Infected leopard geckos can pass the parasite on to others, even if they are not showing signs of the sickness themselves. Bowel impaction is a condition that occurs when a fecal mass, or indigestible material, blocks the lizard’s tiny bowels. Severe prolapses need surgical intervention (see earlier). During these periods, gentle massages of the abdominal area might assist even more. Leopard geckos, and especially those who are calcium deficient, will be tempted to consume the larger-than-usual amounts of the substrate if they sense it contains calcium. You’ll want to quarantine a gecko with stick tail, and take it to a vet that specializes in exotics.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'leopardgeckohabitat_com-box-4','ezslot_2',106,'0','0'])); If the cause of the condition is parasites, your vet will most likely prescribe medication, which will get rid of the parasites and allow your gecko to start getting back to a healthy weight. Each patient will have its own, unique recommended treatment plan. One of the most common causes of impaction is the use of sand as a substrate in a leo tank. I wholeheartedly hope that you won’t ever need to use my advice on the topic. A 50-gram adult Leopard gecko that is 10% dehydrated will need about 1 ml of maintenance fluids per day and an additional 5 ml replacement fluids over 2-4 days. Buying a Leopard Gecko: How to choose the one for you. Leopard geckos ingest sand either directly, or indirectly on feeder insects (e.g. ( Log Out /  Leos consistently exposed to cold will have issues with their digestive systems. This usually occurs if the humidity in your leopard gecko’s enclosure is too low. Both these agents should be mixed with an equal amount of water or better, an electrolyte solution before being administered by gavage (‘tubing’) at a dosage of 20-30 ml/kg per 24 hours(23). Calcium is also required for muscles in the intestines to contract, therefore its deficiency can lead to intestinal stasis (the inability to do so properly). Metabolic Bone Disease may occur if your leopard gecko does not get enough calcium. Fitzgerald, Kevin; Newquist, Kristin (2012). has a keen interest in the welfare of pet reptiles. I am now selling lino substrate: click here to purchase some. Although uncommon, bite wounds and injuries might be seen in Leopard geckos from time to time. The water temperature needs to be similar to that of the enclosure (25–30 ºC / 77–86 ºF(23), use a thermometer) and the soaking container must be deep enough to prevent escape. The surgical outcome is also dependant on the chronicity of the condition and viability of the intestines. Hydration should be addressed before feeding commences, even if it takes days(38). You can read more about his ongoing adventures with science, technology, and a couple of curious kids over at An intestinal impaction is where the intestines get filled up. A syringe attached to a small diameter soft-tipped feeding tube is pushed through the mouth, down the oesophagus (gullet) to about a third of the length of the Leopard gecko’s body where the medicine is slowly injected. If they fail, head for the reptile vet’s office ASAP. Similar to humans, leopard geckos need hydration for a successful and healthy excretion. Leopard gecko impaction can be very serious, and you need to prevent it from happening at all costs. Even though they are marketed as “digestible” sands, they can stay in the intestines long enough to cause impactions. Observant owners will be able to identify a potential obstruction early on by looking at the frequency of defaecating (pooping). You can see the big blue area in her belly. When the tail is more strait than curvy and begins to resemble a stick or you can see the tailbones through the skin, your gecko is in trouble. Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD): this is a health problem where your leopard geckos will have limbs that look rubbery and have difficulty walking. Here are 7 ways you can support us…. Why do some geckos get impacted by sand while others do not? He has been keeping and treating Leopard geckos for many years and has written various forms of literature on them and other fascinating reptiles. Also see the other ways to support Leopard geckos 101. ; Lorbach, J.; Knoblaugh, S. (2016). This is done by gently inserting a small diameter, soft-tipped stomach tube into the vent area and carefully flushing with lukewarm water. Help other reptile enthusiasts by sharing your experience in the comments. Surgery might also be required to reduce certain prolapses. I acknowledge that some people keep leos on sand and that their pets remain healthy. The best way to cure impaction is to make sure it doesn’t happen. Required fields are marked *, Leopard Geckos 101 is your your one-stop pet Leopard gecko (E. macularius) care & information website, Disclaimer | Privacy policy | Ads policy | Support us | Reference articles. Last update on 2020-09-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. grasshoppers and Superworms) can cause impactions and obstructions. Many owners elect to euthanase instead of surgical treatment. This can then make your gecko’s poop become hard and very hard to pass. ReptiFiles is not a veterinary website, nor is the author Mariah Healey a veterinarian. 0.9% physiologic saline, Plasma-Lyte A, Normosol-R and Lactated Ringers solution)(38) can be used by injecting it under the skin on the lateral sides over the chest area. Please don’t risk the life of your leopard gecko; choose a safe substrate. The first sign that you will notice if your gecko is impacted is constipation and if you are cleaning your leopard geckos poops daily, you will easily notice it. Parasite infections are usually treated by medicine, and you will need to administer them to your gecko orally. Here are some other common health issues that are associated with leopard geckos. When exposed for extended periods, it can dry out and turn necrotic if not corrected. Fill the plastic tub with water with a temperature that should match your leopard gecko’s terrarium warm area. This means the daily requirements will be about 2 ml for the first 4 days. Your leopard gecko will lick off the droplet. Enemas that are done directly before or after a water bath or 24 hours after using a wetting agent can prove more efficient. Time can make a difference between life and death. ( Log Out /  Finally, here is a photo of a leopard gecko with impaction. Find out how to prevent it and treat it. The water level should be high enough for it to cover your leo’s belly, but the water level must not pass the height of your leo’s shoulders. Once you get to the vet, he/she will take an X-ray to determine what is happening to your gecko. Furthermore, the body temperature of leopard geckos has a direct effect on their metabolism. We do not use sand, only a mat! There are several common signs of leopard gecko impaction. Impaction is a common health condition of leopard geckos. What is ReptiFiles®? Raising the temperature a few degrees will help to raise your geckos metabolism which may also help move things along.If the impaction remains, it may require a trip to the vet and surgery to remove the blockage. Like many young boys, he developed an early fascination with dinosaurs, and by extension, reptiles. Your email address will not be published. It simply means that something is blocking your leopard gecko’s intestine. I also know that a lot of people swear by Eco Earth packed down really tightly, but I personally would still keep away from it, as it is still a loose substrate and has been known to cause impaction. Give your gecko a warm bath two times a day for three to four days in a row. View all articles by Renier Delport. Pre-warmed (25–30 ºC / 77–86 ºF(23)) crystalloids such as isotonic balanced fluids (e.g. Lack of appetite usually goes hand in hand with constipation. Severe dehydration (>8%) should be treated with intracoelomic (ICo) and intraosseous (IO) fluid administration. Impacted Leopard Gecko. If your leopard gecko was impacted, it would stop eating and would no longer be defecating because of the amount of substrate blocking the stomache or intestines. It did not look healthy.

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