Available with the exclusive HI-MATIC automatic gearbox that offers absolute driving pleasure even in most demanding missions and terrains with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears it is guaranteed that you will accomplish every mission with comfort and ease. And with ergonomically-designed controls and switches, multiple storage compartments and Bluetooth-equipped sound system, the new Daily 4×4 is also easy-to-use. This prevents de-lamination and adds to the overall strength of the panel. Iveco Daily SCV 4x4 Expeditie Camper. SLRV joinery is constructed using the highest quality materials, fixtures and fittings – and is specifically constructed for rugged off-road travel. Additional water filtration, purification and reverse osmosis systems can be custom fitted to your SLRV water system. All vehicles retain the spacious, open feel that is synonymous with the SLRV range of 4×4 expedition vehicles.

The Iveco Daily is highly spec’d off-road truck straight from the factory floor.

You can easily engage the low speed ratio by activating the ergonomic button on the dashboard. ​De Daily 4x4 neemt uw huis overal mee naartoe!
​. Solar cells play an important role in keeping your system charged when no other source is available. In fact, every electrical device has its own wiring, in conduit, the entire way back to the main circuit breaker. A good array of panels will, in fact, keep the basic appliances in this vehicle running self sufficiently – given a decent ray of sunshine. The SLRV team have designed a system that will do just that. It even comes in handy for running certain appliances – including your air conditioner. Units such as cooktops, water heaters, room heaters and even diesel-powered ovens can provide a very efficient source of heat for cooking and comfort. Het speciaal ontworpen chassisframe met een draagvermogen tot en met 5000 kg, de nieuwe vooras met onafhankelijke voorasvering, de stalen 3-delige voorbumper en de volledige schijfremmen met speciaal ontwikkeld ESP-programma maken van de Daily 4x4 het enige voertuig op de markt dat aan de behoeften van de klant kan voldoen voor robuustheid, duurzame prestaties en recordbetrouwbaarheid. Met de Daily 4x4 bestelwagen is geen plaats meer buiten bereik. DAILY 4x4 Camper Chassis. Camper Iveco daily 3.0td euro 4 autom/airco/abs 2006 35/14 Iveco met 2 pers campergedeelte vv kachel,koelkast,keuken,bovenslaper 210/160 met dakluik, toilet.verders een laadruimte van … This ensures your quality drinking water remains just that – and is ultimately conserved for extended isolated travel. Laat uw contactgegevens achter zodat een van onze specialisten contact met u kan opnemen om u te helpen de beste oplossing voor uw situatie te vinden. Because the most beautiful destinations are often the hardest to access. The amount of charging time available depends a lot on your style of touring. SLRV heavy duty compression latches are used throughout. No matter what your interior style is, SLRV have you covered. Its off-road capability is extraordinary! ​Ontdek de fantastische aanbiedingen die over het hele IVECO-gamma beschikbaar zijn. SLRV are currently developing a separate long range tank for this vehicle – with an expected volume of around 300 litres. These high-performance batteries are ideal for running heavy loads for long periods and short charge times. Uw Daily 4x4 kampeerwagen is beschikbaar in de versie met een MTM van 5,5 ton en de 3,0 liter Euro VI Heavy Duty-motor en kan alle hellingen en terreinen aan, zonder in te leveren op het vlak van comfort. The Electric lift up bed options creates a new dimension in interior space, allowing for all those other things you’ve come to expect in a world-class expedition vehicle. The SLRV Iveco Daily can be fitted with an optional Compressed Air System – very hand for tyre inflation and air tool operation.

76 aanbiedingen in november - Bekijk alles met 4x4 campers! The battery actually communicates with the charging system, ensuring safety and performance is maximised at all times. Vergeet niet dat je met een rijbewijs B enkel voertuigen tot en met 3500 kg mag besturen, voor zwaardere voertuigen heb je een rijbewijs C nodig. Boasting an all-new cabin interior with improved sound deadening, dust suppression technology, new climate control system and driver’s air-suspended seat, the Daily 4×4 is quiet and comfortable for both short and long journeys. This allows the body and truck chassis to twist independently – minimising transfer of these forces into the motorhome body. The Iveco Daily 4×4 camper provides a ready to go, Expedition specific vehicle platform – with super single wheels and tyres, parabolic suspension, high and low range transfer case and front, centre and rear diff locks from the factory. It also features a side access ladder, spotlight mounts and side bars to protect the windscreen from tree branches. Ingezonden door Truck Brokers op 10. september 2020 - 9:41. Charging your house batteries from your truck is done via the alternator and a DC DC charger. As with other Bozcrome units, this bar and guard will provide extreme clearance and protection for the vehicle. Let’s have a look how it works……………. The Iveco Daily 4×4 camper provides a ready to go, Expedition specific vehicle platform – with super single wheels and tyres, parabolic suspension, high and low range transfer case and front, centre and rear diff locks from the factory. Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate filtration method, separating water molecules to produce pure water and wastewater, which contains all the eliminated contaminants. Gaining unlimited climbing ability while maintaining  maximum comfort.

