustable for different leg sizes with the Velcro straps.This brace is great for mild to moderate strains and is small enough to put into a purse or in a gym bag. classification of medial knee injury severity 3,5 classification systems may be used to define initial injury severity, guide treatment planning, and assess healing with nonoperative interventions systems are based on amount of pain/tenderness and gapping (abnormal opening) during clinical valgus stress testing This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you experience pain on the inside of your knee, an MCL injury is diagnosed. When performing stretching and strengthening exercises during a recovery after an MCL tear it is very important to listen to your body as well, and not to overdo it. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injuries. Your doctor will probably tell you to relax the leg muscles as much as possible during the physical examination, which will make it a lot easier to test the knee ligament stability. Campagne D. Knee sprains and meniscal injuries. In most cases, MCL injury can recover on its own, after a couple of weeks. Here we demonstrate a general knee joint taping which is suitable for all knee ligament injuries. Protecting the injured knee is very important immediately after the injury as it will prevent any further damage to the knee structures. One of the most common knee injuries is an injury to the Medial Collateral Ligament of the MCL. Image from:,,,,,,,, The Best Orthopedic Knee Pillow For Pain-Free Sleep, The 6 Best Exercises for a Hip Labral Tear, The Best Exercises for Hip Bursitis and Glute Tendonitis, The Best Exercises for Ski Season and to Help Achy Knees, What to Look for When Purchasing an MCL Brace, These hold the support strips firmly in place. For example, if the injured knee is not protected correctly after the injury, an overstretched medial collateral ligament can be torn, or a partially torn medial collateral ligament can get completely torn. Grade 1 MCL tear is characterized only by an overstretching of the medial collateral ligament, but the ligament is not torn. The shock doctor knee brace is another favorite of ours. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. This brace provides stability on the MCL through metal supports on each side of the brace. This is the structure that prevents knees from buckling. MRI machines usually make loud noises so there is nothing for you to be scared. During this period you should rest in order to prevent any further damage to the ligament and other knee structures which can lead to long – term complications and even prevent you from playing sports in the future.

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