In "The Impossible Summit of Mount Neverrest" after Scrooge tells the group that they'll be climbing all the way to the mountaintop (and that there's no treasure involved), Louie tells them he's sitting this one out and goes to relax at the local coffee shop instead. Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday, I was coloring when I decided to take a break and play amung us with some peeps, witch was fun Anywho, JD as Louie, I think is a bit suitable. Goldie stops him. High School Musical • ", when the kelpies mention the treasure at the end of the course, When the other two finally learn about Dewey's investigation of their mother, in contrast to Huey's angry confrontation over it, Louie just silently sits in the corner until they notice him, at which he somberly tells Dewey keeping the secret was "not okay. He then finds out that Uncle Scrooge values it highly since it's his First Dime. by his mother's thrill for action when she comes into their lives. Why not help out the wiki while you're at it? Descendants • turning to Goldie to mentor him in gathering riches shiftily (she betrays him and leaves him with nothing), steals Gyro's Time Tub to gather lost treasures (he unwittingly destroys time and space, and his mother grounds him for it), and claims both Scrooge and Glomgold's company after winning their bet through. His charmer personality and his wanting something for nothing attitude gives him a lot with common with his Uncle Gladstone. It's shown that he does have some restraints when it comes to acquiring money. when Doofus's arrival is announced. Possessed of a cunning mind and the best social skills of his brothers, Louie wants to be successful but is hampered by his tendency to shy away from putting in significant effort or focus into achieving long-term goals. Louie's cowardice in "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" A page for describing Characters: Ducktales 2017 Louie Duck. He has this reaction when he figures out what Doofus Drake is really like. Trademark Louie Duck. the triplets want to move back to the marina. Camp Lakebottom • Gravity Falls •

when he sees how emotionally hurt Donald is, to the point that Donald wants to stop playing. ", Webby wants to leave the treasure room to rejoin the group. His plan to get the Three Caballeros into the party was unraveled by Emma Glamour's, Della is the only one who doesn't and ends up grounding Louie for endangering his family just so he can get rich through shortcuts. He attempts this again in "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" He seems to be unaffected when Storkules calls him "Employer Llewellyn" numerous times in, Likely unknown to him is that one interpretation of his name's meaning is, Tosses away Donald's sailor suit and forces him to wear a jacket and tie for his job interview, telling him to "dress for the job he wants, not the job he has, which is no job" showing his sarcasm and lax morals but also his good heart as well as his good people skills. It's what results in Louie being able to end the Bombie curse after, the latter reveals he was investigating their mom's disappearance while intentionally keeping Huey and Louie. If you have found your work here without credit, please leave a comment below and it will be fixed immediately. Elena of Avalor • where he becomes so distressed about being, He breaks down at the end of "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" With his brothers, he plays the Id to Huey's Superego and Dewey's Ego, being the most lazy and inconsiderate. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck are triplet cartoon characters created in 1937 by writer Ted Osborne and cartoonist Al Taliaferro, and are owned by The Walt Disney Company.Huey, Dewey, and Louie are the nephews of Donald Duck and the great-nephews of Scrooge McDuck.Like their uncles, the boys are anthropomorphic white ducks with yellow-orange bills and feet. Destroys time and space as we know it. Dewey's investigation of their mother and her disappearance, especially after he'd learned a few things but kept quiet. When Webby ties up the triplets and begins interrogating them, Louie actually, When Lena nearly attacks him in "The Beagle Birthday Massacre! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After getting separated from the others in "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! In "The Great Dime Chase! Wolfblood• Which is why he asked Goldie to make him her apprentice. Teen Beach Movie • P.J. In "The Impossible Summit of Mount Neverrest" Louie proves to have been correct all along in his wisdom to just sit back and lounge around the base town and drink hot cocoa on the sidewalks. Who is your favorite DuckTales character? Scrooge himself admits at the end that he should drink some. In "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" Night!" He's so sure he can pull off his schemes flawlessly that he allows himself to get in over his head, often requiring his family to bail him out of the mess he made. When Della returns, she reveals that she wanted Louie's name to be "Rebel". He eventually decides to go back and save her. At the end of "The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!". We are currently editing over 365 articles, and 756 files. Best Friends Whenever • Louie is pretty callous for raining on everyone's adventuring parade, but he's not wrong about them making adventuring a lot harder and a lot more dangerous than it needs to be by blindly stumbling into every trap every time, and getting him into needless trouble despite knowing he.