The compressor unit runs off the vehicle’s engine and is fitted with a holding tank, regulator and air hose outlets, Fresh off the factory floor, this brilliant new family wagon has just been delivered to it new owners. All SLRV water systems incorporate a city water entry – bypassing your tanks and allowing you to connect to the mains water supply whenever available. SLRV manufacture its own range of aluminium hatch’s. From early 2020, the new Iveco Daily is availbale in 3 wheelbase and body configurations and 7 tonne GVM: Powered by the Euro VI 3.0 litre engine generating 180 hp and 430 Nm torque you can reach any destination needed for the task in hand. All wiring throughout the SLRV Iveco Daily camper is run in conduit for protection against wear and shorting. It does, however, provide a valuable backup source for charging the batteries during an extended period of overcast or rainy weather. By doing this, various quality water can be stored in separate tanks and accessed for specific uses – ultimately enabling you to conserve your water. Similarly, inside the vehicle, you can select which tank you want to draw from. Het enige lichte bedrijfsvoertuig dat gebouwd is als een vrachtwagen met een stevig dragend chassis en hoogwaardige vering, uitstekend aan te passen aan een grote verscheidenheid aan missies. Het is ook verkrijgbaar met een compleet aanbod van laadbakken als optie. Het aanbod aan mobilhomes of campers is enorm. SLRV’s custom aluminium expedition roof rack provides additional storage area over the cab of the truck. Dankzij zijn 24 versnellingen, zijn onbeperkt klimvermogen en verbluffende terreincapaciteiten kunt u van alle plaatsen genieten, waar u ook komt. With a high-end Mastervolt Lithium battery system and a good set of solar panels, a generator is not regularly required. unlocked with the ergonomic switches on the dashboard. If you wish to save a little more room for other things, the Iveco Daily based unit can be fitted with a spacious a 1000mm x 700mm fibreglass shower module with porcelain based cassette toilet.
Ensuring you always have a safe source of drinking water is vital. Met de aftakas op de transferbox en 4 soorten hefinrichtingen kunt u uw Daily 4x4 bedrijfswagen geschikt maken voor een breed scala aan toepassingen, van een éénvoudige kipperbed tot een sneeuwploeg of een platform. This can charge a Mastervolt lithium battery system from flat to full in as little as 4 hours. 3,0 LITER MOTOR MET 180 PK EN AUTOMATISCHE 8-VERSNELLINGSBAK, LAADVERMOGEN TOT 4300 KG EN CARROSSERIELENGTE TOT 5.0 METERS, ALL-ROAD EN OFF-ROAD VERSIES TOT 7.0 TON GVW.

Some move camp every day, while others spend weeks at any particular location. The SLRV Iveco Daily based unit is constructed using premium materials and components. The Daily 4×4 ensures perfect traction in every situation with 3 locking differentials in the front and rear axles, and a central one on the transfer box. The differentials can be locked and To store and conserve water, the SLRV system incorporates multiple tanks – arranged in series of separate ‘cells’.

Cupboard and drawer fronts are finished in a high-quality ABS plastic and are complemented by soft close drawer runners and Blum overhead stays. Deze Iveco Expeditie Camper is een zeer capabele off-road camper met … Conveniently located out of the way towards the roof, the bed can be lowered to a sleeping position at the press of a button. The MLI Ultra series is designed to enjoy all the best properties of Lithium Ion technology in the harshest conditions. Koop en Verkoop Caravans, Campers en Kampeerspullen op Marktplaats. This can be pumped into a dedicated tank using the ‘Thirsty Boy’ – and used for tasks including showering or doing a washing cycle.

If you prefer a separate fixed bed, the 4175mm wheelbase Daily can be configured with an East-West bed. From 2020 on, the Daily is available in 3 different wheelbase and body size configurations. SLRV vehicles can be fitted with an almost endless range of features and appliances, including diesel, induction and gas cooktops, water and room heaters, washing machines, entertainment systems and more. The Thirsty Boy can also be used on the ‘city water entry’ circuit – bypassing tanks altogether. ​​Ontdek alle functies van uw beste zakenpartner​. With up to 70% saving in space and weight, these are the ideal choice for any expedition vehicle.

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