Although it was 17years ago you left your mark on the world. She kept wondering, 'What if he's lost somewhere? So sorry for you and your family. But the detail has been used to identify Jonathan Briley, a sound engineer who also worked at Windows on the World, as a possible candidate. I am a South African and woke up this morning to pray for all of you and your families left behind! You and the other 200+ ppl that had to make that tuff decision is brave!!! I will turn the grief and sadness I feel due to the world's loss of one so wonderful as him into positiveness from this day forward. "I have the bracelet he wore that day. Jonathan Briley was born in 1855, to Phillip Briley and Sarah Briley (born Harmon). Praise be to God forever and ever. To the family of Mr. Briley, Jonathan's memory lives on through his leagacy of his love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If anyone has contact with Hillary, tell her that "Bones" says "Hey.". Rest in peace! I now look at life from a different perspective, in a great way of course. But when we go to New York, it's out of respect for my father and for the others who died. The years continue to mount up and I continue to think of you often. The Electronic Urban Report/EUR puts the most buzz worthy African American news at your fingertips. I will never judge you and I'll never forget you or stop paying tribute to you. You are brave. You will live forever within us... Never forget September 11, 2001. I feel his last thoughts were his love to his family and to say "Lord forgive me, that I may be worthy to enter into your Kingdom". We have his legs, we have his skull, his torso, and an arm. Much love, Sydni :). Jonathan, I've never met you but I love you brother. View our online Press Pack. God answered his furious prayer; and from the dust and the rubble came what Gwendolyn calls "Jonathan's full form." I feel privileged and humbled just to know of such a great Man as Deacon Jonathan Eric Briley. "People have to get over wondering who this man was," she says. Even though we never met, somehow our paths have crossed. May God continue to bless your soul. That awful decision you had to make on that dreadful day breaks my heart. R.I.P. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. “My friends have told me they saw me on the TV and they are really happy. I now look at life from a different perspective, in a great way of course. Postal Service in Mt. Your family still needs prayers, love, and support. To the Briley family, please accept my deepest condolences.

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