Bull sharks can survive in both saltwater and freshwater, and have been known to frequent the lake. State tracking shows the other bull shark hotspot is Goose Point, off Fontainebleau State Park, not far from another popular swimming beach. The bulls move in during the summer and move out into the gulf, during the fall and winter. The bite's appearance suggests it … That one was fatal.

Bit this isn't just any prey, his goal is to hook one of the deadliest animals on earth, a bull shark. Until the boy was bitten in 2014, there was only one attack attributed to a shark, more than 100 years ago, near the Rigolets. There are plenty of sharks out there and the state is determined to track as many as they can. ‘We’ve been swimming in the lake forever,’ she said. Everyone was enjoying the cool lake water and having a good time, including Trentacosta’s 7-year-old son, Trent. Chevalier said the females that move into the lake to give birth are between 7 and 8 feet in length. She rushed back to the harbor, loaded him into the car and drove to the nearest urgent care. NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A shark attacked a seven year old boy in Lake Pontchartrain Friday.

Bite marks were clearly visible surrounding his heel and on his big toe. He sustained deep puncture wounds on his heel and big toe. "There's a unique code that will let us know which shark is out there," said Ferguson. President Trump Says Adam Schiff Should Be Arrested For Treason, Robert De Niro: Trump Is Possibly ‘Crazy’ In A ‘Medical Sense’, Rand Paul: Only Person Who Colluded With Russia Was Hillary Clinton, Snopes Now Have Power To ‘Shadowban’ Conservative Facebook Users, FBI: Peter Strzok Worked For The CIA Under Obama, Scientists Say Telepathic Influence Of People’s Dreams Is Possible, Joe Biden’s Son Accepted $1 Billion Check From China, Man Sentenced To Prison For Flipping Off a Red Light Camera, Michelle Obama Fact-Checked by Associated Press Over Misleading Kids & ‘Cages’ Remark, Cameron Warns Of British Casualties Following Paris Attacks, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop To Start Construction Next Year, VIDEO: Camping Can Reset Your Biological Clock, MI5 Covered Up Child Sex Abuse At Belfast Care Home, CIA Documents Confirm Hitler Fled To Argentina After WW2, Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Route 72 [VIDEO], Disfigured Pedophile Says He Got Hooked On Child Porn Because Of His Appearance, DNC Lock Sanders Delegates Out Of Room, Reject Superdelegate Reforms, FBI Orchestrate 95% Of All Terror Plots (Video), Canada’s Oil Industry Shows Disrespect To Mother Earth And Its People. It was clamped down. Trentocosta was lucky the bite wasn't worse. The other apex predator is the garfish. The shark was reeled in near Slidell at the mouth of Bayou Liberty/Bonfouca yesterday according to the St. Tammay Parish Facebook Page. ‘Generally, your big female bull sharks aren’t in the lake right now. "I think we've all reeled in a couple," Barbera said. "Those transmitters have a relatively short range and are picked up by dozens of receivers across Lake Pontchartrain. The incumbent was challenged by democrat Glenn Harris, republicans David Shilling and Sheldon Vincent Sr., and independents Beldon Batiste and Colby James. That tracking shows the young bull sharks move into and out of the lake through the Rigolets, Chef Pass and Seabrook, to eat and for protection from other less freshwater-tolerant sharks.

Shelly Trentacosta said her family had borrowed a friend’s sailboat and ventured out into the lake. So where are the hotspots? But they can be just about anywhere. O’Connell is certain it was a … Salt in a shark's body normally has a tendency to make it swell up with water, but bull sharks have a special salt gland that keeps the concentration of sodium chloride inside their bodies in balance with the concentration outside — a phenomenon known as osmoregulation. Sightings are rare and few attacks were documented. It says please release.

‘The kids were bunched up together playing, and Trent just started screaming,’ Trentacosta said.

‘We decided we’ll just wrap them and keep them taped together.’  She’s still incredulous that her son was bitten by a shark in Lake Pontchartrain. Bull sharks can survive in freshwater by regulating the amount of salt in their bodies. Attacks on humans are rare. The conditions were so calm, the family decided to drop anchor ans take a dip. Now, they are seen, electronically thanks to tiny transmitters placed in their stomachs. Her first thought, she said, was that he had stepped on a stingray. "They are young enough to have umbilical scars, so they are new," said Ferguson. If you catch a tagged shark, state biologists want you to be careful and let it go. ‘(Trent) had been screaming so much,’ Trentacosta said. Some of the cuts were deep and wide enough that they would have been aided by stitches, but the family elected not to go that route. "We're trying to put out multiple baits at different depths to give them a number of looks," he said. Follow us @livescience, Facebook & Google+. In what may be the first-ever documented shark attack in Lake Pontchartrain, 7-year-old Trent Trentacosta was bitten last Friday by a shark. The attack happened off of Southshore Harbor.

"I think it was the amount of time it took to get to the person, because they were swimming so far out," Ferguson said. "I felt a current by my stomach and said nothing was gonna happen to me and then the shark bit me," Trentocosta said at the time. He’s unable to walk on his foot, so he’ll have to rest until it heals. It is unknown if the shark was released Sharks are not uncommon in the lake. Shelly Trentacosta said her family had borrowed a friend’s sailboat and ventured out into the lake. Sam Barbera has a job most sportsmen would envy. With conditions calm and the water clear, it was a much better day for swimming than sailing, so the boaters decided to anchor up and take a dip.

Follow Tanya Lewis on Twitter and Google+. He is a veteran fisherman on a mission.

‘We started swimming to him, and I didn’t know what was going on. After viewing photos of Trentacosta’s injuries, Chevalier surmised the attack was from a 5-foot bull shark, a species that is common in Lake Pontchartrain.

After being told of the attack on young Trent, Chevalier wondered if it was something other than a shark. While it may seem unusual for a shark to turn up in this part of Louisiana, Lake Pontchartrain isn't strictly a lake — it's an estuary, a coastal body of brackish water connected by rivers or streams to the open ocean.

‘It wasn’t until he settled down that he told us something charged at him from under the water. “Now granted, there are still 6-footers in the lake, but I’m speechless that one might have bitten somebody.”.

Summer is prime time for young bull sharks to feed in the lake. 1025 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy.New Orleans, LA 70125(504) 486-6161.

Shelly Trentacosta said her family had borrowed a friend’s sailboat and ventured out into the lake. Did Bible Verse Predict String of Recent Quakes, Volcano, & Foam? The attack happened off of Southshore Harbor. Then she wondered if he had scraped his foot against a log covered with barnacles. "Most in the lake are juveniles between two and three years old," said biologist Ashley Ferguson with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Many boaters are unaware there are sharks in Lake Pontchartain, but at certain times of the year, there are plenty, according to Mitchell Chevalier, who tags sharks for the University of New Orleans and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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