So 74.5% of the human body is water, which comes out to 198kg is 147.51kg. KING CRIMSON. Though it is possible that this won’t stop Tanjiro’s attacks completely - it will severely hamper him, leading to Jonathan finishing Tanjiro through complete organ disruption. Safe to say light timing in JoJo is pretty consistent. Jonathan’s father promised to repay Dario for “saving” his life, which would later spell doom for the Joestar family. Luckily for him, his best opponent just so happens to be a character with numerous similarities and is well known by anime fans. The flames around Tanjirou's sword, distort where the blade actually is, making it more difficult for an enemy to dodge. It’s an extremely devastating flurry of rapid Hamon-enhanced punches with power that rivals the Sun itself (well, not literally). But on the other hand, Tanjiro could figure out how Hamon works with his See Through World move, giving him a visual view of how it flows through Jonathan’s body, and he can likely find a way to strike it in a particularly vital point, but...well, the speed gap is simply to massive to make that likely, and it gives Jonathan dozens of opportunities to screw Tanjiro over. While not canon, it shouldn’t be that far out of his ballpark. By looking at the abilities section, it’s obvious that Tanjiro has a lot more than Jonathan. Tarkus is a BIG boy, standing at 8'10 and 7 tenths. in quick succession with Parhelion Rainbow and attacks the enemy while they are distracted, Tanjiro charges towards his opponent with a flame-cladded blade to slash them. and the fastest Water Breathing technique. Meanwhile the few abilities Jonathan has kind of blow Tanjiro's out of the water. I really hope this becomes a DEATH BATTLE someday. but Jonathan was well...dead at the time. The Breathing Styles make use of specific and concentrated breathing patterns, which increase the user’s lung capacity and the amount of oxygen in the blood. Notably, See-Through World makes Tanjiro’s movements very difficult to predict by completely obscuring his blood-lusted intent, and the detailed view on Jonathan’s insides would likely yield him a quite detailed look at how his Hamon flows through the body, giving Tanjiro the knowledge necessary to try countering its flow any way he can. who was able to blitz lightning at Mach 1830. Upon activating the mark, Tanjiro is granted superhuman strength, speed, and enhanced breathing techniques beyond that of a normal Breathing Style user, and can even rival that of the strongest demons. While recovering from his first major battle with Dio, Jonathan was approached by a man named Baron Will Anthonio Zeppeli. Focused breathing is also capable of. Total Concentration Breathing state during the morning, noon, and night, and even while asleep, that Advanced Demon Slayers, such as Hashira, can constantly maintain. So, depending on how you want to play it, Tanjiro would hold the advantage from a slight amount to 5 times stronger or tougher than anything Jonathan survived. It's also the only fight I have a stake in during this break interval (until Beerus hopefully fights Hades. Please, not Phoenix, please just Hades.). Now, some may argue that Jonathan doesn’t scale to these feats, but I disagree. between someone who can maintain Total Concentration Breathing at all times and someone who cannot. Death Battle may be on a break, but that doesn’t mean we have to either. Regarding speed, Jonathan doesn’t have any direct feats which clearly show his upper limit. This allows them to fight on par with demons, who are naturally physically stronger than humans. Tanjiro is capable of performing powerful Breaths of Water and Sun maneuvers to strengthen his blows. Tanjiro’s sword is colored black. However, the mark has a drawback in which Tanjiro can only enter this state on rare occasions, and can only use it for a very short period, since it causes exhaustion. Many Nichirin Blades come in different unique colors, depending on the user’s skills. No other Jojo could pull what Jonathan did with physical strength. Follows (but not associated with) the Screwattack webshow. But matches like these are of course not only down to stats. The Tarkus feat got to around 3167200000 Joules 756 kg of TNT. For Pulverization, we need to find total volume. which Star Platinum initially struggled to do itself. Anyway, Tanjiro vs Jonathan is a unique match-up idea that was spawned only a couple of months ago. Jonathan could match Dio, who fought Joseph Joestar later in Stardust Crusaders. After some more training, Tanjiro can now, track objects (humans and demons) over long distances, . in a flowing fashion similar to a harsh tide. Not to mention Tanjiro’s sense of smell can apparently detect openings in an opponent’s attacks, which seems to me like the perfect counter to an opponent like Jonathan who’s less proficient in a sword fight but can swing and move much faster than him. With their actual abilities, both use their breathing as the source of power behind their techniques. He’s more experienced, more skilled, more comfortable with his powers than Jonathan, and has the unique tools necessary to bridge the gaps in speed and strength. Hmm… This is sounding a little troublesome for Jonathan... Tanjiro on the other hand certainly has a pretty nice edge over Jonathan when it comes to versatility, with the many skills he has access to with his 3 Breathing Styles: Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing and Sun Breathing. As such, Jonathan needs to be focused at all times on his breathing rather than the fight itself  or he cannot use Hamon to the fullest extent. However, the nature of Jonathan’s Hamon techniques are a great danger to Tanjiro, and his massive speed advantage means he has plenty of opportunities to capitalize on their disabling effects and get plenty of hits in. This is consistent with characters like Nezuko, who can push Tanjiro out of the way of another Demon who uses attacks described as “lightning”. and Joseph was shown to be able to dodge a laser by jumping over it. His legacy extends throughout almost the entirety of the first six parts of the