I think & believe that he's got a lot of potential since he can sing well too... he's gonna success, trust me. megan Nov 03 2017 2:49 am OlzDive Aug 03 2017 2:29 am Ladybear Oct 01 2017 3:07 am i want to met him in person .

omg how can he be so perfect. Everytime he smiles, my heart is fluttered ❤❤❤❤. Do you know more facts about him? i love his voice. shiraiishi Feb 16 2018 12:40 pm he's just like the most attractive korean male i have ever seen!! Mingyu, Actor: SEVENTEEN: Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day. i love youuu, AM Sep 29 2020 12:12 pm Hana Banana Nov 10 2017 9:42 pm

@ss Yeeeeess i also think he looked and talked a bit like bogum!!! Ray Jul 20 2020 4:35 am Kim Min-kyu you are great at acting and singing .Loving ur dimples by the way. He has very cute voice Ippeudajudyshi Apr 23 2017 2:07 am Haha i can't help. Sooo handsome. 3! Height: 183cm If you need/want to use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. ♥♥♥, jy Dec 30 2017 11:21 pm wish to see him in more dramas!!!

It's my 1st time to see him and i really admire him because of his gestures. Ma Apr 15 2017 7:12 am Chinese Name: 金旻奎 Mingyu (Seventeen) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics.

I just know him tru perfume.. hez so funny nd adorable there sorry lts to late to kno y;) succes 4 ur upcoming drama gantaek.. Me Oct 28 2019 10:59 pm – He is a good friend with Choi Hyun Wook. It kind of looks like him though. I think he could really pull it off.

oh my god, i fell in love right when i saw him for the first time in I Can See Your Voice S4!! Mino's Wife Feb 25 2018 6:20 pm i come here right after see him at ICSYV.. Not only good at acting but also can sing amazingly. He is among the most popular handsome idols. ms choco Nov 07 2017 4:06 am Hope korea's industry can give him opportunities for his act or sing . [CDATA[ He's so handsome, cute and have a great voice Kim Min-kyu. Jessica Gutierrez Nov 10 2017 3:14 am i can see you voice tv show...no wonder he look familiar... lol Mar 10 2018 4:02 am Seing him play as pysco stalker at "Meloholic" make me want to see this dimple guy playing psyco antagonis character like Mo Taegoo in Voice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ, k Dec 07 2017 7:32 pm query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Oppa , im waiting for yr next drama ! Audition in 11th grade. Is that him? Most people saw him in ICSYV 4....well me too and I really like him! me Mar 15 2018 9:48 pm Wow!! He really cute at ICSYV!! I didn't know he'll play in "Because This Is My First Life", I'm expecting his acting! I see him first on ICHYV 4, his voice very good, his dimple so cute. still not sure tho if he is that man, JiHye Oct 31 2017 9:22 pm | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Kim_Min-Kyu_(1994)&oldid=1153215. – He passed Jellyfish Ent. His dimples tho. MinGyu (Seventeen) Facts and Profile; MinGyu’s Ideal Type Stage Name: Mingyu (민규) Birth Name: Kim Mingyu (김민규) Position: Lead Rapper, Face of the Group Birthday: 06 April 1997 Zodiac sign: Aries Nationality: Korean Hometown: Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Height: 187 cm (6’2″) Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs) Blood Type: B Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team Mingyu’s Spotify list: […] K Oct 25 2017 10:01 am In "Produce X 101", one of the most handsome trainees of this season is none other than Jellyfish trainee Kim MinKyu. amazon tools Dec 12 2019 5:24 am He acted in dramas such as "Because This Is My First Life" (2017) and "Perfume" (2019). For other actors with the same name, see Kim Min Kyu. Kim MiN_Kyu,i like u r acting, i want to see u in many movie,u r dimples are so lovely, try more hard and u r good actor,u well done..?? 고원희와 함께", "The judicial branch full of love in "Special Laws of Romance, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kim_Min-kyu_(actor)&oldid=986841500, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 09:39. I root for min kyu always from now n i sincerely hope his success in whatever he pursue. Ami Apr 14 2020 7:54 am Chrystal May 02 2018 11:36 am I've been watching korean rom-coms for 5 years now but I've never had second-lead-syndrome. Oh. i even played it a hundred times hahahahha. Did he have a sns or smth?? OMG, his smile can cure illness. Love you✌✌. Kpop Boy Group Profiles

Best of luck to me!. Discover (and save!)

