They fully released the game turning the purchasers into beta testers or worse, alpha testers. They have truly set the bar for community interaction, transparency about decisions and reasoning, and being honest about shortcomings and missteps and addressing them quickly… but Eleventh Hour Games is doing pretty damn good too so far! If this gets neglected it will fail. First, I’m begging the devs of Last Epoch to make this game infinitely better than Wolcen. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I really cannot put my finger on it at the moment. In terms of the overall graphics quality I think there still is some potential. Obviously cooperative play and pvp have not been implemented yet, but when it is, this game is going to be a blast to play, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Graphics and animations have been updated plenty of times since the first KS demo. Many skills lack the feeling of impact. Money to time investment wise, I'm 10 hours into last Epoch, beat the story so far(more coming in later patches) and immediately started brainstorming about builds I could do. I came from Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes (RIP), Grim Dawn, and Path of Exile. GD and PoE came close but for me never captured the magic of those games. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ShouldIbuythisgame community, Continue browsing in r/ShouldIbuythisgame, Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Transfer this to other places and it will be fine. regardless of that PoE has the western Arpg market by the balls, and now they are gearing up for complete domination, all those issues you stated could be completely change since the game is going to go through some fundamental changes. The Primalist’s Swipe looks awesome, especially if you chain the attacks & every other Swipe is backhanded. Hoy me he tomado la temperatura y se lee raro ¿me ayudáis? Wolcen has a better overall quality. Animations and gameplay felt a little clunky and skill development is rather bland. They fully released the game turning the purchasers into beta testers or worse, alpha testers. Add some martial arts moves to the melee skills and more theatrical moves to magic skills. Its funny that Last Epoch has more content when its been in development a third of the time Wolcen has. Last Epoch already has one of the QoL features I like, like damage numbers. All rights reserved. Health bars I could get behind being a toggle like in other games, I personally don’t play with them on as I find it clutters my field of view and where I want to be moving/attacking/seeing shit on the ground, but as you said we all have our preference! Focus on getting out content and making skills and builds fun and exciting . Oh, yeah. Wolcen's passive tree system is rather creative and done in a way I haven't seen in other games. warhammer is finished game and is fun, but I still personally like wolcen. Visually it's the more modern of the two. Story also is at least ok. I’m a bit younger (but not too young), and I didn’t get into ARPGs until later on. Ive played pretty much all the main ones, but have not yet seen much on these two. I don’t question the priority. The overhaul of the ship was awesome. Wolcen is a big spam, they always just promise stuff then delay it. I think Last Epoch will be the next great ARPG and I can’t wait to play and be part of this community as it and the game grow. If you want to play an indie arpg where they used their limited resources to focus on graphics go play wolcen. in fact, it is a set of factors, what he meant, is that it is YES necessary to have an increase in the graphic quality and in the animations of the character and especially of the skills which is the key point of the game. On peut dire ce qu'on veut de Wolcen, mais la roue de personnalisation de son build est plus poussée que ce qu'on sur Last Epoch Bref, Wolcen n'est pas meilleur, mais différent. Thank you so much!! It’s also a great game, so it has that going for it too. From an optimization standpoint, we’ve been creating new shaders for outside zones which are more performant - and these have resulted in some subtle visual improvements, too! If they can make this game look absolutely amazing it would make a big difference to breaking into a broader audience. I hope so and definitely feel the potential, when I find a game I truly love I will play nothing but it for years at a time. Please. Haven tried epoch, but wolcen is a ♥♥♥♥ , better not wasting your money for wolcen ...there's alot arpg better than wolcen .. Wolcen is not available for the MAC, a big PLUS for LAST EPOCH! Haven't experienced end-game in Wolcen, there's not a lot of gametime for the money invested. Last Epoch is awesome if it would not be so buggy and laggy literally the only thing wolcen has for it over last epoch at the moment