St. Petersburg, FL 33716. This may mean you need to know the exact number of miles you are traveling before you contact a transportation service for an estimate.

Many times, caregivers will try to cut costs and will attempt to transport their elderly loved one alone and this can open possibilities of additional stressors for the caregiver and elderly loved one. Long-distance traveling can be difficult for elderly people due to mobility issues and health complications. When you need to travel to another city, long distance non-emergency medical transportation is available without mileage fees or other unexpected add-on costs. Using a Personal Vehicle for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Is it a Good Option? Our goal is to provide the safest and most cost effective service for people needing long distance elderly transportation. Typical Long Distance Patient Transport Vehicles, 18 Symptoms of Mental Illness in the Elderly, Traveling with Arthritis by Ground Transportation, Med Transport Center versus other Non-Emergency Long Distance Medical Transports, Tips for Traveling with Arthritis by Plane, Challenges a Family Caregiver Can Experience, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Tip 10 – Ask for Help, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Tip 9 – Find a Support Group – Find a Trusted Friend to Prevent Isolation, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Tip 8 – Know your Community Resources, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Step 7 – Take a Daily Inventory of your Feelings: Accept and Release. With limited mobility, caring for the elderly can be a feat of mental and physical strength.

For many people, accessibility is crucial. But even so, use them sparingly if you're on a tight budget.

Eastern Royal Medical Transport is Your Best Option for Long Distance Elderly Transportation. We have many years of experience transporting seniors with the following conditions and many more: Our number one desire is to remove the anxiety associated with long distance elderly transport. Drivers and members of the transportation team must always be attentive, focused on the safety and comfort of passengers to make the journey as pleasant as possible. Depending on your budget and medical needs, ground transportation is a preferred way to travel due to if an emergency arises you could travel to the nearest hospital.

We also offer long distance transportation anywhere in the Florida, as long as your intended destination is at least 150 miles away. The professionals at MTC can not speak upon other professional transportation companies since there is a variety that offer a number options; however, we can address the above topics as follows for what we offer to each patient that travels with us: Each MTC transport coach is medically-equipped for non-emergency transports, offers 2 professional drivers, a licensed nurse and offers an emergency physician in case the need arises. ACC Medlink is the leader in long distance senior transportation (minimum 200 miles) because we provide excellent patient care and we go the extra mile to make sure that our elderly patients are comfortable and safe. Call us today for a FREE Quote – 800-311-3412. 301 E. Hibiscus Blvd MEDCOACH utilizes a fully-equipped motor coach for long distance patient transfer. Appropriate training means drivers and other transportation team members are professionals. 12075-A 34th St. N Contact Information Your loved one can greatly benefit from traveling on our medical coaches designed for their comfort and care, relieving you from the worries of care and continued medical supervision. If you are seeking long distance transport services for an elderly person or you yourself are in need of an elderly transport that is over 200 miles, then Eastern Royal Medical Transport is the right long distance elderly transportation provider for you. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide and we do go above and beyond to make sure every transport goes smoothly.

Family and loved ones are more than welcome to accompany the patient to their new location. Stellar Transportation is the number one name for local non-emergency medical transportation services for handicap, elderly and stretcher patients. Before hiring a long-distance non-emergency medical transportation company, always ask what type of vehicles are in the company’s fleet. What is the best way to transport an elderly patient long distance? Long Distance Transportation for the Elderly. We can comfortably transport elderly people with a wide range of medical conditions. Which is the best choice?

In addition, all team members should be alcohol, drug, and smoke-free. on Long Distance Transportation for Seniors – Here’s What You Need to Know, Evaluating Senior Living Facilities in Light of Transportation Options. It gives us particular satisfaction when our clients take the time to acknowledge their satisfaction by providing ACC Medlink with their testimonials as we like to care for each patient as if they were our own family. If you are trying to contact one of our other locations you can find that information here: Click Here. One would find a number of professional options for non-emergency medical transportation.

Do not opt in for a cheap transportation company, because you may end up with your loved one sitting on a gurney in an ambulatory van for multiple hours, which is very uncomfortable and an unpleasant way to travel long distance. Depending on your budget and medical needs, ground transportation is a preferred way to travel due to if an emergency arises you could travel to the nearest hospital. At Stellar, we serve all of Florida with non-emergency long-distance transportation, with a 150-mile minimum. Our luxury medical transport vehicles are large enough so that you can stand in them, and there is plenty of room for up to seven people to sit … Caregivers turn to their friends, family and the internet to determine the best way to transport an elderly loved one long distance.

One should look for a medical coach with adequate space, medical equipment for non-emergency needs, comfortable accommodations (such as a hospital-grade bed), a nurse or medical professional who’s sole focus is to monitor the patient’s health, and professional drivers to make sure your loved one will reach their destination safely and efficiently. You want to select a transportation company with newer crash compliant vehicles, fully loaded, maintained, sanitized, and inspected weekly to ensure cleanliness, safety, reliability, and comfort. There are two economical ways to travel long distance: by ground transportation or in-flight. Making one call to our transport coordinators will help alleviate that and you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of in the most professional manner. Appropriate training means drivers and other transportation team members are professionals.

Embark – Helps you plan your route in at least 12 different major public transit systems across the country 3. The best companies go the distance for you, even driving to pick you up with any additional charge. Transportation can become one of the biggest responsibilities for family caregivers. These types of vehicles can range from cheap ground transports that may offer a gurney in an ambulatory van up to professional non-emergency medical vehicles with options that will provide many comforts from home in a safe environment with professional medical staff monitoring their health during the entire transport.

The vehicles should be fully loaded with all needed equipment to accommodate patients of all mobility levels in complete comfort. Some areas to consider would be how traveling alone versus a professional company would handle some of the following areas: Med Transport Center (MTC) offers non-emergency long-distance medical transportation by ground (MED Coach) or in flight (MED Flight). The driver responsible for transporting you and your loved one for a long-distance trip should be fully trained and well-qualified. What is the best way to transport an elderly patient long distance? Elderly travel benefits those who are in need of medical supervision or equipment during a long distance transport. The transportation you choose should be properly maintained, safe, and reliable, making a break down or technical issues along the way unlikely. You don’t want to reach your destination only to find additional, unexpected fees have been added to your final bill. Depending on the health and living situation, each family will need to make the decision to do what is best for their loved one but keep in mind that deciding to travel alone may appear to be less of a financial cost; however, in the chance that the elderly person has certain medical needs, the personal and unexpected costs for their safety and well-being begins to outweigh the guaranteed financial cost from a professional service.

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