Now that you mention it, Nina, I can’t recall ever hearing anything negative about that one. lol! I have been watching This Old House since I was a kid. Furniture is one thing but not the knick knacks. My father was a carpenter so I recognize when those guys are looking like someone is just wasting their time trying to do something they can get done in a nano second. MEAWW is an initialism for Media Entertainment Arts WorldWide. I think this is partly why the Property Brothers have been so successful. Faking or planting problems to make the story line more interesting and hosts portraying to do labor they aren’t actually performing is a bit too much. But Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan of Chatham County say the show pulled the rug out from under them when they signed up to turn their rental property into a home for them and their foster teens. I never spoke to the homeowners, who ended up “listing it,” but I can say that I noticed one small part of the episode was faked when it aired. The HGTV show Trading Spaces where straw was put on the walls scared me! Hi Julia, I believe with these shows that once you sign a contract you are at their Mercy… There is a British show called 60 minute makeover, it’s where family members enter the house to surprise their loved ones who will never have the money to do this themselves, which is fair enough. While everything that went down in the episode was quite entertaining and interesting to watch, there was one thing that caught the attention of fans, and now they want an answer. Nicole Curtis…Is one I will never under stand, why people are so addicted too….Always thinking she is going to show up and rescue some house….Doesn’t work that way…. Murphy and Sullivan say they invested more than $140,000 with the production company, Big Coat TV, to upgrade their home, according to their lawsuit. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), To do her renovations, Hilary always had her trusty general contractor, 50-year-old Eric Eremita. Like the other couple, she wasn’t able to list her house until after the show aired, either, probably because they don’t want the outcome to be spoiled. He stated that she arrives late in the day for her shots and they are told to stay away from her. document.querySelector("#adunit").addEventListener('click',function(){ }); ga('ads.send', { My brother-in-law knows one of the contractors, and has done some of the glass work on the show. RALEIGH. He says when his wife has watched it all day long, she hates everything she has and wants what she saw on HGTV. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. While I agree with you, HGTV contends that the ‘reality realty’ shows have vastly higher ratings than the decorating shows ever did. They did not use a licensed architect for the renovation plans. What Happened to Contractor Eric Eremita on “Love It or List It”? hitType: 'event', The contractor, who appears on HGTV’s Love It Or List It, announced on Thursday (April 23) that he was finally been discharged after spending 30 days in the hospital battling the virus.Love It Or List It, announced on Thursday (April 23) that he was finally been discharged after spending 30 days in the hospital battling the virus. Nicole Curtis doesn’t do any of the physical work herself as depicted. Of course on that show, the homeowner has the opportunity to purchase any furnishings that they like after filming is complete. Wtf I am devastated. I think you’re probably right, Esther. #LoveitOrListit #LILT.". LOL Also, there is a thing called getting permits for the work. “Eric Eremita is portrayed as the general contractor, but he’s not licensed to work in N.C.”. I wish we got Grand Design here — I’d like to see that one! Who is this Hank!??! Yes I agree with you 100% because he is a good home inspector himself and a good contractor, he know his job well and he is license. Julia, I had already read about the lawsuit filed by the NC couple whose house was featured on “Love It or List It”. is one of those rare HGTV shows which comes close to Grand design. LIOLI execs have contracts that cover everything. ", "Wait!!!!! BTW, this reveals another truth about the show — that they’re not seriously looking for houses to buy with host David Visentin on the show. After a successful season last year, 'Love it or List it' returned on Monday night for an all-new season premiere. The couple, who went by Deena and Sully on TV, were on LIOLI episode 152, which filmed in 2015. While the show is not scripted, there were some moments where we were led down a certain road for dialogue. Some of the “for sale” houses in the area weren’t for sale, they just fit in with the script – either location, size, cost etc. Thank you for sharing. They have a lot of laughs – especially on Ask This Old House in the segment “What is it” where they guess at the function at some unusual tool. I had a friend who was on LIOLI Vancouver. if(document.querySelector("#google_image_div")){ That show is phony as can be. This might set a precedent for the way they do things for TV going forward, though. (As we know, this is. }); They also claim the production company misused more than $65,000 of their investment and that, ultimately, the show’s “incentive is to make decisions that favor the television show but not the homeowners.”. Fans were excited to see what goes down between David Visentin and Hilary Farr, as they compete once again to see if the couple will love it or list it. We are one of the world’s fastest growing let gads_event; Perhaps this show has had its season, and it’s time for other design shows to reign. Things went more smoothly for her, even though the renovations took 7 weeks to complete, which is a little longer than most. The couple's lawsuit alleges that the "Love It or List It" production company and a contractor "irreparably damaged" their floors and used low-quality products in their home. In a span of 60 minutes, the show’s fans can see a … Hilary done went and got a new construction foreman and IDK how I feel about it. They say they weren’t contractually allowed to sell the house until after their episode aired. The couple’s episode ends with the decision to “list it,” seemingly ready to move on, but now, seven months later, they say they still haven’t put it on the market because more work still needs to be done, and that the final work on the home was a scaled down version of a design they already had that they presented to the show.

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