Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The damaged disc was taken to the Kapustin Yar range and placed under ground west of Ahryomkin. The world of writing and the research that goes with each new project is what keeps her excited about each new project. She works with other writers, artists and poets to hone her talents and to offer encouragement and insight to others. Blasting out of Rostov and Krymsk, the Migs were ordered to intercept and identify the unknown object.

The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. The base was so secret that the nearby town ofZhitkur was completely evacuated and then razed to the ground. She has written in numerous genres and has written in collaborations as well as in novels. The only town that might have born witness to the event had already been evacuated years before to make sure that nobody ever got nosy about anything that happened in the vicinity of this base. [1] In ufology, it’s believed that the Russian site was the equivalent of Area 51 in the US, having housed UFOs during the Cold War. To the Russian peasants the Arab traders spoke to them in marvel of stars in the sky, the alien ships were a moving fixture, a constant in their lives. If that was the effect of it burning up during entry, why the huge explosion? ( Log Out /  Suddenly you feel a fiery fist that hits you so hard that you and your chair go flying! It was like what the Russians call lightning. Kapistan Yar: Officially in the middle of nowhere. Cooper, Top 10 Aokigahara Forest Stories about the Haunted Forest in Japan, Top 10 Jersey Devil Sightings with Pictures Proved it is Real, 9 Evidences Proving the Loch Ness Monster is Real, 10 Evidences Proof the Mokele Mbembe Still Alive, 5 Jersey Devil Stories Proof the Jersey Devil is Real, 19 Chupacabra Facts to Know What is a Chupacabra, Top 10 Mothman Sightings with Pictures Proved It is Real. Fireballs plummeted from the sky and then spikes of light came out of the side of the ships that were clearly seen despite the fact that the hovering UFO was still surrounded by a ball of fire. The earth trembled. She believes in fun and measures success in terms of satisfaction rather than bank accounts or awards and prestige. It's nearly impossible to keep up with her portfolio it is so profuse! Il caso più famoso relativo a questa base risale al 1948 quando i sistemi radar della base rilevarono un UFO.

La base era talmente segreta che la vicina cittadina di Zhitkur fu completamente evacuata e poi rasa al suolo. Her body of work has grown extensively.

This was the fourth strike, like normal thunder. While two of them were killed in the crash, the third one was on the verge of dying. Propriocezione: la consapevolezza corporea, 150 mln anni dopo formazione, terra era oceano di magma, Avremo inverni sempre più freddi a causa del riscaldamento globale, 21 Dicembre 2012: "La fine del mondo" in diretta streaming, 1954: I radar War Office e la formazione U=Z contro l'energia nucleare, Calendario Maya. This show looks into that activities of Kapustin Yar -- a remote, top secret, military development and test facility in Russia and said to be the former … Can’t you do better than that, NASA? My body was pushed down by sticks, but my head was in the clear. Cheers. In ufology, it’s believed that the Russian site was the equivalent of Area 51 in the US, having housed UFOs during the Cold War. A team with special protective equipment moved into the scene. When I say destroyed, I mean flattened it to the ground. Since its construction in 1942, it was cloaked in secrecy. Il Vaticano: “Una profezia falsa e senza fondamento”, Trovato microchip alieno nel cranio di Napoleone, I 10 luoghi dove è possibile avvistare un UFO, Bufale marziane : nessun UFO ripreso da Curiosity. I’m not talking about a little bit of radiation either, I’m talking about deadly radiation that persists to this day. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Geiger counters as far away as England recorded the impact. ( Log Out /  It doesn’t seem entirely earthly, a strange design, an orb with three probes positioned out of the sides of it.

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