The Chinese internet promptly went nuts. “Won’t Cry” — had a similar effect, also crashing a streaming platform, song as inspiration for an anti-drug video, “Farewell My Concubine” is Getting a Broadway Adaptation, Rap Reality Show Ends in Controversy After Anti-Sexual Harassment Lyrics Allegedly Cut, Damwon Gaming Ends Chinese Dominance of League of Legends Worlds in Shanghai. A great ringtone for your phone.

#CubaChina60, — EmbaCuba China (@EmbacubaChina) June 12, 2020. We will send you the latest celebrity news updates. )

Listen and download free Mojito Ringtone - Jay Chou high quality for your mobile phone now. "Big White Duel 2" Brings Together Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma, Sisley Choi's Heart Pounded When Filming “Line Walker 3” with Raymond Lam, Flight Attendant Reveals What These 10 Superstars Are Like in Person, Philip Keung Thanks Alex Man for His Mentorship, "Legal Mavericks 2" to Feature Thought-Provoking Cases, Katherine Ho’s Luxurious Lifestyle After Divorce, Crystal Fung Gets Warning from TVB Management to Curb Romance Rumors, Charmaine Sheh On Why She Didn’t Marry Wealthy, Frankie Lam No Longer ATV’s Vice President, “Legal Mavericks 2” to Feature Thought-Provoking Cases, Linda Chung Follows This Routine Every Morning to Supercharge Herself, Gillian Chung Returns to Hong Kong After Eyebrow Injury, Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang Take Baby Daughter Outside, Celebs in The Making: 7 Artistes Before They Were Famous, Marie Zhuge Continues to Live Luxuriously Despite Husband’s Financial Troubles, “Cliffhanger” Releases Sneak Peaks of Leads Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon, Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen Perform for Tmall Festival, Jiro Wang and Puff Kuo Kiss in “Falling Into You”. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The song and music video also got a shout out from the Cuban Embassy in China, with the Cuban Ambassador to China expressing hope that the video will bring more Chinese tourists to the Caribbean island. Payment for the track on Tencent Music, which hosted the song, crashed as huge numbers of people went to the music streaming site to buy the track. Wǒ Men Podcast: How Porn Helped Me Through Lockdown, Wǒ Men Podcast: How Covid-19 has Changed Chinese People’s Attitudes to Personal Finance, Wǒ Men Podcast: The Unsung Heroes of International Media’s China Coverage. for the music video. Taiwanese Mandopop legend Jay Chou‘s new single, “Mojito” dropped on Tencent Music at midnight on June 12.

NewRingtone.InFo specializes in updating the latest and hottest ringtones for phones. Jay Chou’s “Mojito” is China’s Most Viral Song of 2020 So Far, Beatles Nods, Virtual Pop Idols and Hazy Island Vibes: Freshen Up Your Fall Playlists with Our New Music Picks, How Hip Hop Star GAI Went From Violent Offender to Mainstream Success, Unconventional Art Prankster Xu Zhen on “Moving Beyond the Boundaries”, Here’s a Playlist of Terrifying Tunes to Get You in the Mood for Halloween, 10 Spectacular Chinese Architectural Projects that Won 2020 Architizer A+Awards, “A Painful Read”: New Report on the Dangers Facing China’s Delivery Drivers Goes Viral. He can be found at a music show, usually with pint in hand. Jay Chou Taking Extreme Precautions from Wuhan Coronavirus? He is a Shanghai-based writer and editor with an interest in culture stories with a social bent. Based in Havana in Cuba, the song comes on the back of the singer’s Netflix series J-Style Trip, which is part travelogue and part magic show. Has Covid-19 Permanently Changed China’s Daily Reliance on Tech? Self-Isolate and Stream Jay Chou’s New Travel Show on Netflix. Taiwanese Mandopop legend Jay Chou‘s new single, “Mojito” dropped on Tencent Music at midnight on June 12. The singer's new track has caused a flurry of memes and tribute videos - and has already sold 4 million copies. Bryan is RADII's Culture Editor. The duo created music with the band as Jay danced with a maraca and Alan played with a guiro. All music posted on the site has been collected from various sources, we do not accept any responsibility for copyright issues, if you have any questions about copyright please Contact to resolve.Thank You Very much, Humko Sirf Tumse Pyaar Hai Ringtone – Rahul Jain, Dancing In The Moonlight Ringtone (Ver 2) – Jubel, Neimy, Falling For You Ringtone – Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, The End Ringtone - Alesso, Charlottle Lawrence, More Ringtone (Ver 2) - K-DA, Madison Beer, More Ringtone (Ver 1) - K-DA, Madison Beer. “I forgot the lyrics” “You forgot the lyrics, didn’t you?” “I forgot the lyrics”. According to Channel News Asia, the Mandopop star wanted to go to Cuba to film the music video, partly because of the country’s variety of antique cars, which Chou is known for collecting. Log in. Lyrically, the track (written by Chou’s long-time collaborator Alang Huang) uses the titular Cuban cocktail as its central image, as the singer serves up lines such as, “Could I have a Mojito for my lover? Taiwanese pop king Jay Chou (周杰倫) has dropped his latest single “Mojito”, and it’s definitely one of the more uniquer songs on his catalogue.

