Inserting an#exittherefore prevents Lean from checking the file beyond that point.

12 0 obj stream • Runtime has support for boxed and unboxed data. Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster (Lean Series

• Foreign function interface. x�S(T0T0 BCs# 2PH��܁8'� +& • Only the runtime and basic primitives are implemented in C/C++. In Lean, the #exitcommand halts processing of a file abruptly. stream ��Yr8� Some of the main key bindings are summarized in the table below. stream

The Lean Analytics book will be published in March-April 2013. � �$)4�a`pؽ������}.�&��>}���鯂��}c��9�+.�꼆� WzX�Im��k*�����]� endstream endobj 1019 0 obj <>/Metadata 181 0 R/Names 1043 0 R/Outlines 363 0 R/Pages 1010 0 R/StructTreeRoot 406 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 1020 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0.0 0.0 432.0 648.0]/Parent 1011 0 R/Resources 1044 0 R/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 1021 0 obj <>stream 8 0 obj x�]R�n� ���v�]@:����Nq���r�+���g1p��F�z��@� $�7���h�_���Y�����>�/3��¼��\�$�E���C�C�� �\�dNu�l���l��W m�5Z����Z�:O_�9"�� ��#�����dδ;J�o>���VϦ �6�����Ed/��C_w~��:0�I7.S6[��������u�b�bC�@ᆵ(�*��1T��ȉ�QQl�zft���?ވ�ZFu��&�[��4"'Dk�ٓ�-�����M&�roR�V��`��_g8>�-#�� %PDF-1.5 endobj

Big Data Analytics! Lean Analytics is a JavaScript library to quickly visualize, analyze and cross-filter time series data, built on top of dc.js and D3. that have used analytics … • Runtime uses reference counting for GC and performs destructive updates when RC = 1. [Ur����+{���B�՘Yw2�}E?�7~���/U9�j endstream � 1/26/2015 Ed’Chang’@BigDat2015’ 55 0 obj MathematicsinLean,Release0.1 (continuedfrompreviouspage)-- say m and n are natural numbers, and assume n=2*k rintros m n k, hk ,-- We need to prove m*n is twice a natural.

<> stream h�b```���|B ���������

"w�I �\f�Ia0�"�$�l+0)&�����(��A$o X�9ɷ D�P��a v��������q�@�_�&F�N��$�����~ �BW endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 1051 0 obj <>stream <> endobj The demo below visualizes credit card expenses, and it's easy to customize it to other kinds of data, like product downloads, or bug reports.

endobj 12 0 obj stream endstream © 2020 Lean powered by Jekyll + Skinny Bones.Lean powered by Jekyll + Skinny Bones. :Q�T�0)��`4e�t``��=�T��Uk�v\?��#j6SYxd�z��eb�jOLK�O�:����mJ�'�ΐNLTTz�q�Rd��Ɲӣ4U;�N{V���� �r�$5��3$�*����ty�%UH�,S�r]�Z�W0�--6Sij烴��噔ԲcFQY�.u�i�b��誐̭\4�dD��k]�1Ie ;V@���hlR��4�]e I�7+�Dv&�-K��1 �8�ƌ�g:��]������������x�@�Kh��"�4�G�H�DHt00J�4E�T�X��` `sA�X�X"d�e�m�@���Bc�A�) L�@-T�h �� �H��&X$�A���2#3�a�o'^1�a����]�ќG���/`��P��#�|"q�����3^��$ū�xM1Ce6���i�&s�ƫO�X����Ag �L�@z�`���H�e�X 1018 0 obj <> endobj 1042 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<81E1B30EBEAF4D2CA3108615FE9D1FA6>]/Index[1018 34]/Info 1017 0 R/Length 116/Prev 1014946/Root 1019 0 R/Size 1052/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream stream ��,�@��m0��3yC�1�0 �= <> • Hygienic macro system. endstream

<> HTC (Prior: Twitter & Microsoft)! Edward Chang 張智威 HTC (prior: Google & U. California) !
x�S(T0T0 BCs# 2PH�U� 4g� 2 Chapter 1. 4)p8 But you can pre-order Lean Analytics today: In the meantime, we put together this e-book, Analytics Lessons Learned, which is a compilation of 14 case studies with companies, big and small, (as well as one church!) h޴R�n�0ݧ��H�|� �ԭ���:� Lean Timeline • Lean 1 (2013) Leo and Soonho Kong • Almost useless • Brave (crazy?) It's extremely easy to use and customize. %���� x��[�n[7��+�fI��wQ �]Z�.�D�Y$��~���MٽJ%7��������&��ɬ�_�>~�����g���~:��L"4�����=X˭�����G! 39 0 obj Part #3: Analytics Platform Simon Wu! 8 0 obj ��. ������۔2�������>0��p� ��a���p�kn���(�6-؃���r�U��I��xϋ���65,r=ME�:��O��L�iQ�=�9z�����h��/��ۭĪ~k�����+�z��T d2��j��>��d��dᱲ�/ �t8�(�G 3�:[����&欟᫲�N�'c�הe�$�,�ÍǺX_d�L�4�l��wR���#����- v�Yk

�����;�*��l��. <> Lean 4 • Implement Lean in Lean • Parser, elaborator, compiler, tactics and formatter.

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Using Lean <> • Structured trace messages. Architectures, Algorithms and Applications! %PDF-1.5

%PDF-1.6 %���� �z�6��;N��=l/}���(rH9��pb7�"��P�q����� ������χ�o�O�Ï��A ��ax|�Ef�v�0���x��s8p�8��Ĺ��K������������p�K��7Z=������N���1�A�b���1 v.Q�~�@�#�_^�9�����������ϊ���b��V��5d��^�t�����?A��o�+�[�;UFH�s��+��ώO�_�6��֕��)^d�;tn>���G�s4�iՖ�%���p5��d m��>^ͭ��������/f"�;����lCZ���l�H� �%O-Q� W�X}h��8��k���6��Q�2�z۬���>�!�`��ҭJ��Չ��3F) �`"���w�����xe�+"������m��b�lezg�vx%-�_� �yq�S/��w��'Ja��h�z�գ��i��n:�Ό��Ҽ�[�E-�T���F�?�3�^��%&����;,�Ťh�!#�ۆ�E�+{���HIj h�bbd```b``y ypb��`[���ߗ����C�a�,���Ù-#��6���,c��� �=�2 �x�@# ���/����5��V�b�=������X'Z�}s����f'���PUB!�K�#Z=��O���R�����4*�LN�c�њ�. xڵ��N1�w��/p�v�|H �U܆J?X�Љ���%w���,�>������=��E�-z1��w�s��cѐ��#HH=��7Xߨz������ �0�S%4Z�ø{_!�QQ�|6f繍��Y�q�2��R�k5\���2PtL*E�Ի���������^��;��Q�:pv�#��"���9��/�覷�E$�RkZ+^���J.S�m�ū� ����d�{?�B�s����m�(~�Q�#���{�VM�������|���j��d;���~�a��j4U. “restart lean process” from the Lean menu, and with luck that will set things right again. %���� x���n�6��} endobj

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