– He Endorses BANILA CO product ‘Clean It Zero’ that is known for its cleansing properties. ???? Joy Jan 04 2020 5:23 am His acting has improved so much over the years & because of that he deserves a spot as a main actor - I’m sick of seeing him as a second lead.
Tiara Apr 13 2017 1:31 am – In High School, Minkyu was part of a band called ‘No Plan’. bobby345 Apr 29 2017 2:40 am he's the detective assistant in Crime Scene Season 3 <3. Hello , you've got a new fan here...i came here after watching i can see your voice 4..just star- struck bcoz of the dimple..? So cuteee, jan May 22 2020 6:44 am

Mingyu is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor who became one of the 13 members of the renowned boy-band, Seventeen in 2015. He is sooo dreamy...made us think that; is there any person as dreamy & perfect as he is??? Just watched him at perfume. I thought i was the only one who noticed bec i dont see comments about that hahahahha!!! //
I saw him on I Can See Your Voice and it WOWed everyone. I am here because og ICSYV S4!! Omg!!! He appeared as the Assistant Detective in Crime Scene 3. how could i forget he was the junior police officer in signal AND the assistant detective in crime scene 3. heol Nov 01 2017 8:18 pm Also really happy to see that he's only a month younger than me, since most of the newer actors are a couple of years younger than me~. Always rooting for you!

Erica mae Oct 20 2020 1:40 pm Kim MinKyu Facts: Awards:

A lot of helpful info here. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups i first saw him in Signal, but fell in love with him after watching I can See your Voice 4 ? Love you, as always. Hee looks exactly like Nam Ji-Hyun from Suspicious Partner!! Like Lee Kwang Soo girlfriend Lee Sun Bin, 1st time they found that he have a big talent in I Can See Your Voice ? Eunbin Feb 09 2019 5:42 am OMG, I am at episode 6 of Because this is my first life, where Bok Nam first appeared, that I have to searched who this dimple guy is because his smile is so heart-melting LOL. loadbox(1); I can't wait to see him in more Dramas.. he is adorable!! It seems that the name Kim MinKyu also written as Kim MinGyu (in Korean 김민규) is a synonym to tall and handsome. I'm spazzing so haaard. He was voted as the most handsome guy in the group. mirajisago Mar 24 2017 1:59 pm Its a reality show where group of girls& boys hang out together whilst looking for a chance to date/in love again. I discovered him in Signal, he's so cute.

God. Why!!!!! Very good looking, someone will soon make him lead actor just watch ? N now i am going to watch all his drama& movie. – Minkyu had first made his appearance on Mnet “Produce X 101” as a trainee. I found him in "because this is my first life" drama. Everyone's here cause of ICSYV?! Yeah...i have completed watching love me actually. Perthenhale Oct 08 2017 7:43 am

in because this is my first life he was looking sooo good. I don't ship them yet, though. FanMargarida Jul 06 2018 10:46 pm all in one hahaaa. proud of him that he has come this far.

I just cant move on yet,lol. BlinkPH Feb 26 2018 12:46 am All I gotta say is... he is gorgeous ASF. i found him!!! When will we get to see him as the main lead? I hope I could see you in person someday. – He Ranked #12 in the final (Pdx101). Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks and talks like Lee Hyunwoo/Park Bogum?? He held in Japan. – Education: Munhyeon Elementary School, Hwaam Middle School, and Moonhyeon High School. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Just saw him in Because this is my first life and I couldn't get enough of him. Can't wait to see more projects from him in the future! ?❤️, zaini Oct 31 2017 6:06 am Guilty pleasure Jul 12 2019 1:50 am Andiee May 02 2017 4:32 pm I can't help but smile, saw him on ICSYV. He looks like a mix of park bo gum and woojin from stray kids, Charm Jan 28 2020 10:13 am I need more dramas and movies with him!!! Wanna see him on signal. POP OUT BOY! I just watch ICSYV too!! Privacy Policy _KTTS Jul 29 2020 10:19 am And when I see him smile that makes me frustation... His smile so so so sweet.... Huhhhh.. ... Yoo byeong chul , bok nam, Lee sang or Kim min Gyu Oppa saranghaeyoooooooooo, Kordramas Nov 22 2017 11:51 pm Francesca keira Apr 13 2017 11:52 pm Zyrene​ Apr 03 2017 2:28 pm He has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Weight: 62kg W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Actor Kim MinKyu is also famous for his good looks and 183 cm.

SPECIAL LAW OF ROMANCE! Bok Nam ❤ ICSYV ... Mr. Dimples Oppa, so adorable! justCupCakes Mar 30 2017 12:23 am He got me with that smile.

You are my new crush now. I love bok nam no matter what,,, ?? wahh i was watching because this is my first life and thought he looked awfully familiar but couldn't put my name on who he was. I hope he will get more attention so we'll see him more in dramas ??

They're Even More Fun Than The Epilogue! Eve Jun 10 2020 9:02 am Kpop – Who wore it better? Even he's lucky as well to have his birthday on Christmas Day. – He’s a little sad that he wasn’t able to make many memories with his classmates during high school (due to being a trainee). Icsyv brings me here! anon Nov 01 2017 9:28 pm I'm so surprised cause this oppa so handsome . I hope they'll have their drama after hahahaha.

[ The Most Underrated Actor ], someone make him a lead already !! Drama. But.. he just have only two drama and one movie...I want to see more from him... XD, Grace Mar 25 2017 3:47 am LoLa Jun 08 2018 5:57 pm his voice is so sweet ? hanah Dec 04 2017 1:04 pm ?? { – Minkyu has a younger sister who is 2 years younger than him.

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