Original Losmandy Digital Drive Controller. Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment, 0-64 degrees, large knob for easy alignment. Losmandy GM-8 Gemini 2 Equatorial Mount w/Tripod $1,497.00 Losmandy G-11 Gemini 2 Equatorial Mount w/o Tripod $1,797.00 Losmandy G-11 Gemini 2 Equatorial Mount w/HD Folding Tripod $1,917.00 }. Reducers Flatteners for Access Refractors, 4. Mount is complete, clean with no marks. Das Ladengeschäft ist wegen der Corona-Pandemie geschlossen. payload capacity equatorial mount that is an excellent choice for viewing and astrophotography with 4" refractors, 6" Maksutov-Cassegrains and Maksutov-Newtonians, and even some 5" refractors. For astro-imaging with telescopes of this size, we recommend the GM811G as the best solution since it has the same RA gear as the G11, which tracks more accurately. weight. Dovetail saddle-plate fits both "D" Losmandy Style Dovetail or Vixen Style Dovetail. PEC and declination backlash compensation. Digital Drive Losmandy Montierung GM-8 Standard - parallaktische Montierung mit Stativ - ohne Motoren/ Steuerung Die Losmandy GM 8 kann mit bis zu 15kg Teleskopgewicht beladen werden. GM8G #wo_online_image, #wo_offline_image { Three setting rates; 4x, 8x, 16x sidereal rate and super fast 32x HST (high speed transfer). The GM8 is particularly well-suited for visual users who rarely if ever image with telescopes 130 mm or less. GM8 EQ mount w/tripod, tray, upgraded knobs and counterweight, Universal plate drilled and countersunk for Televue scope rings, 1 power cable with DC cigarette lighter connection, Original Losmandy Digital Drive Controller, Pelican 1650 roller case for GM8 head and equipment. Greg Bragg of Explore Scientific dropped by Woodland Hills Camera &... Losmandy - Glowing Vibration Supression Pads - Set of 3, PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3S Advanced Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes and Astrophotography, Losmandy - Tucked In Motor Upgrade for GM8 Mounts, Losmandy - Universal Vixen Style Dovetail Plate - 11" Length, Losmandy - Counterweight Shaft for G11, GM8, and G9, Losmandy - Universal D Series Dovetail Plate 7" (DUP7), PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3 PRO Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes & Astrophotography, PrimaluceLab - EAGLE3 Wireless Control Unit for Telescopes & Astrophotography, Losmandy - Clutch Pads for GM8 and G9 Mounts, Losmandy - Digital Drive Board for GM8 and G9, Losmandy - Clutch Knob Thrust Bearing for G11, GM8, and G9, Introducing Explore Scientific Losmandy G11 PMC8 EQ Mount, Losmandy GM 8 S Equatorial Head Sale price save $-100 Unit price / per . One knob design. Pelican 1650 roller case for GM8 head and equipment There you have it, everything needed to have a great equitorial mount including cases for transport and storage. Three guiding rates; 30%, 50% and 2x sidereal rate. Vendor Losmandy Regular price $ 7.50 Sale price $ 7.50 Sale. We love our customers! *(image shown with worm cover plate removed). Through the axis polar scope, works in Northern and Southern hemisphere. Der Onlineverkauf findet ungehindert statt. Programmable DEC. EQUATORIAL MOUNT Dieser Shop verwendet Cookies, die für dessen korrekte Funktion nötig sind und setzt bei Bedarf auch solche von Drittanbietern. Weight Shaft Sitemap |. Items included: - GM8 mount head with fitted Gemini motors - Gemini 1 controller with motor cables (SW level 4) - … Coronado Solarmax II Double Stack Closeout! Original Losmandy Digital Drive Controller. GM8 and Gemini manuals. 3.500” diameter laser engraved setting circles, 6 minute R.A. / 2 degrees DEC. R.A. circle engraved for Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Original stepper motors. Three guiding rates; 30%, 50% and 2x sidereal rate. C-7 Home Page C-7 News Consignment Library Products & Services Product Lines Order Search C7.com. One 2.000" diameter needle thrust bearing. We Do Right by Our Customers 30 - 40 lb. The Losmandy GM811 is a hybrid mount which takes the benefits of both the GM8 and G11 mounts, in 1 system. Please Log In to view the details for this classified ad. Since 1981, Scott Losmandy has produced high-quality American-made equatorial mounts. It is capable of supporting 175 lb., which makes the Titan a great choice for a home observatory. GM8 and Gemini manuals. Northern and Southern Hemisphere operation.

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