is it looks nicer. The way skills develop is very natural and intuitive. We don’t have any information to share yet regarding the implementation of purchasable MTX. Although, I would like to see health bars overhead instead of just at the top of the screen; having to look at the top of the screen just kind of takes me eyes away from the action. Wolcen's passive tree system is rather creative and done in a way I haven't seen in other games. Definitely excited to watch Last Epoch evolve over time and hopefully turn into one of the best ARPGs on the market. Diablo 4. Lighning and textures are getting better from patch to patch (performance also). Mi marido se quedó dormido, podríais fotoshopear lo que se perdió? Honestly, I think the graphics and animations here are great and only need some tweaking … but I’m not a graphics guy . OShogun-1317 18 November 2019 17:32 #8. What I really like about is the amount of care the developers are giving each and every skill. MTX are very likely to be implemented prior to launch. The rainy atmosphere on the deck and the lightning / shadows is very good. Animations and gameplay felt a little clunky and skill development is rather bland. Hows endgame, what keeps you playing? Last epoch has more depth, diversity and substance. Either way the game seems like it is in good hands… one thing that caught my attention right away too was actually having fully fleshed-out and active forums, not just a shitty discord channel. Check their subreddit to learn from their failures. First, I’m begging the devs of Last Epoch to make this game infinitely better than Wolcen. En muchos aspectos son la noche y el día, especialmente el del desarrollo y la transparencia, Wolcen fue anunciado bajo el sobrenombre de Umbra en la GDC de 2015 por un estudio pequeño francés, con campaña de Kickstarter. In hindsight every ARPG I’ve backed and pledged to in the past that’s failed to live up to hype/promises hasn’t had any forums and only a discord, this could be a new litmus test, Although, I would like to see health bars overhead instead, That’s a toggle in the Settings under Gameplay. Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Fiero-1977 18 November 2019 17:30 #7. Visually it's the more modern of the two. I think it's worth it, I'll easily put up to 30 hours into the game in its current state. Yeah Blizz really shit the bed with Immoral huh? With the knowledge of more coming without having to pay (it'll have Path of Exile-like monetisation) for it, I'm excited for the future of this game. I do like mapping in PoE but juggling the new systems they add each league and bake into core is getting too cumbersome. If you read the reviews on steam, one of the biggest complaints is the lack of visual polish/clunky animations. so let’s not be hypocritical in thinking that what you think is good for you would be good for the other too. Travel through the world of Eterra’s past and face dark empires, wrathful gods and untouched wilds – to find a way to save time itself from The Void. They both have strengths. Is there a lot of content for the $$ you spend? Last Epoch development seems to be more promising too. ", Press J to jump to the feed. I’d like to see more details on character models and monsters. It is just one the few weak points of this game so far. Hope Wolcen improves there PST. All you seek will be granted in the future. I may pick up POE2 since it isn’t the eyesore POE1 is. I just started playing this yesterday, and I already feel like it’s going to be something special. Ive been playing ARPGs since Diablo 1 as a young teenager and have thousands and thousands of hours in PoE and D2/D3… both big and small I’ve played em all, usually can tell right away if these other projects will go the distance [PoE], be alright but never really take off [Grim Dawn], or be basically dead in the water [Wolcen]. What we have left is we have patience, even because it is a small team, I would advise to make a better disclosure, so more players will acquire the game with a higher revenue and greater resources. I have to disagree. I’ll be back to check out Diablo 4 some day but won’t be giving them any of my time or money until then. Animation improvements are planned (and are on our roadmap). 1 Like. From what I’ve played and seen so the pacing of this game seems absolutely perfect (one man’s opinion) although I must admit I’m only in the early level 30’s so far and haven’t done any arena/endgame. Oh, I totally hate DPS meters. In this post its mentioned how purchasable MTX wont happen until launch or so Thank you LAST EPOCH! Oh, and crafting is very fun and easy to do. So, if you not sure now, you can wait for Demoversion and decide if you like it. I also came from D1/2 ,Sacred 1/2 and TQ and I’ve been hunting for a replacement for years now.

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