First, if the government had adopted this some six weeks ago, this boat that probably wouldn't be missing now, would it? So there's no advantage in going one way or the other. Indonesian people smugglers know that it's only a matter of time before the politics ends and the Parliament gets its act together and passes legislation to stop the practice of putting people onto boats. I think it is about striking the right balance here. Topics: KARINA CARVALHO: And Angus Houston says the cost of adopting all these recommendations will be about a billion dollars a year. human-interest, Well, there are state regulators, so being a federation made up of former colonies every state does something different. We've been given a list by people in Australia of some of the people on the boat. indooroopilly-4068, Carvalho, Sie haben mit vier Siegen ein erfolgreiches Derbymeeting absolviert, waren am Derbytag allerdings in Krefeld aktiv, fuhren dort auch drei Siege ein. It's an open facility where accommodation is provided as well as educational and training facilities and so forth. Now why is this new body needed and what's its role? one-nation, British artist Lincoln Townley has been dubbed "the next Andy Warhol" by actor Michael Caine, but believes his commercial success has seen him shunned by the art establishment. And we've put in place the building blocks for that. If the Senate decides to do nothing at all then it's failed the Australian people, and it's failed people who are potentially going to get onto boats and risk their life at sea. You've got an obligation to pass this legislation through the Senate. There were reports over the last few days of a boat missing with sixty-seven people on board. Good morning. JASON CLARE: Well there'll be housing made available in both locations for individuals but they're not in a detention facility. If we want to strong economy into the future and we want to be able to preserve the environment that we all enjoy, then I think moderate long term action is what's required. JASON CLARE: Well what Angus Houston said was that that's a vital part of stopping people risking their lives in coming by boat but more work needs to be done on providing safeguards, in particular for young people who are unaccompanied. brisbane-4000, The people of Australia are sick of it and they want us to get this fixed. brisbane-4000, Topics: We've checked that against immigration records here in Australia and unfortunately they've not found any evidence that those people have arrived in Australia. Now we can defer the point at which we chose to act, here in Australia we haven't, we have managed to get in there to introduce a price on carbon and in the end this is not just about going to conferences and signing up to agreements with other nations, as important as international action is, this is about making sure that we begin to ween our economy off its very high dependence upon fossil fuels as we move forward.

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