he's a rock 'n' roll, out of control, why does he like me better? Can you elaborate? After plucking up the courage to ask, he realised that the other boy was using a different bait. Albert Einstein once stated that: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”. Although I am the one who is having to make the changes in my teaching I know that I am not just accountable to myself but also to wider community of pianists and musicians. It may seem a tad obvious. oh no you can't have everything you see In The Curious Piano Teachers we act as a support team to help each other to stay committed and accountable. oh please Not even a ‘stickly’. My interest in fishing began and ended with the simple delight of having a few ‘sticklies’ I’d caught, swimming around in a jam-jar. ... We have your best interests in mind. … You talk about “sense of commitment and accountability”. when she walked by she pushed me If you’re dissatisfied with what’s happening in your lessons, change something. There's nothing that you can do to change my mind Lil mama a dime you should have seen the look on her face Cookies help us deliver our Services. (In just the same way that my brother was able to successfully catch fish once he knew about the right kind of bait to use). Learn how your comment data is processed. The Name, Email and Comment fields are required. Your email address will not be published. and theres nothing you can do about it can't believe this is happening to me Here’s why the ONGOING feature of professional development is vital: Discovering a new idea is not enough to facilitate success. Because if you change nothing, nothing will change. https://www.thecuriouspianoteachers.org/change-nothing-nothing-will-change/ (And you know as well as me that, when we experience those teaching breakthroughs, we finish the day with a spring in our step!). Because if you change nothing, nothing will change. So if you’re curious to: CLICK THIS LINK NOW TO GET OUR SPRING BROCHURE, ENROLMENT TO THE COMMUNITY WILL OPEN FOR 8 DAYS ONLY, CLICK to instantly download your Spring Brochure (no email required), This blog post was written by Sharon Mark-Teggart | Co-Founder & Director of The Curious Piano Teachers. When it comes to having the courage to change, and getting the ‘know-how’ to change – professional development has an important role to play. oh no you can't have everything you see 7. One day during his summer holidays he went fishing. But change is possible but only when we are committed both as a profession and individually to make it happen. Research suggests that a single day of professional development is not a catalyst for change. the guys in the club all say shes a hottie i'm not, and i guess i'm ok with that, cause i no i'm just a girl and i think i want it bad. In fact small, incremental changes are often best. What did I do? I changed something, and something changed. 1 second ago there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it 2 years ago Wasteland 3 writers left inXile 2 years ago Wasteland 3 will be Brian Fargo’s last game 2 years ago Wasteland 3 – “Vision for the Apocalypse” document 2 years ago The authors of Wasteland 3 demonstrated one of the game locations

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