The couple had met 10 years earlier when they worked together in the kitchens of the Castle Hotel in Taunton, Somerset. At times it was very difficult being pulled between the family and the business. The couple opened Morston Hall in 1991, with two staff to run the 40-seat restaurant and three bedrooms, with the intention of offering good-quality, local produce. It will always be seasonal, but might not be regional. There she met and married Galton Blackiston and they continued to work at Miller Howe until 1990 - she as restaurant manager and he as head chef. As we expanded and developed I concentrated on the bedrooms' interior design and I'm still involved with this now. That might be Scotland for scallops or Cornwall for John Dory. Summer Time | After Common Ground, Adams took up a head chef position at Armadillo in Notting Hill, where its wine-savvy boss encouraged her wine explorations further. The hotel industry is a fabulous place for every women to work. Going one step further than the standard ‘restaurant with rooms’ function, Morston Hall – a hotel and eatery located in a refined and pleasant 18th century manor house – offers its guests a number of options for entertainment and diversion when they arrive. At 26, Lisa Allen is extraordinarily young to be head chef of this Michelin-starred restaurant/hotel, but it's her talent and hard work that earned her this position three years ago. Emma Tagg exemplifies what can be achieved through hard work and determination. There’s talk of us doing a thing next year, which would be carnage, but in a good way.”. Tagg believes in a hands-on approach with both staff and customers and still does all the practical jobs she did while climbing the career ladder. The profile of care catering has also been raised significantly, with the NACC now being regularly consulted by Government when reviewing policies on nutrition in care homes and the community. Within two months of having made this decision, Galton had begun working in the Lake District at the renowned Miller Howe, finally working his way up to the position of Head Chef. The restaurant has gone on to win many awards and, most significantly, two Michelin stars. Allen always wanted to be a chef. We installed it 15 years ago. He’s a good friend of mine and we have such a laugh. Apart from one estate agent who, when she was searching for sites, "patted me on the head and suggested I'd be happier running a little wine bar," Clarke says she has had nothing but support in her career. "Care catering has a very broad scope, covering all ages, which makes every day interesting and a challenge," Hawkins says. The co-founder and chief executive of contract caterer Charlton House, Robyn Jones always knew she wanted to work in hospitality, starting out as a graduate trainee for GrandMet Catering before progressing to work for the likes of Gardner Merchant, High Table (now Avenance) and Compass. What characteristics got Frith and the company through those first few years? My tip is to make sure you get the pan very, very hot. My wife is very good at seeing potential in a place and I have a business partner who has experience in this area, so we decided to go for it.”. "Women aren't as physically strong as men, so it's stupid to get them to do lots of heavy lifting or work that men can do better. Galton Blackiston. Mainly it's because critics have enthused about her latest project, the Wonder Bar, which features a wine-tasting jukebox serving 25ml sips in 75ml taster glasses in London's Selfridges, but it's also because this concept actually breaks the law (wine has to sold in 125ml or 175ml measures, or multiples thereof). "We are moving to give Hibiscus the stability it needs to grow," Bosi says. Moon encourages the use of local produce: "I'm a farmer's daughter, so I'm very biased towards using local foods. “With that the man said, ‘come and have a look at this place in Cromer’. Summer Time | ", Tracy Blackiston, joint proprietor, Morston Hall Hotel & Restaurant, Morston, Holt, Norfolk. For the past seven years she has ruled over the four restaurants and an 800-bin list at the now Hyatt-owned Great Eastern Hotel.

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