As of publication time, over 4 million people have paid 3RMB (around 0.40USD) to buy the song. The song was written before Jay traveled to Havana, Cuba. The video already has over 7 million views in a single day on QQ Music, #China's largest online music platform. Jacky Cheung, Jay Chou, and G-Dragon to Perform at Regional Charity Concert? Successful launch today in #China of video clip "Mojito" by renowned Chinese artist Jay Chou.

“Mojito” has also resulted in more than a few memes.

I like the look on her eyes when she is a little bit drunk.”. That’s why we went to Cuba to film the MV.” As Cai Xukun fans found last year, Chou’s appeal continues to be strong within mainland China, two decades on from the release of his debut album. ), who based its romantic lyrics on the mojito drink, a Cuban cocktail. ) Chou’s previous single — “Won’t Cry” — had a similar effect, also crashing a streaming platform.

The Chinese internet promptly went nuts. “Mojito” is a Latin pop-inspired song infused with beats infused with the Spanish guitar, percussion, and horns. We highlight our top stories each week in an email newsletter that goes out every Monday - hot, fresh, and straight to your inbox. For Most Indians, That’s Unthinkable, How Women are Quietly Diversifying China’s Taste for Wine, Volunteer Efforts are Keeping New York’s Chinatown Businesses Afloat, Watch: Everybody is a “Ghost” in Mandarin Chinese Slang. How 2020 Kicked Off a Nationwide Discussion about China’s Hidden Epidemic, Boycott Indian-Chinese Food? Wǒ Men Podcast: Has Covid-19 Ended China’s Consumption Boom? The release of “Mojito” has been accompanied by a plethora of articles in Chinese explaining about the culture behind the famous drink, while bars around the country took advantage of the social media storm to promote their own mojito drinks deals.
Netflix’s First Chinese-Language Reality TV Show Starring Jay Chou Premieres March 21, Hannah Quinlivan Admits She Was Too Eager to Please Everyone, Taiwanese Celebrities Donate Money to Wuhan. “They have so many different styles of antique cars and everyone knows I love vintage.

It was Alan who had arranged a Cuban band to perform for Jay in the music video, surprising even Jay. Watch: Is China Helping or Hurting Our Environment? Can a Major Music Streaming App Help Remedy China’s Mental Health Services Deficit? Jackson Yee Tops Forbes China Celebrity 100 List of 2020, Hannah Quinlivan's Heart Melts Over Her Children's Thoughtful Gestures, Andy Lau Joins Virtual Concert in Tribute to Frontline Health Workers. “I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba,” said the 41-year-old star. Watch: Were You Born in the Year of the Walnut?

Filmed in #Cuba, the video recreates images of #Havana. Based in Havana in Cuba, the song comes on the back of the singer’s Netflix series J-Style Trip, which is part travelogue and part magic show.

has dropped his latest single “Mojito”, and it’s definitely one of the more uniquer songs on his catalogue. People have also been paying “tribute” to the catchy track and its colorful accompanying video: Elsewhere, drug police in Hainan, an island province in the south of China, used the music video and song as inspiration for an anti-drug video. Watch: Learn Some Fiery Guizhou Slang with Yehaiyahan.

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