At the end of "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! ", he plays the Ego to Huey's Superego and Webby's Id, telling Webby that Huey's "usually right about nerd stuff", while coaxing Huey to be more flexible and adaptable to the unknown. when his latest scheme causes time and space to collapse, more so when he sees his family get blasted out of existence. Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Night!" about Della and the Spear of Selene, the boys are understandably angry at their uncle for building a rocket that would allow their mother to go to space while she was expecting and for not doing anything to save her. "As long as you can talk, you can talk your way out.

", the boys immediately decide to leave when it turns out Cornelius Coot's treasure was just corn, despite Webby insisting otherwise. Undercover •

In "The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!" Night!"

Louie convinces her that the better option is to stay put because, in his words, "it's a room full of treasure. Bunk'd • Louie puts zero thought into the long-term operation of his harpy-capturing business and thus when Storkules happily informs everyone that they've caught all the harpies in Duckburg, he not only has no clue what to do next, but he can't even pay his employees because he blew all the money on merchandise that is now useless. The botched attempt caused by Louie's panicking also leads to the jeep accidentally being jump-started and knocked loose, further damaging and unbalancing the plane. Amphibia • Subverted and double subverted in "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!". which is why he decides to become her apprentice.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil • Unlike Huey who lashes out at Dewey when, The boys are so depressed after moving out of the mansion after the events of "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" Goes through one in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!". Played Straight in "Moonvasion", when it’s revealed Louie was the one who shut down the satellites. The family — including Donald Duck, Webby Vanderquack, Mrs. Beakley and Launchpad — embark on globe-trotting adventures and treasure hunts, uncover family secrets, and face dangerous enemies bent on tearing them apart.. While Goldie does tend to steal treasure from under the noses of others (even Scrooge), this practice regularly calls for her to be able to keep up with them every step of the way.

As the family celebrates at the end, we see him swim through the gold again in front of Scrooge, even replicating the classic coin-spitting move.
", when he finds out that the dime he borrowed to use the soda machine was actually Scrooge's number-one dime. The youngest triplet, he isn't bothered by much and just likes going along for the ride. This is to ensure a smooth and fun experience on the wiki. Dog With a Blog • Soy Luna • In "The Great Dime Chase! In "The Richest Duck In the World! Though it turns out the gem was fake and he was really just talking to his reflection. ruins one of the kids' attempts to retrieve the missing picture piece without the adults noticing.

Welcome to the Ducktales 2017 Wiki Phineas and Ferb •

Night!" In the episode "Timephoon! Like Scrooge, Louie has a love of money and riches, despite not being as much of an honest, hard worker as his Great Uncle. ", he is left begging that he will clean everything up and turning to Scrooge and Beakley for help, to no avail. Especially with the lyrics to this song. Neverrest! Halloweentown • After getting sent out of Doofus's mansion with all of the gift bags, he eventually chooses to go back and save Goldie because he couldn't allow Doofus to keep her prisoner. ", In "The Impossible Summit of Mt. As lazy as he is, Louie has little chance of pulling this off. Stay ttuned for the updates. Liv & Maddie • In "The Great Dime Chase!" can you please draw ducktales characters from the 2017 series, SketchOk - step-by-step drawing tutorials, How to draw the face of Kakashi Hatake (Naruto), How to draw Princess Elsa’s portrait | Frozen, How to draw Pennywise the Dancing Clown step by step, How to draw Monkey D. Luffy face | One Piece, How to draw Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto anime), How to draw an Elephant front view | Wild Animals, How to draw the face of Hinata (Naruto anime), How to draw Ice Bear with an axe | We Bare Bears. To get extra money for a soda, Louie grabs a dime from a display. In "McMystery At McDuck McManor", Louie thinks it's unfair for Huey to force Scrooge to celebrate his birthday and attend a party when Scrooge clearly. he realizes he doesn't know how to handle the massive wealth he inherited, and then learns that his wealth also comes with a terrifying curse... the boys, disillusioned with Scrooge, ask Donald to move the boat back to the marina. Slushies and depression + duck = day 9! when Scrooge tells him that the giant gold nugget fell into the river. ", Louie is understandably annoyed that Scrooge takes them on a spontaneous family adventure on. Only tagging along because he gets tipped by Glomgold as his substitute Caddie. His confidence in his ability to con others borders on smug arrogance.

DuckTales (2017) • Andi Mack • Ducktales 2017 Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. His schmoozing and ability to charm people to do his job for him also shows parts of Scrooge's exploitative cheapskate nature and that Louie also believes in "work smarter not harder" albeit by being smart enough to not work at all (which was not Scrooge's message at all).

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