series, with major characters such as Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo being his descendants. The only big problem here that I see for the original JoJo is that he isn’t that experienced using Hamon, so there is that possibility that he might not make the best of Hamon itself, especially when he had the help of Luck. . Later on, a dying Zeppeli would draw the letter “P” on the sword’s handle with his blood, renaming it “Pluck.” However, the sword is commonly referred to as “Luck and Pluck” outside the JoJo series. The Demon Slayer Mark is a mysterious marking that can be unlocked and may appear on the body of a strong demon slayer, looking somewhat like a tattoo, scar, or birthmark. Due to his nobility, he also never resorts to any underhanded tactics, making him fairly predictable in a fight. She got her ass kicked by a Catholic priest and she needed a ****ing elementary school kid with no combat experience to save her ass from said priest. . Though if you scale him to Thunder Breathing user Zenitsu (which is fair as the two have been shown to be equals numerous times in the series) who intercepted Kaigaku’s Thunder Breathing technique at. Jonathan shouldn’t be massively slower than Joseph, and it’s worth noting that in Part 3, Dio was explicitly stated to not be as powerful as he was in Part 1, yet he was capable of reacting to stand attacks, particularly those from Star Platinum, who’s comparable to Silver Chariot, who, as I mentioned, is 365 times the speed of light. His head is 139% of Johnathan's height, so we will assume he is 139% of his overall height of 195 cm. Tanjiro is, capable of cutting through an entire boulder. Due to Hamon being able to travel better underwater, Jonathan is able to increase the power of his punches. After what he did to Tarkus, I'd say no. Jonathan has beaten one of the strongest zombies that was shown in Phantom Blood that being Tarkus, with Tarkus being able to split, entire hills apart through raw physical strength alone. He never did that in the manga. He could. With all this said, who do I believe wins? . These usually appear in demon slayers that had survived the life-threatening conditions of having a heart rate over 200 bpm and a body temperature over 39° Celsius (102.2° Fahrenheit). For one thing, Hamon provides better healing for the user than the Breathing Styles. Now let’s about their abilities. So what we are left with is Jonathan and Tanjiro being almost identical in Strength and Durability, with Jonathan scaling to feats faster than anything Tanjiro has ever faced. However, I looked into it and heard the arguments from the researchers, and I was surprised to see that Jonathan did indeed have his own advantages over Tanjiro. Finding a possible matchup for Tanjiro was difficult due to how recent Demon Slayer in terms of it’s mainstream popularity but the more we at the G1DBFB as well as the DEATH BATTLE Cast Discord thought of this matchu, the more we thought that actually - this fight makes an extreme amount of sense as both are Shonen Protagonists who are Swordsmanship that use the power of Breathing Energy in order to slay Undead Monsters. All memes and microton rocks aside, Jonathan’s best feat is when his dead body and Dio’s severed head were in the middle of. And Jonathan’s durability feat would scale to AP for obvious reasons (Jonathan can hurt Dio, Dio can hurt Jonathan, both withstood the same blast, you know). ", "How my heart resonates! Using this calculator we get a volume of 196039cc for Tarkus. Minimizes the landing time and surface needed when landing, allowing Tanjiro to move without limits. While that gets well over hypersonic speeds, Tanjiro pales in comparison to the superluminal swiftness of JoJo, letting Jonathan have a blitzing speed advantage over Tanjiro. So as a recap, Tanjiro is more experienced and more versatile, however Jonathan essentially renders all of that moot by being able to use his comparable abilities and superior speed to close in and put a stop to Tanjiro in his tracks. These two are pretty comparable in terms of strength and durability. Tarkus is, by this method of reasoning, 271.05 cm tall. the Hamon-wielding gentlemen of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. It looks like. So, case closed, right? His sense of smell is strong enough to allow him to, smell the “line of interval” (the slight pause in an enemy’s movement that leaves an opening to strike), detect traps and use their scent to dodge them, distinguish between species as well as their approximate positions, . I’m fighting to protect my family from those that wish it harm. The average height of a human head is 23.9 cm, so we'll round to 24.5 because Johnathan is a bit bigger than the average male (by a few inches). Request from Paulo requested I look into a calc where Johnathan Joestar vaporizes Tarkus until nothing is left (except for his armor). Other Hamon Users have also shown impressive feats such as when Jonathan’s Grandson - Joseph managed to react to a ray of light from the sun. This is a match-up that I never would’ve thought of if not for Mal. . But with the help of fan favorite Robert E.O. So this is honestly not too much of a difference to put either vastly above the other. Moving onto the real bread & butter of any VS debate, the stat spread is once again ultimately key to finding our definitive winner. Meaning that while Tanjiro was a bit stronger, Jonathan could land far more hits that closed the gap hundreds of times over. Overall. And now for the much more likely occurance... We will use the chart here for this part. As for Jonathan, he was able to go toe to toe with Dio in Part 1. Also stan Rena, So, Tanjiro vs Jonathan. In terms of Jonathan, his body was capable of surviving the 60 Tons of TNT explosion at the end of Part 1 (hence Dio using his body for the entirety of Part 3). , an advanced application of Breathing, is a state where a Breathing Style user inhales the maximum amount of oxygen within a specific breath pattern to raise their physical and mental prowess to their utmost limits.

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