Richard showed me around his parts inventory and the restored bikes he had for sale, and also invited me to look up Roger, who lives in the U.S., when I returned home. As long as you stick to the maintenance schedule you should get many years of trouble free fun from your Jota. These were ambitious targets, but the only one Laverda missed on was the timing. The best bikes for sale, and some good ol' motorcycle shenanigans. Owning one Not for the first time in motorcycling history, the Laverda Jota is the result of an enterprising salesman telling the factory what it should build. The clutch lever is numbingly stiff while the five-speed gearbox needs a positive change if any progress is to be made. Laverda’s were known as the Lamborghini of the bike world. With a kickstand that is almost impossible to deploy from the 32-inch seat perch, mounting and dismounting the Jota can be a challenge for shorter people. And it turned out so good, it starred in the pages of Practical Sportbikes magazine in the UK. A look at the outside of the engine offers some clues to the robustness inside: heavily finned and ribbed sandcast engine cases; solid webbed and gusseted frame; sturdy cycle parts and top-quality components from Bosch, Brembo, Marzocchi and Nippon Denso. From a review from Motorcycle Specs: It is a tough, brutal and uncompromising machine. In the 1950s, it was U.S. distributor Bill Johnson who persuaded Triumph to build the Bonneville; Joe Berliner asked Ducati for a police bike and got the Apollo; and it was U.K. Laverda distributors Slater Brothers who came up with the idea for the Jota. It was the 180 crank that accounted for all that torque goodness and the unique Jota sound track. The Laverda Jota is a big bike with a seat height of 32″ (810mm) and its an aggressive riding position which could have been a stretch for those with shorter arms. The Skills You Need To Build A Custom Motorcycle, Cheap thrills: Racing custom Coleman mini bikes with Icon, Workshop Guide: Painting A Motorcycle, Part I, Review: Riding the (frankly bonkers) Arch KRGT-1.

A series of fast turns is huge fun on the Jota: big engine braking aids the setup, firm pressure on the bars initiates predictable counter-steering, and accelerating through with the engine spinning between 4,000 and 5,000rpm elicits a resonant boom from the airbox and a roar from the exhaust: an Italian concerto! Register Today! Parts are plentiful and can be purchased from Slater Laverda who are still going strong and have the largest spares collection in the UK.

Laverda had released it’s triple cylinder double overhead cam 981cc C3 in 1973. An early MK1 Laverda Jota will fetch between £14,000 and £20,000 What a beast! 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX, Video Intermission – Iconic Rides: BMW K1, Video Review – The Long Way Up Episodes 1-3, Video Intermission – Nathan May’s Tips On Taking Better Photos of Your Motorcycle, “Today for the people of Aprilia, a new year beg, Well, here's something you don't see every day - s, At the request of the British government, Excelsio, Celebrating #wheeliewednesday with the @ktmusa Duk, A buddy just sent this to me and I need an explana, Here's something you don't see every day - a Comma, This oddball is a Kawasaki Ninja 250 with the two-, Here's one I had never heard of before - the Japau, @corbinseats is obviously best known for making se, Here's results from some of my favorite Bike-uriou, check out this great review from Motorcycle Classics. 1981 marked the end of the line for the “real” Jota. Making around 90hp, it was the first production motorcycle trapped at more than 140mph. The throttle should stay closed, though: Too much air will stifle the engine, and vigorous use of the throttle will work the carburetors’ pumper jets, flooding the cylinders. Solidly built, desirable, immensely durable, and with excellent parts backup, Laverdas are likely to become even more collectable in the future. The next challenge is the clutch, which requires Popeye-sized forearms to operate. It produced 85bhp, could top 133mph and could hold its own against most of the Japanese competition. Motorcycle Classics Claimed power: 90hp @ 7,500rpm This cured the vibration the 180 crank caused but the trade off was the loss of torque and that unique sound. What a beast! Keeping a Jota on the road is relatively straightforward, although a strict maintenance schedule is essential.

‘Not really, although I sometimes wish I did—so I could save myself a lot of money, time and grief. It also didn’t hurt that when it was introduced, it was the fastest production motorcycle in the world. But it’s on fast sweepers that the big Laverda really wakes up. They then changed the yolks to improve handling and developed a new exhaust system with Aeriel four Square specialist Tim Healey.

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